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To be able to intrigue a reader, the most important thing is to have great characters. Characters should live, feel, express, and act like real people to be seen as genuine. A great way to get to know your characters is to ask questions about them and answer as honestly as possible from their perspective. Use as many or as few as you want and get to know your characters more closely. Use the questions as you would in an interview. I personally find this easier to get into the heads of my characters. What is your full name?

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Advantages of plkn essays

It is not difficult to realize that many teenagers nowadays do not really have any experience being away from home for more than a month, and therefore PLKN works as a mean to teach teenagers the way of being independent. Staying away from home for such a long time will makes teenagers realize the warmth in their home that they would not normally notice, and this indirectly helps in teaching them a lesson of life on independence and family ties. Besides, participants are given chances in assessing firearms in the program, where they are taught how to fire.

There are also other activities including forest adventure, flying fox, high ropes etc. Also, the experience of living together with people who are very different from themselves is undoubtedly a very precious experience for all participants, where they get to know lots of new friends, and learn new cultures, traditions and knowledge. Such chances also make them come to realize that there are all kinds of people in their country, or even, around the world, with huge varieties; the participants will get to know all kind of personalities and be exposed more to the outside world.

Hence, PLKN greatly benefits its participants in the sense that it provides chances for them to learn new knowledge through experiences. Besides, its also notable that PLKN actually keeps teenagers from wasting their post-SPM holidays on some non-productive activities, such as sticking to their computers, hanging around with their friends in hypermarkets while doing nothing in particular, or even worse, performing vandalisms in public places.

It is obvious that the program works in a way such that it provides post-SPM teenagers with meaningful activities, filling up their free time. Also, the program pays its participants ringgits per months so that these teenagers actually earn money instead of wasting money during their holidays. More importantly, even though not easily noticed, however if viewed from sociological perspective, the program actually keeps these teenagers from taking up many of the part time jobs that are available, and this indirectly help in decreasing the rate of unemployment.

On the other hand, the programs management has long been criticised by many parties, especially those who has participated in the program, and the parents. One of the most frequently criticised aspects is about the food provided for the participants. According to JLKN, each participant is provided foods that cost twenty five ringgits each day, yet, as describe by most of the participants from various camps, the food they are provided with each day cost less than fifteen ringgits, suggesting that there might be corruption taking place in the program s management, or perhaps, the camps managements.

Besides, many participants reflected that the programs time management is considerably poor, causing the participants to have no chance in doing certain activities, particularly high ropes and forest adventure.

The poor time management directly makes the program a waste of time, as described by many participants. However, poor time management is not the only factor making the program a waste of time. Some people argued that in terms of money earned, a teenager can earn more than six hundred ringgits a month working as a part-time worker, which is four times the money they will earn by 5. Others argued that the program prevents the participants from entering higher education directly after their SPM, and this indirectly causes the participants to lag behind their peers.

Defenders instead pointed out that the participants actually gain immeasurable advantages in the program and therefore the time is not wasted, yet, they have left us pondering whether those so-called immeasurable advantages worth the time.

Three month is considered very short for a national service program, yet it can be very long and productive if a teenager does not participate in the program and instead spend her time in her higher education wisely. Another worth discussing disadvantage of PLKN is about its effectiveness and its efficiency. As discussed earlier, amongst all five objectives of the program, only one of them is partially reached.

This shows us that the program is lack of effectiveness and has to be improved so that its objectives can all be achieved. Besides, its good to realize that the benefits brought by this threemonth-long-program dont seem to worth the time; the program will only be highly efficient if and only if there are effective modules and good time management so that the program will result in more benefits. Moreover, according to Wikipedia, the government spend more than five hundred million ringgits each year since the year of refer to Appendix D , but is the program worth such a huge amount of investment?

Such an ineffective and inefficient program certainly doesnt worth it. In short, the program is a waste of our countrys wealth. Last but not least, the safety of the participants while participating in the program is, conventionally, in great concern of their parents. Since , there have been two rape cases, two mass lost in jungle cases, four mass food poisoning cases, two mass high fever cases, and uncountable racial bulling and brawl cases in several PLKNs camps refer to Appendix A.

The situation deteriorated as the 16 and the 17 death of the programs participants took place earlier in this year Wikipedia. Considering all those dangers a participant might encounter while participating in the program, it is not hard to come out with the question asking what is the reason for us to encourage a program that would put the future of our country into danger; who knows if the deceased would one day become great leaders of our country if they did not die in the program?

We are impressed by the positive intentions of the program, yet we are concern about the troubles it has brought about, however, the advantages and disadvantages of the program is not measurable and therefore, no one should judge the worthiness of the program by putting them on a prejudiced balance. In the authors points of view, PLKN needs to be improved so that its main goals can all be achieved, and that it will bring about less disadvantages. We have only stated the major consequences of the program in the earlier section, while there are lots of minor consequences that are not discussed or even touched in this paper, yet we daresay that with these major consequences stated, it is enough for us to see the entire picture of PLKN.

However, in our opinion, we believe that it is not for us to judge whether if the program worth it cost; the only thing we would say is that, we hope that the government would has the program improved to an acceptable level as soon as possible; we hope that the program will achieved higher effectiveness, efficiency, and validity.

Moreover, the authors are also keen to urge the critics to stop exaggerating on the disadvantages of PLKN, as how they are doing all the time since the program has ever proposed in the year of No one can deny the disadvantages brought about by the program, but there is no point in exaggerating the disadvantages of PLKN, as such actions will only put the society in chaos. Also, the authors are keen to remind the critics that amongst all those who have participated in the program, majority of them actually confessed that they had collected numerous precious experiences while participating in the program; there is no way to deny that the program has after all, given the participants lots of benefits and these benefits ought not to be neglected, or purposely overlooked.

Last but not least, it is worth realizing that the program will only benefit a participant if and only if the participant has a positive attitude, instead of a negative attitude. Participants who have learned from the critics to hate or dislike PLKN will definitely fail to gain anything from the program since they have no interest in doing so ever since they first stepped into their camps. So why, then, should critics continue criticizing, overemphasizing, and exaggerating on the disadvantages and troubles brought about by PLKN, since it is these actions that are preventing the program from directly benefiting its participants, and indirectly benefiting the country and its population?

Both the advantages and disadvantages ought not to be ignored. The government should take actions as soon as possible in improving the program. A year-old female participant was raped by Corporal Zuki Mohd, a physical module. Around members of the camp, including both participants and instructors, were lost for almost 12 hours after following the wrong trail.

A number of participants were food poisoned on the first day at their camp. A week after, 9 other participants. Around 90 participants experienced an unknown fever. A yearold ethnic Chinese trainee was alleged to have been sexually assaulted by. A racial brawl involving around participants occurred in the canteen. A Sikh. Tug of war that was participated by all racial and ethnic groups promotes national integration and unity.

Another picture shared by post-PLKN participants on the internet. Such kind of inactive talks are often given in the program as mentioned in the paper. Such activities are included in the community service module. Although the authors stated that practical community service activities are rare, but they are still there, and they differ from camps to camps.

The indoor activities shown in the picture is a kind of character building activities. Participants have chances in accessing firearms M Physical activities include marching, which all participants are supposed to participate, unless with special illness. National integration happens automatically as participants of different backgrounds get to know each others religions, traditions etc. Pictures shared by post-PLKN participants on the internet showing more physical activities that require participants from different backgrounds to work together in order to achieve their common goals.

High rope is another special activity of the program that gives the participants precious experiences. Religious activities of all religions are not neglected by the program. Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search. User Settings. Skip carousel. Carousel Previous. Carousel Next.

What is Scribd? Advantages and Disadvantages of National Service. Uploaded by Juliyana Zabidi. Document Information click to expand document information Description: Malaysian National Service Training program PLKN is our country's national service, which was first proposed in the year of Due to lack of resources and insufficient infrastructure facilities, the target group was narrowed down to about 20 percent of the original number.

The program was originally planned as a two-year-program, but due to the mentioned reasons, it was later reduced to one year, then to half a year. Original Description klkm,m. Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Flag for inappropriate content. Download now. My writing improvement essay : top rated research paper writing services : master's dissertation and thesis service : benefit of national service essay : Benefit Of National Service Essay - scitechknofest org.

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Academic Writing Essays Essay about benefits of national service Essay about benefits of The benefit of joining the national service.

Fashion pr dissertations Proper thesis paper on money can never buy happiness quotes. Community service papers essays on abortion. Firstly, one of the advantage of national service is helps in character building. On platforms that enforce case-sensitivity e xample and E xample are not the same locations. Essay revision service ontario mississauga. This shows us that the program is lack of effectiveness and has to be improved so that its objectives can all be achieved.
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We will also need to make our opinion about his very clear. Lots of teachers and books about IELTS advise students to brainstorm thinking of as many ideas as possible at this stage. Instead of brainstorming, we need to answer the questions directly. If one of your friends asked you this question in a coffee shop, you would have no problem thinking of an answer, so do the same in the exam.

The disadvantages are that there is more demand for food and resources but this a weak argument because technology can solve these problems. Next, we need to put our ideas into a structure. This is very important because it helps us organise our ideas in a coherent way, just like the examiner wants us to.

There are several different types of essay and each of them has a different structure. Sentence 3- Outline Statement — Advantages- happiness Disadvantages- technology. Sentence 5- Explanation — death causes unhappiness and longer lives lead to happiness.

Another common problem students have is repeating the same words, especially words from the question, over and over again. A solution to this problem is to identify words in the question that we might need to use more than once in the question. The more you plan, the better and more quickly you will write and it will lead to every single sentence in your essay having a purpose, which is exactly what the examiner wants. Like everything on this website, you need to not only take the advice but to practice using it.

Next time you are practising a Task 2 essay try using my advice and I guarantee your writing will improve. You will get halfway through it, get lost and frustrated and you will lose control of your entire essay and end up with something like this: A good plan should be like a map that guides you through the essay and makes sure you get to where the examiner wants you to go. This is the number one excuse for not planning. What if I told you that the longer you plan, the less time it will take you to write the essay?

Student A does this: write-think-think-write-delete-think-write-write-delete-think-write. Student B does this: think-write. Do you think the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages? So, in summary, we must: Find keywords general topic Find micro-keywords specific topic Find instruction words how to answer the question Idea Generation Lots of teachers and books about IELTS advise students to brainstorm thinking of as many ideas as possible at this stage.

So for the example above we could ask ourselves two questions: Why are the advantages of increased life expectancy strong? Why are disadvantages of increased life expectancy weak? We can then simply think of one or two relevant ideas for each of these questions. We now have two very relevant ideas and we can now move on to our next stage. Structure Next, we need to put our ideas into a structure. Vocabulary Another common problem students have is repeating the same words, especially words from the question, over and over again.

We can think of the following synonyms: Improved medical care- enhanced medical treatment Living longer- improved longevity Life expectancy is increasing- the length of time people live is rising Advantages- benefits Disadvantages- drawbacks What It Looks Like On Paper? That might seem like a lot to do in 5- 10 mins so here is what is looks like on paper.

Next Steps The more you plan, the better and more quickly you will write and it will lead to every single sentence in your essay having a purpose, which is exactly what the examiner wants. Humans are social creatures, so being able to communicate directly with each other makes people happier than being in a small cubicle. In a school situation, open spaces provide children with a place to build their social skills. In my country, students just sit in rows and learn information by heart , which just makes them bored and does not help their social development.

In contrast, open spaces can cause some problems. A major one is excessive noise. If a student is trying to read a book or an employee is trying to make a business call, they will not be able to do it effectively. Overall, more open spaces are advantageous for work and school because they create a positive environment. However, if these spaces are not controlled they can become too noisy and unsuitable for productive output.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Search for:. In this example, this means writing about both sides advantages and disadvantages and using schools and offices as examples. Try to give each paragraph ONE clear main idea.

You can give it in the introduction and restate in the conclusion OR just give it in the conclusion after discussing both sides. Try to provide as much explanation as you can. Try to think of a specific example. If a student is trying to read a book or an employee is trying to make a business call, they will not be able to do it effectively Try to give specific examples and ones that cover both parts of the question — work and school TIP — This essay is already over words without a conclusion so no more ideas are needed for the body.

The ideas mentioned are well-developed and supported with details and examples. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public.