effects watching tv essay

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Effects watching tv essay


Although such movies and programs are very entertaining, they are filled with lies which can adversely affect children. Some advertisements that are done on television too are untrue and their prime aim is to increase awareness of the products without focusing on other fundamental aspects like health concerns. There are very few products, if not non that explain the negative effects of their consumption Lawrence, Also, spending too much of your time watching can make you dumb.

Some programs and shows can be very educational to all of us. However, some programs can be harmful not only to the general development of a child, but also to adults. Some movies too can be harmful to the kids. Most children acquire negative behaviors from what they watch on television. Most people who spend too much time watching lack concentration.

A person who spends too much time watching television lowers his or her attention because most movies and television programs switch from one topic to another fairly quickly. Lack of concentration can also be attributed to the combination of both visual and audio media that affects the senses of a person thus affecting his or her concentration capability. On top of that, most children have learnt violent behaviors from watching action movies. If one looks closely at what too much watching of television has brought to his life, he will realize that he is influenced by the aggressive behaviors of movies and shows Lawrence, On top of that, too much watching of television can be a real waste of time.

Most of the time that is spent on watching of television could be used for other productive activities. We all need to place food on the table and that cannot be done by spending too much time in front of our televisions. In fact, no one has ever been paid for watching television. By watching TV programs of people doing thing instead of us doing them, we are wasting a lot of time living passively.

A survey carried out in the United States revealed that most people spend five to ten hours a day just watching television. This is a real waste of time and it can lower the GDP because less time is spent in productive activities Shalom, Too much watching of television is a bad idea. Parents should have a say in not only the amount of time their kids spend watching, but also on what program, show or movie their children watch.

In conclusion, watching television has more disadvantages than its advantages. Parents should be there to control the amount of time their children spend on television. Adults too should be prudent enough to avoid spending too much time on television. Even though watching television can be important in numerous ways, it is not good when it is done for long hours.

According to Russell Neuman , ninety-eight percent of American homes had a television in the early s. The television set was on an average of 7 hours a day, and…. From the early s to today, mass media has evolved in a tremendous way. There is such…. The main issue in this paper is about the new proposed bank policy and regulation concerning the exposure of various bank industries to government sectors in Dubai Scanning Report Sample,…. My main motive for applying is that I have always been interested in banking and finance.

I believe that I will be able to have a lifelong fruitful career in…. Most shows shown on the television nowadays involve bright color. According to the media, the brighter the picture, the better it is. But doctors feel the contrary. Almost all the latest movies and cartoons shown on television use a variety of special effects.

Most of these involve explosions and gun fights in the case of movies and flashes of lightning and bursts of color at times of animated violence in the case of cartoons. These sudden and intermittent flashes of light are capable of causing serious damage to the eye and can cause temporary blindness and migraine if a person watches television excessively. This was the case with the recent popular Japanese cartoon show, Pokemon, where certain animals with special powers emitted balls of lightning or fire when prompted; many children suffered from headaches as a result of watching the show and complaints are still being issued against the show for the same reason.

Another very common problem noticed in people who watch too much of television is their lack of concentration. This is caused as a result of the combination of visual and auditory media which alert most of the senses of the viewer. These senses are heightened to a great extent as a result of which perception of sounds improves. However, this poses as a disadvantage as even the smallest of noises or disturbances can divert one's attention from the task at hand.

This is especially seen in the case of people who normally study in the close vicinity of an operational television set. This can cause lots of other added problems; restlessness

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The most important adverse effect is the normalisation of the violence. After seeing so many violent scenes on TV, people start thinking violent actions are. Research has also shown that too much watching of television can increase one's chance of acquiring type 2 diabetes. Moreover, watching for a. The Effects of Watching TV essaysWatching television is one of the most popular pastimes in the world. Almost all children do so; some even take the liberty.