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To be able to intrigue a reader, the most important thing is to have great characters. Characters should live, feel, express, and act like real people to be seen as genuine. A great way to get to know your characters is to ask questions about them and answer as honestly as possible from their perspective. Use as many or as few as you want and get to know your characters more closely. Use the questions as you would in an interview. I personally find this easier to get into the heads of my characters. What is your full name?

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Emory scholars essay

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Thanks in advance. Try to give the selection committee a sense of how these interests enhance your life and how they relate to your other interests or activities. My D is a freshman who went through the process and received a nice scholarship. She loves Emory and I can't wait to visit her in a few weeks. I'll keep an eye on the ESP posts and chime in with help when I can offer some.

It's a great program. I wouldn't worry all that much about the essay. Best of luck to all of you. I graduated from Emory in May and really enjoyed it. Once you make it to finalists weekend, I think you are assured at least full tuition but may get a full ride tuition, room, board and fees. I think they generally offer about 30 of the full rides, but some are restricted to Georgia or maybe even Atlanta residents.

Once you make it finalist weekend, I think your stats are irrelevant -- everyone there is equally eligible for the full ride and I think the decision is much more subjective at that point. I don't know with the average stats are overall for the ESP. I don't really think it matters whether you are general or focus on one particular draw as long as it sounds like you are serious about Emory.

When thinking of how a piece of art represents you, don't think literally—try to go beyond generic and superficial traits and think about the deeper meaning and symbolism that speaks to you. For example, maybe you've always felt a strong connection to the character of Forrest Gump—not because you literally fought in a war, started a restaurant, and met the president, but because you were always supported by your family, especially your mom, and believed that your optimism and positive outlook is what ultimately helped you attain some of your biggest goals in life so far.

My recommendation is to choose this prompt only if you can immediately come up with a specific piece of art or character you've always felt a strong personal attachment to. Remember that it's not just about something you like but something that truly gets across the essence of who you are.

If nothing comes to mind right away, it's probably best to go with another prompt. You don't want to write this essay and have it feel heavily forced or contrived! If you could witness any event past, present, or future first-hand, what would it be, and why? This next Emory essay prompt is a fun and interesting way for admissions officers to get a clearer sense of what your interests, passions, and values are.

There are no limits to what you can put down here—you could focus on a big event from as recent as the late 20th century, such as the fall of the Berlin Wall, or something that happened thousands of years ago, such as the building of the great Egyptian pyramids. For instance, perhaps you want to minor in architectural studies, which is why you're so fascinated with how the pyramids were constructed.

Or maybe your mother was present when the Berlin Wall fell and you'd love to have seen her expression of joy at having helped reunite her country. Is there a specific moment from the past that you have always wished to see because it genuinely interests, excites, or fascinates you? If you answered yes to one of these questions, then this would be a great prompt to choose for your second Emory essay.

This is one of the most open-ended and most fun! Emory University essay prompts you can pick. Your goal here is to showcase your personality! In this prompt, you get to be yourself and showcase aspects of yourself that wouldn't otherwise come across in your application materials. Do you love Real Housewives? Are you part of a cup-stacking club at your local YWCA? This prompt gives you an opportunity to share the unique, quirky, and cool things that make you There are two big caveats to this prompt.

First, you want to make sure that you're proving to admissions counselors that you'll be a great fit for the Emory campus. They're looking for students that align with the university's values , so make sure you're exemplifying those in your letter. Second, you want to make sure you're mentioning academics in some way.

Remember: you're going to college to get an education! You should definitely mention what you're majoring in and why you want to major in that. It also makes sense because on a college campus, you're often identified by your major! One last note: you should definitely format this essay like a letter, text, or email. After all, you're introducing yourself to a new person This is a prompt that will let you showcase your creativity!

If you don't mind writing outside the box, and if you're comfortable with a more open-ended prompt, then this is a great fit for you. One thing that can really help you while applying to Emory is seeing examples of real Emory essays that worked and secured students admission.

Fortunately, the official Emory website has an entire series dedicated to going over their applicants' best personal essays. Still, you can use these essay examples and their feedback from admissions officers to get a better sense of what to write about, how you can effectively structure your thoughts, and what Emory is ultimately hoping to learn about you through your writing. We've consolidated the most important ideas from admissions officers' feedback for you. Here's a basic overview of what Emory is looking for in your essays:.

Make sure your Emory essays have most ideally all! You have just words for both supplemental Emory essays, so don't waste space— include only the most essential facts and information you want to present to the admissions committee. Use these essays as an opportunity to practice writing more succinctly.

Take your time to try to cut out any irrelevant or ineffective words or phrases that don't answer the prompt or reveal anything important or unique about you. Don't make the mistake many students make by not being specific enough in your college essays—especially considering how little space you have for the Emory essays! The trick here is to not dawdle in your writing : get straight to the point and overarching topic of your essay, and then dive right in so that you're fully answering the question.

To truly make your writing come alive, you must home in on the most essential info about yourself. Use examples, anecdotes, and plenty of details to paint an accurate picture of who you are and how you see yourself.

You have to write two short essays for the Emory supplement and one longer essay in response to one of the Common App or Coalition App prompts. The point of all these essays is to give you the chance to introduce a range of different, but equally important, sides of yourself. Repeating yourself shows a lack of creative thinking and will most certainly not leave a good impression on the Emory admissions committee.

Last, but certainly not least, remember to edit and proofread your Emory essays several times before you submit them with your application. Once you've got a rough draft finished, put it away and don't look at it. After a few days, take it out and reread it, looking for areas that feel out of place, irrelevant, or unclear, and tweak as needed.

Lastly, give your draft to someone you trust , such as a teacher or parent, and have them read it over and give you some feedback. Ask them to also correct it for any technical or stylistic errors. Curious about what it takes to get into Emory as a freshman? Interested in applying to colleges in the South? Our expert guide walks you through all the very best schools in the South, including Emory.

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Offering up such an anecdote requires a great deal of vulnerability, but it is this humanity that lets you connect with admission officers on a more personal level. Maybe you were a supporter of abstinence-only sex-ed until your friend had an unplanned pregnancy. For example, maybe you used to identify as a Ravenclaw but now see yourself more as a Hufflepuff!

Using a lighter topic like this still gives you ample opportunity to express your personal values and explain who you fundamentally are. It even opens itself up to using humor, which can be a useful tool to winning over admission officers. This prompt asks you to reflect on a particular instance during the past 4 years and think about how Current You might be able to guide Past You. If you are an athlete, consider writing about how Current You would give wisdom to Past You about your sport of choice — whether it be in regards to the game itself, your attitude, or a teammate.

This is a perfect time to address any weaknesses in your application and explain how you wish you could have changed them. Remember that admissions officers are looking for well-rounded individuals who they think have what it takes to be both successful and happy in college. A helpful tactic for planning this essay might be to think of or even write down a transcript of a hypothetical conversation between Current You and Younger You.

What do you have to say? How do you think your younger self would have reacted? This prompt is great for more creative thinkers. For example, if you talked about ballet in your Personal Statement, you might not want to give any dance-related advice in this essay. This prompt is ideal for those who have prioritized cultural sensitivity and have engaged with people from diverse backgrounds. This prompt is a little bit more specific and directed than the other two, because it requires you to think about a time when you intentionally expanded your horizons.

While all three prompts address growth, this one requires you to reflect on an instance where you did something deliberate that catalyzed your growth. Many applicants have had a voluntourism experience — that is, a volunteer mission trip. Not only can voluntourism stories come off as cliche, they can also make you sound privileged and condescending. That said, you can still talk about your service trip experience!

Try to put a unique spin on it, by focusing on a personal anecdote that only happened to you. The more specific, the better. Acknowledge your privilege and explain how you grew from it. Remember that you are the protagonist of this story and you are the one applying to Emory. You should be the subject of most of those verbs, because you are the star of the story.

Just remember that is not a lot of words. At all. Get to the point and stick to the point. Think about a piece of media that you feel like you can identify with on a deep, personal level. You should then go a step further and think about why you identify so strongly with that person or thing. What does it say about you? Once you have your what or who and your why , search for an anecdote that explains your personal connection to this piece of media.

A really easy trap to fall into with a prompt like this is to give the answer that you think admissions officers are looking for. Or maybe you have a friend who thinks the moon landing was faked and you wish you could witness it yourself to prove them wrong! There are so many different directions to take this prompt. This probably goes without saying, but make sure that your essay is accurate.

Fact check anything you say with a quick google search. Whatever event you pick, make sure that you have some sort of personal connection to it. Spending words talking about how great Martin Luther King Jr. Everyone knows that it was an incredible moment, and any student can write that essay. So spend maybe a sentence or two hyping up MLK and then move on to why it matters to you.

What makes you special? We will be updating the blog with everything you need to know. Mehul Bhagat is the epitome of a Woodruff Scholar. I distinctly remember reading his application. It was one of those days reading file after file of really good students, many of which had similar academic interests and involvement in their communities.

He had maxed out his curriculum in all subject areas at his large public high school. For most students, this type of academic and leadership would take quite a bit of time and energy, but for Mehul it was just the beginning. An avid musician Mehul reached All-State for his Alto Saxophone skills, was in the Atlanta Youth Wind Symphony as a Section Leader who was thought of so highly that he managed personnel and set musical standards. He also happened to be writer who had published his poems internationally and had been invited to attend two of the most coveted journalism and writing studios in the country.

He was so inspired by his experiences at these events that when he realized there was a shortage of middle school students interested in writing, he founded a nonprofit organization to deliver free creative writing seminars to aspiring middle school writers and even got big time authors to join the fun!

We had to meet this young man in person and selected him as one of the Emory College Scholar finalists invited to attend the Scholars Campus Visit. In person, he was even more personable and energizing than his application shared.

The team developed nutritional spice blends as the basis for a sustainable and scalable social enterprise to help young children who live in slums. Within five years, they project reaching He went after this competition prize as a freshman!

The thing about Mehul and Woodruff Scholars generally is that he never waits for opportunities to come to him. He is constantly searching, creating, taking risks, aware of his surroundings, thirsty to learn more and above all he never takes anything for granted. Luke came across in my initial read as a Renaissance man. He had established research interests in engineering after designing and building head lamps powered by body heat, all the while maintaining a variety of other interests as well as a strong academic record.

These included biological research, orchestra and marching band, theater, creative writing, and soccer. Beyond his well-rounded resume and exceptional grades and test scores, I was most impressed by his deeper commitment to using his intelligence and natural leadership ability to develop new knowledge. When he was no longer able to attend high school soccer practice due to a broken collar bone, Luke decided to find a meaningful way to spend his extra time.

He reached out to chemistry and biology professors at a local university and asked if they needed help in their labs.


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Emory University offers partial to full merit-based scholarships as part of the Emory University Scholar Programs. Scholar programs are more than just merit. Our Program Mission Inspired by Robert W. Woodruff's legacy, the Emory College Woodruff Scholars Program fosters a community that supports each member to. Emory University Scholar Programs Brief description: Emory University offers partial to full merit-based scholarships as part of the Emory.