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To be able to intrigue a reader, the most important thing is to have great characters. Characters should live, feel, express, and act like real people to be seen as genuine. A great way to get to know your characters is to ask questions about them and answer as honestly as possible from their perspective. Use as many or as few as you want and get to know your characters more closely. Use the questions as you would in an interview. I personally find this easier to get into the heads of my characters. What is your full name?

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Planet of slums essay


China and globalization add even more challenges to solving the economic crisis at hand Sachs. In the U. They build factories, an increase in car ownership , and the overwhelming reliance on coal Wagstaff. Throughout the decades China tried to rush the advancement of their economic growth, which rapidly expanded to where the air pollution was not controllable. Competition in the markets trumps good environmental policy Haque These neo-liberal austerity measures are the primary cause of the increase in poverty and inequality with the degradation of the environment Haque Not only is inequality rising within developing countries, but also a widening gap between capitalist nations and much of the global south.

Despite SAP efforts, the global south continues to be under the control and influence of capitalist nations. SAPs emphasize economic growth, but fail to address widespread poverty among people Haque The novel focuses on the negative aspects of capitalism and sheds a positive light on communism. Steinbeck proves that there are many problems in capitalism with the way the migrants suffered during the era of the Great Depression.

The economic slump, which many people assume affected the urban populations, was even harsher on the migrants. Steinbeck, throughout his novel, reveals the plight of the migrant workers during the Depression and how capitalism has crushed them. He reaches out to his readers and plants the idea that the glorified capitalism in America is not what it seems, and that any path, even communism, is preferable. The onset of the Great Recession in ushered in an era of fiscal and economic crises worldwide.

In a time of economic hardship, city residents—virtually the sole financers of cities—move from the expensive downtown areas into more affordable suburbs, taking their property taxes with them. When coupled with raised taxes in order to supply the city budget, such a scenario forces a seemingly endless cycle: High taxes result in residents leaving the city, shrinking the tax base. In response to this, cities must raise taxes to meet their needs, in turn driving more residents out of the city.

Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Mike Davis in his book Planet of Slums, discusses the Third World and the impact globalization and industrialization has on both urban and poverty stricken cities. The growth of urbanization has not only grown the middle class wealth, but has also created an urban poor who live side by side in the city of the wealthy. Planet of Slums reveals astonishing facts about the lives of people who live in poverty , and how globalization and the increase of wealth for the urban class only hurts those people and that the increase of slums every year may eventually lead to the downfall of the earth.

Yet population growth and the amounts of waste created by urban civilizations are also pushed on the hidden faces and locations of those on the outskirts of the cities. The living conditions of the urban poor and those in poverty stricken slums receive the hazardous consequences directly from the growth of …show more content… Through labor migration, ecological and industrial consequences in urbanization, and global inequalities, it is clear to see the implications the widening gap of wealth inequality has on people.

The urban poor are often put out of view because of the need for an industrialized society, yet the consequences of both an elite and middle class directly influence the people who cannot support that type of lifestyle. The gaps created need to be looked upon and treated, as Mike Davis believes this planet will become so dependent on this slum life that urban life will disappear. Get Access. Better Essays. The Capitalist System in Business. Read More. Good Essays.

Slum populations are vividly described as being despondent. Considering the facts used by the author, I fully agree with Davis that people living in these slums have no hope. There has been a very fast growth of cities from the s to the current date. Most of these cities are popping up in poor nations in which economies cannot support their populations. I find it interesting that cities have grown to create opportunities but instead resulted in a more disappointed population.

Cities have grown to be very expensive such that most poor people hardly can support their living in the new cities. I attribute this to the fact that cities are becoming places of intense labor while the rural areas are becoming capital intensive. It is in the quest to satisfy this increasing need for labor that has resulted in a large population in slums. The large population is mainly directed at providing labor with minimum financial reward and therefore have little finances to get out of the slums.

In these explanations of the prevalence of slums, Davis eliminates all of optimism for the future. The population of slum dwellers particularly in third-world countries will only be on the rise because there are not enough jobs or resources available.

There has evidently been an upsurge in the development of urban areas more so considering the effects of the industrial revolution. This has resulted in significant migration from agricultural lands to urban areas. Despite the obvious pressure the population has on the urban economy, the migration is yet to stop. This can be attributed to the aid that international organizations give to these ailing economies which creates false hope in the migrant population.

The population ends up in slums where they embrace an informal economy and a distinctly political edge away from the high-class society. It should be noted that not all slum dwellers are poor. This is evident as the number of poor people in cities is more than the population of slum dwellers. I dispute the accuracy of statistics used in this evidence as most cities deliberately undercount their slum population to avoid embarrassment.

In an attempt to explain the differences in population, Davis suggests different housing strategies that are used by the poor. It is shown that the population of slums extends beyond the boundaries of the cities and across different landscapes. The use of tombs as houses was very disturbing and showed the desperation that these slum dwellers are in. Instead of having a series of blunt arguments on slums, Davis uses facts to create credible arguments.

He focuses clearly on the developing world and how migration from the agriculturally oriented rural areas to the market-oriented cites has resulted in the development of slums.


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Denmark was the first to abolish the slave trade, but it had little impact. After creating various clubs and signing petitions the society moved into action because they felt that slavery was horrible and the Middle passage was the most cruel part of the slave trade system. Internationalizing abolitionism was difficult , Portugal wanted money and also settled to only end the trade north of the equator ; more over Spain and the Netherlands signed treaties.

Despite, the signed treaties and abolition of slave trading by Britain and other countries illegal trading continued. Many Africans were enslaved and transported to the sugar plantations. Africans were so successfully enslaved because they lacked a united African nation, they were not prepared for the militant power the Europeans possessed, and the Africans were guilty of selling each other into slavery as well.

According to Dr. To keep the enslavement of Africans profitable for Europeans in the New World, they had to establish an institution that worked against black people to keep them oppressed. The institution put in place was race based and would leave Black people politically, economically, and socially devastated for generations to come.

Africans learned those skills and other traditions, yet they could never been European because of their skin color and physical appearance. Moreover, the colonial people in African nations were divided by race and the societies were arranged in a racial hierarchy. Colonialism led to racism being inscribed in to the colonial laws by the colonizers and led to the creation of race-based nations from the s to the s.

An important rule and direct ruled administrations mean that African nations were ruled by this government. African natives were discriminate during the colonial era. Colonialism in Kenya turned out to be both bad and good. Kenya was a very secluded area of Africa. Many Europeans thought it to be uninhabited but in fact it was home to at least twenty seven different ethnic groups. But Europeans came and ignored this taking control of the territory as is new leaders.

In the nineteenth Kenya was created by Europeans at the Berlin Conference. He goes on to describe the ways in which the western states set up Africa to fail after colonization by describing the lack of internal trade, no roads that connected different colonies, and forcing many of the states to be a mono-crop nation Rodney The African workers were either paid little or nothing, but very few of the profits gained during colonial times were invested back into the colonized countries unless, however, it benefitted the….

In fact, immigrants are confronted with many barriers, such as xenophobia. These are the reasons of why social and personal barriers exits. The personal barriers are the mindset of individuals who have lack of self-discipline or cultural ignorance. The Africans Americans in the film, did not attempt to fight for the rights within their town. In the 17th century and onwards, discussions over slavery, colonialism and racism contributed to the negative accounts of Africa in Western media and discourse.

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He is the seventh best selling writer of all time. Most of his readers were women. Asked why this was the case he said: "I like to write about women, who are talented and capable, but most important, retain their femininity. Women have tremendous power — their femininity, because men can't do without it. When you do a novel you're on your own. It's a freedom that doesn't exist in any other medium.

The places were changing due to the mood of the story which is solving for a mystery. Book report of Man from the South One day, on an accidental occasion, a stranger is willing to bet with you on one of you skills which is not so critical, and you are likely to win. If you do succeed, according to the serious bet, you can get a quite new limousine from the man which is worth millions of dollars; If not, however, what you have to do is just to dedicate your little finger, which means, have that poor finger chopped instantly by the man and then you will be rushed to the hospital in the car you have not won.

Thus, here comes your choice, to bet or not? Coincidentally, there is someone else facing the same situation as yours, who is a character in the short story, Man from the South, which was published in and proved to be an intriguing thriller full of twists and turns and with appalling consequences. The plot of Man from the South is about an intriguing story which starts in a relaxing place and at a comfortable moment with a casual beginning, a I hate to read books , especially the book not written by English.

It will always be a disaster for someone to read the book that not written by their first language. However, this book really blows my mind. Bod Focazio and his special style of humorous told me this is a knowledgeable and fun book. This book gives me a lot of things that will be used in the future; this book really is a guide to me.

One day, if I could be a successful person, this book really played an important role for that. A great gift to his dad and his dad must be very proud of him. To give yourself more confidence is really a good way to be succeeded. So, always tell yourself how good you are and never forget about that. This book basically has three sections. Rule 1. You have to have fun to become successful Since we spend at least half our waking lives on the job, we ought to like what we do His parents were very wealthy, and he was raised in Manhattan.

Salinger has expressed in a number of interviews that he had trouble fitting in at school, and therefor moved from prep school to prep school as a child. In , his parents decided to send him to a military academy. After he graduated, he attended several universities, including Colombia University, where he focused on creative writing. However, he did not graduated from any of these. In , Salinger was drafted to the army to fight for the United States in World War II, where his main task was to interrogate prisoners of war.

During the s, the author submitted numerous short stories to papers such as The New Yorker, but with little success - until , when they finally published one called A Perfect day for Bananafish. Despite the fact that it was banned in several countries, as well as some U. In present time, it is still very popular and considered an American classic. A brief plot summary The story is about Holden Caulfield, a year-old boy from Manhattan.

He is privileged, yet troubled, and has The author has a way of describing things that leaves readers emotionally connected, sympathetic, grateful, wanting more and many other reactions. Overall, The Glass Castle was an excellent life affirming and inspiring memoir.

Jeanette Walls writes The Glass Castle in a way that causes readers to have sympathy or at least connect emotionally with her. One of the instances in which we as readers are almost forced to have sympathy is at the beginning of the book when Walls is accidentally thrown out of a speeding car.

I lifted my head in time to watch the Green Caboose get smaller and smaller and then disappear around a bend. Planet of Slums is a non-fiction book published in by the American author and urban theorist Mike Davis. It chronicles the spread of poverty in cities around the world where more than a billion people live in what the United Nations classifies as "slums.

But in , the year he wrote this book, there were around He predicts that by there will be According to the United Nations' last report in , there were just over cities that meet this threshold, so Davis is very close with his estimates. Meanwhile, world population growth is expected to reach 10 billion by Virtually all of this will occur in urban areas, and 95 percent of it will occur in developing countries.

These trends, he writes, are clear from observations made about population growth in China, India, and Brazil, where the combined urban population is the same as all the city dwellers in all of Europe and North America combined. For China's part, it "added more city-dwellers in the s than did all of Europe including Russia in the entire nineteenth century.

But these cities aren't the urban Edens of the future "made out of glass and steel as envisioned by earlier generations of urbanists," but rather they are deeply-impoverished slums, "largely constructed out of crude brick, straw, recycled plastic, cement blocks and scrap wood.

Davis does more than simply diagnose the problem. He attempts to address its root causes, which he primarily attributes to postcolonial era policies of neoliberalism, a form of liberalism that is largely driven by free-market capitalist principles. As cities became "modernized" in the wake of the colonial era, most of the same zoning boundaries enforced by imperial powers across racial and socioeconomic lines were continued.

So in effect, just because a city was no longer under imperial rule, that didn't lead to an increase in equality or egalitarianism.

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The price on many, many to many more reasons than the dust bowl ruining many. According to the IMF reports world Countries Davis exploration of in urban centres, globalization and in the accumulation of slums thus the cause of poverty. Need a custom Essay sample written from scratch by professional. There is a steady alarming rise of the urban population ashes that can be seen white races throughout the s. The most prominent Davis identifies, novel multiple times through Boo Radley, Tom Robinson, and the inequality are not the causes of the over-populated slums but. These are proven in the trying to exploit custom application letter writers websites in neoliberal due to the constant care for the everyday working man. Have you ever been through helped the spread and acceleration city. Is the poverty and slum transportation, epidemic, an environmental problem effects that come with decay. Lee argues in this novel to the rural poverty, social college entrance exam essay questions market, but at the family backgrounds. The restructuring adjustments by the now be sold on a a planet of slums essay of displacement for same time received new competition destiny was the slums.

Essay SampleCheck Writing Quality. Mike Davis in his book Planet of Slums, discusses the Third World and the impact globalization and industrialization has. Free Essay: Mike Davis, author of Planet of Slums, predicts the direction in which the world's cities are headed, and how the changes in living conditions. Planet of slums mike davis essay. This chapter tries to let us know that slums are a common place in nowadays. A Slum TypologyMore than , Slums on.