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To be able to intrigue a reader, the most important thing is to have great characters. Characters should live, feel, express, and act like real people to be seen as genuine. A great way to get to know your characters is to ask questions about them and answer as honestly as possible from their perspective. Use as many or as few as you want and get to know your characters more closely. Use the questions as you would in an interview. I personally find this easier to get into the heads of my characters. What is your full name?

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California descriptive essay

Bright, new, cars of the year everywhere I looked. And of course, extremely expensive designer boutiques lined up one after another in Rodeo Drive. I immediately knew that the best that I would be getting out of them would be window-shopping, no more than that. Finally, I had arrived to the one and only, LA! The smell of sun, sand and salty water came and went at the rhythm of the refreshing, cooling breeze.

I walked along the shore, my high-kicks making the way between the loose sand and the wet, sticky kind I used to shape to simulate snowballs in my childhood. I envied those who could so easily maneuver the art of surfing, carving into a wave, gliding right in between the eye of the eye so smoothly, a sport that for me, required more than hand-eye-coordination, it seemed so simple as they glided from wave to wave in the crystal blue water, but my lack of balance surely makes the sport more complex.

I watched as the sun shined from far away, sending a bright splash of orange all over the west coast painting a beautiful canvas in the skies as it warmed my skin, making his great finale right before disappearing into the horizon. California is a synonym for perfection and happiness in my dictionary. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Share this: Twitter Facebook. California Fire 1 Page. The December 26 announcement that the Thomas Fire, the largest wildfire in California history, was 89 percent contained brought much-needed cheer to Santa Barbara residents.

However, the comfort was short-lived. On January 9, the coastal community suffered another major setback after a storm that dumped California Divergent 1 Page. In the article Peer Vries, professor of International Economic History at the University of Vienna, aims at analysing the theme of the Great Divergence, that is to say the financial gap between the richer, more developed countries and the poorer and more disadvantaged ones. The East L. A student walkouts were the outcome of discrimination from Southern California schools against Mexican-American students to pursue higher education.

This impactful walkout occurred in and was a protest for equal educational opportunities. The walkouts were organized by students who wanted the same Birds California 1 Page. Bird watchers should not be mistaken for ornithologists because the latter are into the scientific study of the bird species while the former do such with mere observation through the eyes.

Bird watching is a popular hobby in California because the place has many sites Architecture California United States 2 Pages. I chose to talk about Wright in particular because I believe his architectural style and design were very unique and interesting to see. As a Civil Engineer major, it fascinates me how much the structure of a building has changed over time. Also, I enjoy California Problems United States 1 Page. The encouraging calling is the most come up short in a position that is the United States.

Instructors put so much time and exertion yet seldom adjusted. This calling requires confirmations, licenses, training, degrees, duty, commitments and on-going proficient advancement. Educators are resolved to serve Legislation in California has gradually been restricting the models of handguns consumers could purchase.

The reason for the rapid increase in regulations on the purchase of handguns is, California 4 Pages. California and a few other western states are currently being punished with a drought that may go down as one of the worst in the last years. The current drought is forcing the entire population of California to go into a water conserving frenzy California Court 1 Page. Entertainment Merchants Association and other plaintiffs filed suit in federal court against California Governor Edmund G.

Brown, Jr. The law New York City is an iconic hub of activity and acts as one of the most distinctive cities in the United States. Many people, mostly young, move to the metropolis each year seeking fame and fortune, and in the early sixties, Joan Didion adopted the California is a well-populated state that, by being multicultural but also rich in various resources, appeals to the masses.

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Many people from the capital Asuncion come here to relax in the summer. Here you can find pristine riparian beaches and a wonderful boardwalk boulevard. Cerro Cora National Park is a small nature reserve with undulating savannah and highland terrain. You can see armadillos walking about. Imagine laying on a private beach right now in California. You are sitting in a comfortable lawn chair with a front-row seat to the Pacific Ocean. You have waiters bringing you any kind of drink or food you want, and the sun is making you golden tan.

Now, imagine the thrill you get while being on a roller coaster. The sun is beating down on you while you are standing in line, but the wait for the exhilarating roller coaster is worth it. Both snorkelers and SCUBA divers can access the reef easily and spend hours exploring the underwater wonderland. Extra amenities For those visitors who do not want to spend every second of the day at the beach, there are some other activities that are right off the beach.

Parents with small children can take their kids to one of the beachfront playgrounds that are fully-equipped with apparatus such as slides, swings, and a merry-go-round. There are also several grills and picnic tables so you can enjoy a leisurely picnic at the beach. The Boardwalk Along the beachfront is a beautiful boardwalk.

Bora Bora is no doubt one of the most beautiful islands on planet earth. This island is a major attraction for the tourists all around the globe due to aqua-centric resorts and the luxurious living. It is a coral island located in the Pacific Ocean. It is a great place to spend your holidays on. Bora Bora is the most popular destination located in French Polynesia.

For a child who had never left drab Missouri these were even more breathtaking. For example, the you can visit remnants of Mayan Ruins or see the Mexican culture in all the shops that sold tawdry jewelry in Playa del Carmen. However, the most beautiful sight is the ocean. All you can do is sit in awe as the waves roll onto the beaches or crash into the rocks spraying passersby. Located along the Gulf of Mexico just a short drive from St.

Petersburg and Tampa Treasure Island is an ideal destination for your next vacation with its white sandy beaches, unspoiled waters, unique restaurants, hotels, and family-friendly attractions. The three miles of white sandy beach surrounded by the beautiful Gulf of Mexico is the cynosure of the Island. You can walk along the sea shore or stroll on the Treasure Island Beach Trail, enjoy parasailing, deep seas fishing charters, boat rentals or simply lay in the sun on Treasure Island beach.

This multi-level entertainment hub has everything including a tiki lounge accessible by boat. The water is a cool blue, save for the orange buoys dotting the shoreline like freckles. I pull up to my favorite swimming hole and drop. I turned up the profanity filled music a little louder to drown out my hate for California traffic. The drive to Malibu beach was always terrible but beautiful scenery of the beach made the drive worth wild.

As we made a left turn in the parking lot, the beach came into view. As I stepped out the car the sun beamed on high. The Yucatan Peninsula is an exotic location full of tropical heat and ocean breezes beckoning single male tourists to its town of Playa del Carmen, where the sun supplies a warm welcome, and adult entertainment thrives.

The wild jungle borders this beach city with a small-town feel, but do not be fooled by its size. Playa vibrates with endless thrills from surfing and golfing to renowned all-night parties. Having a sexy, youthful escort in Playa join you takes every adventure to a whole new level. The Virgin Daiquiri was filled with juicy strawberries with a cherry on top, it was extremely mouth-watering.

I witnessed carefree children running across the beach while holding kites gleefully. An older couple strolls the beach with metal detectors searching for treasure. A group of adults drunk socially enjoying the beautiful scenery. I took photographs of the sand, palm trees, people, and the ocean too.

Only the locked up homes would listen to the drawn out sigh from Mother Smith. But the only person who could hear her thoughts was herself. The town was so alive then. Nothing more. However, while there are artworks that are appropriate for this, some artworks are not. To begin with, the story lacks information.

The Office is a half-hour comedy, making it a procedural series, not a serialised series. So what does this mean? It means that in The Office there is no large or overrunning storyline that is constantly present or hinted at each episode and also throughout the entire series.

Instead each episode of The Office is self-contained, not influencing the episodes before or after. Impressionist: The unique styles of Impressionism Beginning in the 17th century in France what was known as the Impressionist, swept away individuals with their paintings. These paintings were known to have a smooth surface with no visible brush strokes and was seen as being so life like it resembled a photograph.

As these paintings became widely known and sought after a gallery was opened to showcase the work of each artist known as the Salon. The Salon was created and used through the local academy, which placed strict stimulations on what art work was accepted into the Salon. The museum does live up to its mission statement, it teaches the visitors what it was like to live as a Jewish person before, during, and after the Holocaust.

While the museum has only a few benches for the visitors to rest in within the galleries, a visitor can find comfortable seating outside the restroom and gift shop. The engagement of the museum can be seen in different ways. At the time of my visit, the museum has only one interactive electronic piece. Despite this lack of interactivity, it still is engaging for the visitor.

The interior was bright and they were open but it did not appear that way from a distance. The entrance was very appealing, clean and welcoming. It did not have cases of bottled water or firewood stacked along the walkway and the windows were unobstructed. When I entered the store, there were two 2 customers waiting in line and one 1 customer at the drink fountain. The private sanctuary of Alexander Kees Bomgardner is one of solitude, one that has revealed it 's secrets to only those who need know what lays inside.

The sleeping quarters, with the minimum space needed for each inhabitant along with a few personal effects and garbs. Identity Wall fills near half of the wall space, under which the sanctuary 's writing desk resides. The history of the inhabitants are held on the Shelves of Childhood Passed, alongside the currently used Tools Present. All of these sections, however, pale in comparison to the Shrine. Meade the first sitter in a portrait that I saw that looked like himself; He had uncombed hair and was sitting in a mess of an office.

The purpose of my portrait is to illustrate the person I see myself as and am strive to be. My portrait should pique the interest of the prospective viewer just as the disgruntled portrait of Richard Meade captured my curiosity. Coming to terms with learning how to follow a crowd and stand out at the same time took a lot of trial and error, especially throughout my work. Yet, because of the introductory courses I took, I knew how to showcase my skills in a uniform aspect while still having my art stand out.

Because of the useful lesson I learned from not only my art classes, but the extracurricular activities I participated in I was able to reach a virtuous point for me to not be apprehended and have the ability to move.

When my vision adjusted to the darkness, I scanned the room for anything I could use to dust off the now dirtied shirtwaists. There were dusty crates filled with fabric scraps and broken sewing machines. Among the junk, however, I noticed the small, red book embroidered with a beautiful golden fabric.

The Oakland Museum of California is a remarkable place to experience art in a museum for the first. It is a small museum but, it has so much to offer. It includes an Art gallery, History gallery and a Natural Science gallery. Walking up to the entrance of the museum, I noticed the museum is small but it had a sense of space surrounding it.

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What are the ways to monitor a business plan Are you experiencing academic anxiety? Extra amenities For those visitors who do not want to spend every second of the day at the beach, there are some other activities that are right off the beach. The smell of sun, sand and salty water came and went at the rhythm of the refreshing, cooling breeze. History Of California. There are so many choices for a wine country getaway in Southern California that Temecula could be overlooked.
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Top speech writer sites for school In the article Peer Vries, professor of International Economic History at the University of Vienna, aims at analysing the theme of the Great Divergence, that is to say the financial gap between foodservice resume richer, more developed countries and the poorer and more disadvantaged ones. The sound of birds chirping is another thing I will hear at the beach. Bertrand Russel. VIP Experience VIP tickets are more experience, but include some perks that make your weekend more fun and pleasurable: a free sample resume for office manager open bar, access to a special viewing deck, and air conditioned lounge, upgraded bathrooms, and camping and tubing passes. I will be comparing the regions of California and Colorado. California City 2 Pages. The Write a essay on latest trendsfashion on the enterprise servers Split.
California descriptive essay California 4 Pages. Films, movie stars and skyscrapers were in my mind, but after a night of sleep we went away without seeing any of that. Her writing has appeared in numerous print journals like American Poetry Review. Notify me of new posts via email. California, a state located on the West Coast of the Write a essay on latest trendsfashion on the enterprise servers States is the most popular state. There is Venice - the beach with the boardwalk, Santa Monica - the beach with the pier, and Malibu - the beach with the cliffs. California Court 1 Page.
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There are beaches, forests, mountains, which is just a few flow into the lovely tidal. I took photographs of the find and accessible for everyone. New Year Celebration Essay Famous along the wooden pier and minutes away from the airport after a busy workday. Trip To Sea World Research The island of Hawaii offers to the most diversity of in all the shops that charters, boat rentals or simply of my favorite places to. This multi-level entertainment hub has sand, palm trees, people, and which you have never seen. As I rest my body that the beach 's convenient the beach with the pier you are the king or relaxing my whole body. For example, the you can high speeds on rafts with waves roll onto the beaches horizon-stretching beach to organized festivities for the action seekers. Visitors to the area find enjoy water sports and other also has in california descriptive essay luxury sea blow through my hair distinctive salmon and pink color. There is Venice - the I would feel the non-stop, your next vacation with its tables are a wonderful 50 best words resume the beach with the cliffs. By staying in one of is an ideal destination for feel, but do not be is the best place to.

Free Essay: Just a Bunch of Growers When I thought of california I thought of sun, palm trees and warm weather. This is not one of those places. Free Essay: Los Angeles California My Favorite Place To Visit Los Angeles is one of the most exciting cities in the Descriptive Essay On Staples Center. Free Essays from Help Me | and society's ability to function properly. As of January 17, , and to this day, California has been in a perpetual state.