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Gore vidal essay drugs

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These people claim that smoking marijuana is harmful to the lungs and brain development of teenagers. The argument of the dangers of marijuana can also be made for the opposing side. Illegal and unregulated marijuanna posing far more dangers to people than if marijuana was regulated by the government. As long as citizens are following the laws that are set by their particular state they should be able to use marijuana however they please. The laws can also be changed depending on the results that are seen, so if people are using it in an inappropriate way or new studies show that the substance is harmful the government can make the laws stricter.

Or if people are successfully following the laws the government might be a little more lenient. All of this is up to the user and how well they are willing to be responsible with their marijuana use. For decades marijuana was considered to be a dangerous drug, leading to criminal behavior and personal disgrace.

However, by now most of these beliefs have been discredited — there is little to no proof that cannabis in and of itself has any conflicting effects. Some studies even show that it is far less dangerous than many completely legal prescription drugs, both for its users and those around them. Marijuana is beneficial for epilepsy patients, it eases nausea caused by chemotherapy and shows good results when used by people suffering from AIDS and a number of other conditions. The only reason it was banned was because of a man named William Randolph Hearst wanted to eliminate a textile competitor because he was using hemp to create his textiles.

Hearst was big in the media so he launched a marijuana prohibition movement and later got marijuana banned in Congress. Marijuana is easy to cultivate. It is illegal to cultivate a lot at once because even though the state allows it because the federal government never legalized it.

In the end, it would greatly help the country and we would. Lastly, gateway drugs are the most dangerous as they seem the least harmful. Teenagers often use simple harmless drugs such as alcohol and marijuana only to lead them to cocaine and MDMA, which are very easy to obtain at parties in the United States. The government needs to stop the war on drugs but rather find the root causes such as poverty. Once they stop the mass-production the world will be a safer.

Blowing smoke; marijuana should be fully legalized The consumption and distribution of marijuana have been two very controversial subjects throughout the last century. Although some people may claim that the use of cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes should be illegal due to safety, legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana would drastically reduce crime rates, help people suffering from chronic illnesses, and create a significantly higher amount of potential tax revenue to bolster the economic state of our nation.

Many people argue that legalizing marijuana would encourage more people to smoke it. One cannot disregard that this may be true, though it does not necessarily have to be a bad thing. Yes, education about guns would be good but for example, all most everyone knows what drugs, smoking, alcohol does to one but that does not stop them.

Some readers could argue that strict gun control laws do not work in Mexico, and will not work in the United States. However, these are two different countries and citizens, what might not work there might work wonderfully here. Some many think gun control laws such as background checks and micro-stamping are an invasion of privacy.

Some might think it is but it will let one know if giving the firearm to a safe person or not, in fact, many said that about the Patriot Act, an act that was passed to try to stop the terrorist from hurting anyone by eavesdropping, but that act stop many terrorist before creating a.

Many police stations around America say that this Law should be banned and so does Obama. Somehow the idea bothers him, resulting to more drug addicts in the future if ever it was implemented. But as always expected; the countless possibilities that there would always be an alcoholic and drug addict people never die. Worse is, the more they are forbidden from things they like to do make them want those things more; as if the government has never learned from the past attempts of prohibition and repression.

Therefore, the idea of legalizing those drugs was like transforming lead into gold — impossible to happen because both Mafia and Bureau of Narcotics would wither moneyless. At such, he believes that fighting drugs is nearly as big as a business of pushing them. I have once read the famous quotation from Edith Hamilton that goes: The more the flame is covered up, the hotter it burns.

What is for forbidden to do, the more a person becomes dare devil to do so. In relation to his essay, never in my wildest imagination had I thought of legalizing such drugs that could draw someone to addiction. This idea would never solve or at least help fight against the conundrum. More likely, it would just add fuel to the fire. But if there is one thing that awe me, that is the irony and hypocrisy of the government for this dire issue. To be honest, a total abstinence of drug addiction will never happen in reality.

There is always money for those drugs patronized by people most especially the rich ones. Therefore, they are no imbecile to let both of their party go dead. They need one another to survive. The only difference is the chiasmus of without the Bureau of Narcotics, Mafia could operate; but without Mafia, Bureau of Narcotics would not exist. What I have on my mind after reading his essay is to look for the positive side of our government.

I believe human governments have flaws since we are not impeccable.



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No information is available for this page. Free Essay: Drugs In the article “Drugs” by Gore Vidal the author claims that if the United States wants to stop most drug addiction, crimes, value of the. Free Essay: The name of article I am going to summarize is Drugs written by Gore Vidal in In the article, author showed the possibility of legalizing.