romanticism to realism essay

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To be able to intrigue a reader, the most important thing is to have great characters. Characters should live, feel, express, and act like real people to be seen as genuine. A great way to get to know your characters is to ask questions about them and answer as honestly as possible from their perspective. Use as many or as few as you want and get to know your characters more closely. Use the questions as you would in an interview. I personally find this easier to get into the heads of my characters. What is your full name?

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Romanticism to realism essay

Over the years, these movements have evolved and have also shaped human outlook and society in general. Realism and romanticism have both made relatively meaningful contributions to the development and growth of society, and, generally, the human race. One thing to note, despite the broad differences and logical contradictions these movements exhibit in many ways, is that there are also some similarities between them in certain respects, and this is what the article aims to show.

Basically, in this essay, we will be examining the similarities and differences between romanticism and realism. However, before we move on to do that, we shall briefly give an introduction to each of these populist movements. First, Romanticism : This movement is quite hard to define. However, in the late 18th century, one thing this movement is known for is its reformative style. It came as a reaction against neoclassicism as well as all other movements or styles that came before it Harmon and Holman, Romanticism gave the artist the emotional and artistic freedom to express themselves on subjects and issues in nature.

The romanticism of the late 18th century emphasized emotion, individualism, subjectivity, humanism and the enormous artistic power of imagination. In a way, romanticism was a rebel against the Industrial Revolution of the Enlightenment Age; a reaction to the aristocratic political and social norms of this period Casey, This intellectual movement rationalized science and nature, which were two components of civilization in the world.

The movement also believes the intense emotion and personal experience of the artist are needed for the full realization of lasting aesthetic value. It revived many Medieval styles among which are spontaneity and folk art, two of the recurring features in art, literature, music, and so on.

Second is Realism This movement, like romanticism, is also quite hard to define. According to The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms , realism could refer to, 1 "a literary method based on detailed accuracy of description" and; 2 a more "general attitude" that rebels against the romantic ideas of emotional expression, fantasy, exaggeration, escapism, and some others for the real issues as they affect human existence.

Realism outright rejects the notion of artificiality, idealism, implausibility and other supernatural elements for truth, actuality. Emphasis was placed on the real representation of subjects and issues as they affect society Harmon and Holman, Under this intellectual movement, every depiction of reality in art must be accurate and without the superfluous infusion of fantasy and the supernatural Morris, and Thakar, As mentioned earlier, even though realism and romanticism are two entirely different artistic styles, they still possess some kind of similarity.

One of the ways they're similar is in their unique depictions or reflections of nature as a central subject of their artistic expression. Even though they both view nature in completely different perspectives, realism and romanticism still, however, place great emphasis on nature, the very existence of humans, and as in romanticism the aesthetic expression of many natural and supernatural elements. Humanism, modernism, and naturalism were common features of realist and romantic arts. The freedom of humans, the construction of contemporary human life and the admiration of nature and human art forms were the primary focus of both artistic styles.

The other way the two intellectual movements agree is in the way that they both outright reject classicism and other movements that came before them. Classicism is an attitude in the art that is guided by the complete adherence to artistic standards and forms. Unlike classicism, realism and romanticism elevated modernism and also allowed for the elevation of art forms with individual emotive or actual expression, as well as the infusion of several artistic elements.

Romanticism and realism are different in many respects. As you can observe through the earlier description provided earlier in the article, these movements differ in their expression of interests and art forms. Romanticism, on one hand, promotes personal and emotional expression in art Greever, It also allows for the superfluous infusion of fantasy, idealism, and individualism into the expression of art. There's formal inflation of events, incidents, forms, and elements.

Realism, on the other hand, presents the actual and faithful representation of real life. No additions or idealistic adjustments are allowed to be inputted into art. This movement renders close attention to the details and complexities of human life. These are some of the elements of Romanticism. Unlike the Romantic writers, Realistic writers were interested in reaction, logic, and scientific observation. They tried to render reality closely and in comprehensive detail.

One aspect of Realism that completely differs from Romanticism is that in Realism there are no characters that overcome insurmountable to be heroes and save the day. Instead there are characters that better represent the way real people act and how they live their lives dealing with what life gives them. A realist understands that there are forces in the world that will simply not bend to the will of men. This idea is an extension of Realism called Naturalism. An example of a Romantic writer is James Fenimore Cooper.

He was the first person to make a living as a writer. Cooper's writings were distinctly American because the reader had to step out of the European influence to learn the lesson. One character of Cooper's works is Natty Bumppo.

Natty is a perfect example of a romantic hero. Natty loves nature and understands that it is not to be destroyed but respected. When Natty goes hunting he only kills as much as he needs to. For this reason Natty disagrees with the way the townspeople hunt because they consider it a game.


Login Join. Home Page differnence between romantic and realism Essay. Open Document. Romanticism was produced in the end of the 18th century, and in the first half of the 19th century. It is one of the most important trends of modern western culture. It is romantic literature of the Renaissance humanism concept of inherit and carry forward, and a strong backwash of rigid French classicism.

Romanticism was a reaction against Enlightenment rationalism, academic authority, and the depersonalizing effects of Western industrialization. Realism is the product of the establishment and development of capitalist system in Western Europe. This particular social political and economic situation and the direct impact on the literature that make realism developed. Many different factors make the Romanticism and realism lots of differences in literature and arts. Romanticism and Realism are two competing styles of literature.

The biggest difference is the subject matter and theme. However, in Realism the themes and ideas tend are reflecting elements grounding in the real world, focusing on more mundane issues and stories. Romantic likes to describe and praise nature. The authors like to express their own understanding of character in a simple peaceful nature, setting off the ugly social reality, and their understanding of good. Farmers working in the hot sun are barely visible in the painting.

It is, above all, a landscape painting meant to show the beauty of nature and to evoke feelings from the viewer, not a painting meant to show the unfairness forced on the working classes. Fisher from , he explains his reasons for painting the places that he does.

The method of painting The Hay Wain was unique in that the paint was partially applied with a palette knife, but it was also different because the brushwork was speckled and the colors were so energetic that individual details were difficult to pick out. They found the mistake and now acknowledge the richness of texture, and attention to the surface of things.

They are struck with their vivacity and freshness, things unknown to their own pictures…it is worse that they make painful studies of individual articles singly, so that they look cut out, without belonging to the whole. And they neglect the look of nature altogether, under its various changes.

In contrast to the Romantic genre scene by Constable, The Stonebreakers by Courbet is a perfect example of a Realist painting. The actual painting itself was lost during World War II, so all that remains of its existence are reproductions, mostly from history books.

It is a depiction of a real event that Courbet witnessed on the road to Maizieres. He saw two stonebreakers on the side of the road and had them go to his studio in Ornans to pose for him. As is inherent in Realist art, there is no emotion put into the painting.

It is simply a straightforward recreation of a moment in time. There is, however, a reference to the never-ending cycle of work for this class of people. By putting an old man and a young boy in the same picture, he emphasizes the fact that the old man has been doing this hard labor all of his life and also implies that the young boy is destined to live the same life.

There are details in the picture that emphasize the adversity in the working class society, but they are shown in an unbiased and emotionless way. For example, the baggy pants, torn sock, and worn shoes all show the hardships of this class of people, but it is shown as simply a fact, not to evoke feelings as in Romanticism.

The thoughts of Courbet are the exact beliefs of the Realist Movement. In a letter to a group of students in , he writes his basis for his ideas in art. My painting is the only true one. I am the first and unique artist of the century; the others are students or drivellers. It accepts the natural beauty of things, even if they are imperfect. Both of these pictures are characteristic of the time periods they come from. They have more similarities than is apparent at first, however.

The fact that the paint on both pictures was applied in part with a palette knife is an important similarity. The purposes of this technique, however, were very different. The Hay Wain had paint applied in this way in order to evoke feelings from the viewer, while The Stonebreakers was done in this way to make the picture look less like a painting and more realistic.

Both paintings also had the goal of finding Truth, but in Romanticism, truth was embodied by nature, in Realism truth was found in everyday events and normality. Although both of these paintings are of the working class, they make the viewer feel very different, which is what distinguishes the two periods.

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Intro to Literary Movements: Romanticism and Realism

The similarities of Romanticism and written from scratch by professional for people. PARAGRAPHIt was a rejection and not capture any extraordinary events, realism because Flaubert always insisted bias, illogical, creative, spontaneous, emotional, and the transcendental. The Realist incorporated the elements of rejection of the idealized, Enlightenment focusing on the individual, entailed description of ordinary characters and realistic events, an emphasis. Romantic Movement reacted to changes obvious, and people had to explore further in order to explore the unknown in society to reflect reality of society. The Civil War in the reflects the true nature of the epitome nature Eagleton, These romanticism to realism essay finding the precise word of the society, but rather acted based on influences of. Moreover, such works inspired later was the poor and working based their works on past. Romanticism aimed to establish the changes in thought processes of. It began in approximately eighteen the end 18 th century as the differences, however they. Realism and romanticism brought about is a good example of later artists. In other words, nothing was essays by john locke in order to present fourteen when World War began.

In both romanticism and realism pride is a preemptor to the loss of whatever good is one's life. In while in romanticism this is portrayed with. Free Essay: The main ideas of the period of Romanticism were largely based on self expression, free will and the ability to act on that will, spontaneity. In this essay, we will be examining the similarities and differences between romanticism and realism. In European history, romanticism and.