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To be able to intrigue a reader, the most important thing is to have great characters. Characters should live, feel, express, and act like real people to be seen as genuine. A great way to get to know your characters is to ask questions about them and answer as honestly as possible from their perspective. Use as many or as few as you want and get to know your characters more closely. Use the questions as you would in an interview. I personally find this easier to get into the heads of my characters. What is your full name?

English 30-2 diploma essay cereal angel thesis

English 30-2 diploma essay

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Phys 30 Course Review Category: Physics Talk to your principal or school counsellor if any of the following situations prevent you from writing a diploma exam you registered for:. You may be permitted to write at a Special Writing Centre if you are out of the province when diploma exams are administered. Speak with your principal for more information. You may rewrite a diploma exam or ask to have it rescored if you believe that your diploma exam mark does not accurately reflect your level of achievement in a course.

To request a rescore of a diploma exam, apply online using myPass or submit the Diploma Examination Rescore Application Form. The deadline to request a rescore is provided on your Results Statement. Requests received after the deadline will not be granted.

Your most recent school-awarded mark will be blended with the rescore exam mark, and a new Results Statement will be available on myPass. The mark resulting from rescoring becomes your final exam mark, even if it is lower than the original mark. Rescoring the machine-scored section rarely changes the score. Refer to the written response raw score reported on your Results Statement to help you decide if you want your exam rescored. If a diploma exam has 2 parts, you must write or rewrite both parts of the diploma exam during the same diploma exam administration to earn credit for that diploma exam course.

If this is impossible, talk to your principal or school counsellor. When you repeat a course or rewrite a diploma exam, your new Results Statement will list your most recently earned marks. Your new transcript, if you request one, will show only the highest diploma exam mark and highest school-awarded mark earned. Students are charged a non-refundable rewrite registration fee for a diploma exam if they have written a diploma exam in this course within the current or two previous school years.

To contact us with questions about Results Statements or Mature Student Status: Phone: Toll free: before the phone number in Alberta. Your submissions are monitored by our web team and are used to help improve the experience on Alberta. If you require a response, please go to our Contact page. You will not receive a reply. Submissions that include telephone numbers, addresses, or emails will be removed.

Table of contents Diploma exams Overview Writing diploma exams Administering diploma exams. For specific deadlines, see the Significant dates at a glance PDF, KB Student results are available on myPass approximately 3 weeks after writing diploma exams. Biology


Independent thinking, a willingness to dissect abstract ideas in difficult literature, and learner accountability are expected. I n order to explore a range of ideas related to human experiences and values. Successful completion of this course is the prerequisite for English which is required for entrance into many post-secondary institutions and college programs.

English offers you an opportunity to develop and to improve skills for practical application of English language arts in your personal and working life. You will be exposed to a wide variety of human experience and values contained in literature and film.

Emphasis is on effective spoken and written communication, peer-to-peer communication, and critical thinking as applied to literature and the world around you. Texts will offer you an opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of human experiences and values that will help you explore what makes you who you are and how you fit in this world. The course offers you an opportunity to develop and to improve skills for practical application of English language arts in your personal and working life.

English Course Descriptions English 5 credits English is required for entrance into many post-secondary institutions and college programs. Edit this page. Selection and Use of Sample Papers The teachers on the Standards Confirmation Committee for the January marking session selected the examples of student responses included here. During their preparation for the January marking session, markers reviewed and validated the standards represented by these sample responses.

Markers then used these sample responses as guidelines for marking the written-response sections of the January English Language Arts 30—2 Diploma Examination. The commentaries were written for groups of markers to discuss and apply during the marking session. Although brief, they provide a model for relating specific examples from student work to the details in a specific scoring criterion. Neither the scoring guide nor the assignments are meant to limit students to a single organizational or rhetorical approach in completing any diploma examination assignment.

Students must be free to select and organize their materials in a manner that they feel will enable them to best present their ideas. In fact, part of what is being assessed is the final effectiveness of the content, the form and structure, and the rhetorical choices that students make. We advise you not to draw any conclusions about common patterns of approach taken by students.

The sample papers presented in this document must not be used as models for instructional purposes. Because these papers are illustrations only, and because they are sample responses to a set topic, students must be cautioned not to memorize the content of any of these assignments and not to use them when completing classroom assignments or when writing future diploma examinations. Examination markers and staff at Alberta Education take any possibility of plagiarism or cheating seriously.

The consequences for students are grave. The approaches taken by students at the standard of excellence, not their words or ideas, are what students being examined in the future should consider emulating. In fact, it is hoped that the variety of approaches presented here will inspire students to experiment with diction, syntax, and form and structure as ways of developing an individual voice and engaging the reader in ideas and forms that the student has considered.

It is essential that you consider each of these examples of student writing in light of the constraints of the examination situation. Under examination conditions, students produce first-draft writing. Given more time, students would be expected to produce papers of considerably improved quality, particularly in the dimensions of Presentation, Matters of Correctness, and Writing Skills.

Hand in all work. Do not write your name anywhere in this booklet. Feel free to make corrections and revisions directly on your written work. Examine the photograph on page 2. Reflect upon the ideas and impressions suggested by the photograph.

What ideas and impressions do the photograph suggest to you? Consider the context, and develop your response by referring to the photograph. After all hope of rescue is gone, the survivors of an airplane crash in the Libyan desert attempt to build a new airplane from the wreckage before their water runs out. Moran is the first officer, and Towns is the pilot. It was a long time before the first man spoke. This machine had the power of bestowing on them another thirty, fifty years of life.

They could, a year from today, be represented by a heap of bleached bones in this lost place, forgotten even by the vultures that had fed on them; or they could be found in the other world, watching a cricket match under the shady chestnuts, a glass of beer in their hand. This machine, alone, could cross the only true frontier known to man and carry them with it.

In whatever way these thoughts came to them individually, their meaning was the same. Here was hope of life. The wing had been bolted home and winched level with the other, and a rigging-wire was taut1 between the two, passing across the engine nacelle where the king-post would go—and the shape was of an aeroplane: two spread wings and a three-bladed prop. They could see it as an entity, standing apart from the wrecked hull and starboard boom.

Yesterday Towns had seen only a pile of wreckage made even more shapeless by the wing they had removed and hauled across the top of the hull; now there was the wreckage, and there was the aeroplane. He could not have put into words what he felt; it was the feeling that a pilot has in him when his plane is motionless at the beginning of the runway and the tower clears him for take-off.

The heart is airborne before the aeroplane. Elleston Trevor. Trevor, Elleston. The Flight of the Phoenix. London: Heinemann, Reproduced with permission from the Spectrum Literary Agency. Available in paperback from HarperCollins. In this excerpt, the author describes how, even in the most desperate of circumstances, people need something that gives them hope because hope offers the possibility of survival.

You may choose to discuss more than one character. Organize your discussion so that your ideas are clearly and effectively presented. Please use this space for your initial planning. This information assists markers in identifying the text s and character s you have chosen. The markers who read your composition will be very familiar with the literary texts you have chosen.

Briefly explain why you chose this character to develop your opinion of the idea that hope is an important quality. Markers will consider the information you provide here when determining the effectiveness of your response. This seven-week program will feature 10 students, five males and five females, as they reveal the life of typical Grade 12 students. Supporters of the proposal cite the many benefits to the school and to the students, particularly those chosen for the show. Those opposed have concerns ranging from the major disruptions in the school year to the potential for emotional distress for all students.

In deciding whether to accept the proposal, the Prosper School Board has invited concerned individuals to make their views known. You have considered information and opinions from a variety of sources see pages 22 and After considering the advantages and disadvantages of the proposal, you have reached a decision.

You now need to write a persuasive letter that clearly explains. Remember that you must clearly and directly choose either to accept or reject the proposed development. In the second to sixth weeks, students will be filmed during various daily activities, with special emphasis being placed on those qualities and activities each student feels are most likely to make him or her successful in life. The producers will create daily surprise scenarios to test the abilities and character of the contestants.

Even though this show will have only two big winners, no one will lose. As we film our contestants in their daily activities, all students will see the assets of their school and possibly see themselves on national television. The school will gain upgraded air conditioning, electrical systems, and a renovated cafeteria and gymnasium, all of which are required for our filming.

In addition, the school will gain national acclaim for its excellent offerings for students who are on the way to being the best they can be. Our Grade 12 students are busy enough without being distracted for nearly two months from their primary task of successfully completing their Grade 12 studies.

And we all know that the distraction created by this show will detract from other important school activities and constitute a major invasion of privacy. This show also emphasizes the worst form of competition. Along with the very real potential for disappointment and envy, the emotional stress of auditioning, competing, and gossiping seem to preclude anyone from being the best they can be. I vividly recall going with a friend to Calgary to audition for Canadian Idol. The trip consisted of two awful days of exhausting line-ups, and rude and humiliating commentary.

But do we want that sort of demoralizing experience for almost an entire Grade 12 class? I think not. I think this is a wonderful opportunity for our young people to test their mettle, so to speak. I intend to encourage my twins to audition. They have been successful so far, and I know that they will continue to be. In fact, sometimes I imagine I am them or imagine what I might do if I were in their position.

This kind of freaks me out. Like the point that came up in ELA while we were watching an episode of Survivor—does our society know what reality is? Is reality real? So will this pilot be real reality? While some people deemed it to be simply a popularity contest, I have used my title throughout my life to remind myself that I, too, had high expectations for myself.

I think all our young people could benefit from the same vision. The school can use this opportunity to act toward achieving major goals for education; for example, exploring strategies for lifelong learning and inspiring students to think outside the box. You may make corrections directly on your printed page s.

Additional space is available in the examination booklet. Because there are several diploma examination administrations and scoring sessions each school year, the standards must remain consistent for each scoring session in the school year and, similarly, from year to year. Standards for student achievement start with the demands of the Program of Studies for Senior High School English Language Arts and with the interpretation of those demands through learning resources and classroom instruction.

These agreed-upon standards are also exemplified in the kinds of tasks and the degree of independence expected of students. All of these complex applications of standards precede the design, development, and scoring of each diploma examination. The Standards Confirmation Committee comprises experienced teachers from representative regions of the province.

These teachers work with the Learner Assessment staff responsible for the development, scoring, and results-reporting for each diploma examination. Teacher-members participate over a two-year period and are required to serve as group leaders or markers during at least one of the subsequent marking sessions. The scoring categories and scoring criteria are available to teachers and students via the — English Language Arts 30—2 Information Bulletin.

During each of the January and June marking sessions, example papers selected by members of the Standards Confirmation Committee are used to train markers. Subsequent to each marking session, the example papers that received scores of Satisfactory S , Proficient Pf , and Excellent E are posted on the Alberta Education website at www.

The photograph of the nine-year-old girl elicited strong writing from students, including a variety of creative narrative responses. Students also frequently identified the responsibility that people in developed countries have to people in the developing world and the necessity of using our good fortune to help others.

Some students observed that, despite her humble surroundings, the girl had created a home and seemed to be healthy and happy. Such responses often included discussion of ideas such as the human will to survive and thrive in a diverse range of physical and economic environments.

Students discussed their ideas on the topic in relation to personal observations, their own experiences, and literature and film studied in ELA 30—2. Unifying effects were varied: some students chose to focus primarily on the literature, while others developed responses that focused on the significance of hope in the lives of individuals and related it to personal experience and to characters from literature or film.

In addition, many students explored the converse of the topic to develop ideas that focused on the consequences of a lack of hope or of hopelessness. Markers were reminded that the focus of this assignment is on the idea that the student develops in relation to the topic and on how effectively the student explores and supports this idea. While the literary example is essential, it is only one component of the response as a whole. Because literary examples are often brief and tightly focused on a particular situation or character, markers were reminded to read the information provided by students in the Personal Reflection on Choice of Character s from Literary Text s and to ensure that they were familiar with the literature or films chosen.

Students chose to either accept or reject staging the show at Prosper High and provided a variety of details in support of their position. Students drew key details from the source material and occasionally supplemented their arguments with references to their own personal observations and experiences. Many students discussed the questionable wisdom of subjecting already busy Grade 12 students to months of disruption that would potentially compromise their ability to gain access to post-secondary education.

Others responded strongly to the spectre of public humiliation and unhealthy competition. Students who supported the proposal frequently identified the benefits of such a process, including the opportunity that students would have to showcase their talents. Most students were well aware of their purpose in persuading the Prosper School Board and maintained an appropriate tone. The unifying effect is appropriately sustained.

I know that my relationship with them will always be the same and that their love for me will never change. This writing demonstrates basic control of S basic control of correct correct sentence construction, usage, grammar, sentence construction, and mechanics.

E action…!? Stylistic choices are precise and effective. The writing is skillfully developed, and the unifying effect is confidently sustained. Stylistic choices are specific and frequently effective. The writing is coherently developed, and the unifying effect is capably sustained. Stylistic choices are adequate and occasionally effective. The writing is generally clearly developed, and the unifying effect is appropriately sustained. Stylistic choices are inappropriate, imprecise, and often ineffective.

The writing is unclearly or incoherently developed, and the unifying effect is not sustained. Excellent E An insightful understanding of the topic is demonstrated. Literary Exploration Support is specific and relevant.

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Given these findings, an effective strategy to combat child abuse, domestic early childhood victimization, either through direct abuse, neglect,. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Implied meaning. To derive by reasoning. The explicit or direct meaning or set of meanings of a word or expression. Language that evokes sensory impressions. Words that seem to imitate the sounds to which they refer. It is often different from what is literally stated. Can be used seriously or comically.

Confused, unintelligible language. Special vocabulary of a particular group or activity. To prove right or reasonable. To place characters, setting, situations, side by side to contrast for effect. Comparison not using like or as. Figure of speech which replaces the name of one thing with the name of something closely associated with it. An oral or written composition in which only one person speaks; any speech or narrative presented by one person. It can also refer to the general emotional motif of a work.

A recurrent thematic element in an artistic or literary work. A combination of two contradictory terms in a compressed paradox. A brief tale illustrating an allegorical lesson, or moral. A self-contained contradictory statement that seems like it cannot be true, but is. The arrangement of similarly constructed clauses, verses, or sentences suggesting some correspondence between them. A word, phrase, or passage inserted in plain within parentheses brackets to explain or modify a thought.

Giving human attributes to inanimate objects. An introduction or preface that helps set tone for a play, novel, or long piece of nonfiction. An act or instance that may serve as an example or justification for subsequent situations. An expression that achieves humour by contriving an ambiguity between two distinct meanings, either with the same word or two similar sounding words.

The art of writing or speaking. Rhetorical Question. Question to which no reply is required or expected; in essays they can be used for persuasive effect. A mode of writing that exposed the failings of individuals, institutions, or societies. To ridicule or scorn. Anything that stands for or represents something besides itself. A word or phrase referring to a concrete object, scene, or action which also has some further significance associated with it.

An argument or proposition which may be opposed by an antithesis. Different tones can cause readers to experience such varying emotions as pity, fear, horror or humour. A dramatic or literary form of discourse in which a character talks to himself or herself or reveals his or her thoughts without addressing a listener.

A figure of speech in which a part is used for the whole as hand for sailor , the whole for a part as the law for police officer , the specific for the general as cutthroat for assassin , the general for the specific as thief for pickpocket , or the material for the thing made from it as steel for sword. Supply List. General English Terms. Reading Comprehension Guide. Writing Guide.

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Standards for. Students' Writing. English Language. Arts 30–2. From the January Diploma Examination. • Visual Reflection Assignment. Students who complete a diploma exam course and have a school-awarded mark are eligible for an exemption. English Language Arts Part A: Written Response contributes. 50% of the total English Language Arts. 30–2 Diploma Examination mark and consists of three assignments.