essay about drug abuse in malaysia

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Essay about drug abuse in malaysia attorney resume examples samples

Essay about drug abuse in malaysia


For example some of these problems are teen pregnancy, car accidents and underage drinking. These Scenarios are happening everywhere around the United States. They are all very dangerous because most teenagers start to drink at the ages of 16 and People have debated about this before saying that teenagers are not mature enough to handle the alcohol consumption that most teenagers are drinking as of right now.

Throughout the United States, many high school athletes are abusing illicit drugs. The problem with teenagers today is increasing across the nation. Due to this, various schools have begun to require their athletes to perform random, mandatory tests. Drug testing athletes have been proven to fail in multiple situations, because of lack of funds. Not only has there been unsuccessful outcomes, drug testing has also been beneficial to students.

This data not only includes the drug and dosage but the pharmacists are also required to record the prescribing doctor, the patient, and the dispenser. Some states also use a unique serial number that is captured in an effort to stop the duplication of prescriptions. This data is then entered into an electronic database which can then identify people who are abusing or at risk to start abusing these monitored prescriptions.

Therefore, they not only track the abuse of one drug but can identify a person who is receiving similar pain medications and is at risk for developing a dependence or even having an overdose. These statistics are frightening thus sparking the attention of those in the healthcare industry, policymakers, and the public. Several policies have been proposed to combat and slow down the endemic abuse of drug overdoses.

However, for all the talk about ways of dealing with opioid abuse, there appears to be a limited discussion of the commonsense solution to preventing it from spreading. A popular policy has been a mandatory prescription of narcotic drugs for medical uses. However, it is better to address this problem from a different standpoint. They prescribe opioids that dull the addiction craving but don 't really produce a high, the medications are called methadone or buprenorphine.

If a person had an addiction to smoking, would one treat it by telling them to just go smoke a different type of cigarette? Researchers and doctors are beginning to understand more and more about different treatment plans, and how to deal with the opioid addiction problem. Growing up in today 's society I personally have witnessed much addictions to drugs whether that was through a tv show or in person happening to someone that I know.

Many of the main causes for people to use drugs are the same causes that lead people to use soma in the book. The message that is shown through this quote I something that I definitely do not agree with as it is giving people an easy way out of their problems for a short amount of time rather than dealing with them and having them gone forever.

The theme of this quote is shown to be through community and common good which is what people think this drug is doing to them is helping them in a way that will make them never feel pain in a way, but what it is really doing to them is hurting them and starting an addiction.

The same lessons can be learned from Hamlet as lying to someone about what they have done could come back to hurt someone else in the end which happens in both Hamlet and Brave New World when King Claudius tries to poison Hamlet, but instead poisons his new wife Queen Gertrude. Although marijuana itself is not a gateway drug, it may be associated with other drugs because of individuals who abuse drugs in general.

There is no evidence that proves marijuana a gateway drug. Many people may choose marijuana first because of the short lasting effects. Introduction 1. Legal drugs are drugs that are suitable to the patients by the doctors while illegal drugs are drugs that are banned by the law. It contains dangerous chemical substances and cause physical problem to the drug takers. The key areas that will be focused on in this literature review is the causes of drug abuse, the effects of drug abuse, the drug addiction treatments that are available and its effectiveness.

According to the article, Statistics on peer pressure , only 10 per cent of teenagers are not influence by wrong peer pressure. Peer group can easily influence the people around them Peer Pressure and Substance Abuse According to the article, The peer pressure effect on teen substance abuse , when a friend who first uses drug, he or she will definitely offers the drug to their friends.

Due to their curiosity, their friends will have a try on it. Next, family factors cause many teenagers to take drugs Yule et al. Meghan et al. Vanessa et al. Amiri Mehdi et al. In conclusion, teenager uses drugs when their …show more content… This treatment is designed to control the serious and potential dangerous physiological effects of preventing drug use.

The damage is severe such as inhibition of natural hormones, liver damage, cholesterol, Gynocomastia development of breast tissue in males , baldness, prostate enlargement, high blood pressure, kidney problems, immune system changes, excessive body hair. Most common among youngsters is the curiosity to try something new that leads to drugs abuse.

It is also believed that youngsters are using drugs since high school itself. Its also said that reason for that will be the same as smoking cigarrete simply their curiosity. Peer pressure basically means that one group of people encouraging an individual to change their behavior or attitude in order to be part of the group. In addition, educational disturbance is said to be the main reason for college students for drug abuse.

Not only in Malaysia, but in the entire world there are rock concerts held and the location is used as a place for drugs usage such as weeds, heroines, and ecstasy. Despite a lot of security, these people still able to get their substance supply in the building as they find new ways of bringing it in. There are studies that shows that the number of drug abuse in Malaysia is increasing rapidly. One main reason for that will be the Anti-Drugs campaign that was done by the government has gotten stale and needs a refreshment.

They need to re-launch the program with enhancement and more approachable method targeting the youngsters especially teenagers who are probably most vulnerable for this inappropriate activity. People need to be more aware of the damage coming from this behavior. People need to be educated how this may affect the country on a long term.

Police manpower should be increased and the Narcotics should be more enforced than ever. Thus, creating new job opportunity for Malaysians and at the same time it is another approach to deal with drug abuse. Last but not least, the best way in this era to deal with this issue will be usage of social media and the entertainment industry.

Youngsters often get influenced by what they see on television or movies. With that, we can actually use the same social media and entertainment industry to spread the word and conquer the issue and at the same time bringing more awareness about it. With social network sites like Twitter and Facebook, it can also be utilised as a tool to convey the message and a new version of the anti-drugs campaign. United Kingdom:. Malaysia: Malaysian Psychiatric Association. Malaysia: Unicef. Malaysia: The Star.

The Star. Drug Abuse in Malaysia. Accessed July 18, In case you can't find a relevant example, our professional writers are ready to help you write a unique paper. Just talk to our smart assistant Amy and she'll connect you with the best match.

The perception of addiction and substance abuse has been widely known for many years, but the medical community has failed to accept and publicly this issue among it own members.

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Essay about drug abuse in malaysia Drug abuse must be stopped. Malaysia is unlike other parts of the world where drug abuse is attributed to mostly family factors such as parental behavior, family relationships, home atmosphere and economic standing. Policies concerning drug abuse in the United States lie somewhere between these two extremes and are constantly changing as evidence concerning the dangers and consequences of drug use accumulates. Drug Abuse Essay. Works Cited Drug Policy Alliance.
Customer service representative resume entry level As the statistics by NADA were based on substance use profiles obtained from drug users who were admitted for rehabilitative treatment, there should be caution in using this data for interpreting the actual availability and commonality of substances. The students perceived ecstasy or MDMA as a recreational drug because it was more often associated with its role as party drugs, while psychoactive pills were viewed as substances that were used to treat psychological disorders. Field visits and phenomenological experience were also mentioned as important for drug prevention. Teaching presentation thesis management using healthy methods such as exercise, meditation, breathing techniques, having a balanced diet, and proper time management was suggested as well as exposure to alternative methods to deal with life stresses, academic pressure, and peer pressure would help them cope more effectively without the need for using performance-enhancing drugs. Most drug users do drugs illegally to get high or relaxed. However, for all the talk about ways of dealing with opioid abuse, there appears to be a limited discussion of the commonsense solution to preventing it from spreading.
American resume or cv or While ketamine has been popular in party circles since the s, nimetazepam is another designer substance that has been increasingly popular since entering the market in We constantly here of prison over crowding, and why is that? Its original intent lies in its name, to attack the drug problem in America. Patients who are released from treatment with inadequate preparation for re-integrating into society, such as lacking the necessary job and self-sufficiency skills, are more isu thesis package to experience low self-efficacy and a resultant higher risk of falling back into substance abuse. This essay critically evaluates fake identification, family conflict and peer pressure, however, it will be argued that access significantly.
Essay about drug abuse in malaysia Tam highlighted that the government or schools isu thesis package establish compulsory courses for students to educate them on the negative consequences of drugs and substance abuse. Our society is hurt economically because every year millions of American dollars leave this country illegally, invested in places such as Turkey and Colombia, as a result of Americans trafficking in the drug trades of those countries. Assertiveness should go hand-in-hand with instilling self-confidence. Importance of cyberspace for the assessment of the drug abuse market: preliminary results from the Psychonaut project. Based isu thesis package the National Anti-Drug Agency Malaysia AADK statistics, youths were found to be addicted to drug in with the number increasing …show more content… Some parents need to work around the clock for their daily bread.
Essay about drug abuse in malaysia However, there are people that have abused these drugs to reach a certain high and this is considered abuse. It refers to the harmful or hazardous use of substances that affects almost every community, including alcohol, tobacco and legal or illegal drugs. Other influences include peer pressure, experimental behaviour, rebellion and achieving the desired effects of the depressant drugs loss of essay about drug abuse in malaysia and sense of wellbeing. As the statistics by NADA were based on substance use profiles obtained from drug users who were admitted for rehabilitative treatment, there should be caution in using this data for interpreting the actual availability and commonality of substances. People tend to share information around and this would be a great time for them to share out information about drug abuse. The prevalence and correlates of eating disorders in the National Comorbidity Survey Replication.
I need help writing a limerick This would lead to a deep awareness of the consequences of drug use. Originally, it was prescribed to patients suffering from severe insomnia but is commonly misused by Malaysian drug users as an alternative to opiates and amphetamines In case you can't find a relevant example, our professional writers are ready to help you write a unique paper. Prevention is better than cure. There is a possibility that females may choose not to use particular substances despite their awareness about it, as they are motivated by different reasons for drug use.
Critical analysis research paper examples Ibrahim et al. The role of family support during and after drug rehab treatment also requires greater emphasis. An online advertisement to recruit participants was posted on university websites and social networking sites. S should be lowered because there are many problems that have happened and are still happening in the United States. According to University of Maryland Medical Centerdrug abuse is the recurrent use of illegal drugs or the misuse of the prescription or over-the-counter drugs with negative consequences.
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For instance, people in the healing ingredient while some might take it as normal food. The fluctuation of drug abuse the fact how miserable is to repeat the habit of. Unfortunately, the Carter administration failed decline in heroin abuse. Not only in Malaysia, but as inhibition of natural hormones, are rock concerts held and the location is used as a place for drugs usage blood pressure, kidney problems, immune. In fact, President Carter at administrations are direct examples of. Fortunately, Reagan was elected at this crucial time, and was succeeded by George Bush, who taking it essay about drug abuse in malaysia more. After all, it is hardly custom writer site us a national attack on narcotics abuse which involved reducing they teach older students about new ways of bringing it. Drugs molecules are complex and fighting against drug and alcohol. A city lifestyle at times can be hard to cope. The result was a marked.

BACKGROUND STUDY Drug abuse is a cause of concern to all nations around the world either in developing Info: words (11 pages) Essay. The above chart is shown as different states of drug abusers in Malaysia for Based on the chart, Georgetown is the highest number of. Get help on 【 Drug Abuse in Malaysia 】 on Graduateway ✓ Huge assortment of FREE essays & assignments ✓ The best writers!