persuasive essay on making cigarettes illegal

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Persuasive essay on making cigarettes illegal lesson plans on a research paper

Persuasive essay on making cigarettes illegal

It harms almost every organ of the body. Apart from this, Infant deaths that occur in pregnant women are attributed to smoking. Similarly, people who stay near smokers become secondary smokers where they may breathe in the smoke and get the same health problems as smokers do. Although not widely smoked, cannabis also has health problems, and the symptoms of withdrawal include depression, insomnia, frustration, anger, anxiety, difficulty in concentration, and restlessness.

Apart from causing emphysema, smoking also affects the digestive organs as well as the blood circulatory systems, especially heart arteries. Women have a higher risk of heart attack than men, which exacerbates with time as one continues to smoke. The mouth is also affected by smoking, whereby the teeth will become discolored, the lips will blacken and will always stay dry and also causes bad breath. Cigarette and tobacco products are very expensive. People who smoke are therefore forced to spend their money on these products which badly waste their income which they would have otherwise spent on other things.

I, therefore, think that smoking should be forbidden in order to reduce the costs of treating diseases related to smoking as well as the number of deaths caused by smoking-related illnesses. However, tobacco and cigarette manufacturing nations will lose a lot if smoking was to be banned.

I, therefore, think that it should not be banned. Some nations largely depend on exporting cigarettes and tobacco products to get revenue. This revenue normally boosts the economy of such nations. If smoking was to be banned, it means that they will incur great losses since tobacco companies are multi-billion organizations. Apart from these, millions of people will be rendered jobless as a result of the ban. The process in which tobacco and cigarette products reach consumers is very complex, and it involves a chain process with several people involved in it.

Banning smoking, therefore, means these people will lose their jobs for which most of them may be depending upon for their livelihoods. In conclusion, the ban on smoking is a very hard step to be undertaken, especially when the number of worldwide users is in billions. Although it places a large burden on nations in treating diseases associated with smoking, it may take a very long time before a ban can work.

Attempts by some nations to do this have often been met with failures. Should Smoking Be Banned? This paper was written and submitted to our database by a student to assist your with your own studies. You are free to use it to write your own assignment, however you must reference it properly. These bans appear to significantly cut the risk of heart attacks, especially among non-smokers and younger people.

In addition to the fact that public smoking bans are effective when it comes to reducing heart attacks, it is important to also mention that prohibition of smoking helps to prevent diseases like emphysema and lung cancer. These illnesses are known to be developing not as fast as heart attacks. To add more, smoking bans also reduce healthcare costs. The supporters keep maintaining their point of view on the effectiveness of banning tobacco by stating that researches prove the cities, where smoking is not allowed, have reduced health costs.

This, as a result, can significantly affect the national economy in a positive manner. At the same time, banning tobacco tends to lessen air pollution in all cities where banning policies are being implemented. In contrast, the places where public smoking is still allowed tend to have poor air quality.

One of the facts that prove the effectiveness of tobacco bans is the one related to a significant risk reduction of catastrophic fires. The point is that smoking can potentially increase the risks of fire in the areas with the materials that are highly flammable. There are dozens of examples of fires that started in a flash from a small cigarette. What is more, there have been instances of explosions at workplaces that also started from lit cigarettes.

Why tobacco bans are effective? They contribute to lower personal expenses and consumption of energy. This, in turn, leads to lesser consumption of energy and, as a result, lesser costs. With strict tobacco prohibition, it can easily cut in half the expense for cigarette purchases of an individual. Implementing smoking bans across the globe boosts office productivity.

A lot of proponents admit that not every person in the work environment smokes. In case smoking is allowed at the office, non-smokers tend to inhale harmful smoke. As a result, the process can be inconvenient for them to smell the smoke.

At the same time, if office smoking is banned, employees tend to have better productivity. On the one hand, I think that no matter what we do, people will keep on smoking or taking drugs. The sad reality is that no matter what happens people still take drugs. Authorities all over the world have already banned many illegal drugs that people sell in the street.

However, drug dealing is still a huge problem in many countries all over the planet. Even when people know about the ban or a chance to get arrested, they still take that chance and risk everything for a couple of minutes of fake pleasure. In the end, this pleasure fades away, and what people have is a range of negative consequences that ruin their lives and the lives of their families and friends. A lot of people think drugs are the answer when nothing helps. For that reason, they decide to turn to drugs.

In other words, no matter what bans we implement or anything else that we try to do to make people stop taking drugs, there is no guarantee that all of it will go away. No matter how hard you try, drugs are here to stay. Still, we do have hope. It is important that we try to help someone we know and make sure they quit this hazardous habit instead of trying to become superheroes to the whole planet.

Final thoughts. What I am going to add here is that even though I just said that banning tobacco may not help us to wake up in a world where smokers no longer exist, I do support these policies.


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Cigarettes and other tobacco should be products outlawed, because smoking does harm to our bodies, cigarettes are experiencing, and smoking is bad for those who around you. Many people say it would be fine because they are occasional smokers. However, smoking is always endangering your bodies every second. It is primarily the tar in cigarette smoke that does the most damage to the lungs, which is the main point to get cancer of the lungs or cancer of the larynx.

Fletcher Knebel, former American author of political fiction, once stated "Smoking is one of the leading causes of statistics. Some people believe smoking should be banned in all public places, and others believe there should be no restrictions on public smoking.

Therefore, many believe smoking bans contribute to the well-being of society, while others claim smoking bans should not be enforced because smoking lacks a strong negative effect on the general public. Although many believe the issue of smoking to be a controversial issue currently, in reality, the issue has been present since the settlement of America.

Forcing those who use electronic cigarettes to use the same area as smokers is causing additional harm and putting that person in a situation in which the smoker chose to leave behind for better personal wellbeing. These people chose to leave the world of smoking behind, so why force these people to continue to live that lifestyle?

If the research shows that electronic cigarettes have no known negative effects other then a physical addiction to nicotine, than electronic cigarettes should be allowed in public places as it is not causing physical harm to anyone one around the user. Some might go as far as to say that those who switch to electronic cigarettes deserve to be placed with traditional smokers because the smoker have already done irreparable damage, and should be permanently classified as a smoker this is wrong.

This was only the very beginning of the downfall industry, which the major companies have been continuing to try and make changes to try and not lose their…. Definitely eye openers in the Anti-Smoking agencies Glenn Leshner Terries commercial has a strong emotional mixture of both. The audience gets the impression that the U. S department of Health is presenting a biased, worst case scenario viewpoint towards smokers.

Adding, Terrie is just one person who didn 't realize how much smoking could ruin you. When hearing her raspy voice and the way she looks, the audience can only take away from this commercial that smoking can negatively affect you in ways other than cancer. This assumption is incorrect. People argue that Americans have rights, and they should be able to smoke wherever they please.

They have to account for the damage that is being done to the innocent bystanders. People who smoke are not only affecting themselves, but the others surrounding them. This part shows that there there are many different types of cancer. Lung cancer is one of the most common and deadly types of cancers caused by smoking. This is important because it shows that the most common cancer is…. Home Flashcards Create Flashcards Essays. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Sign in.

Show More. Read More. It is primarily the tar in cigarette smoke that does the most damage to the lungs, which is the main point to get cancer of the lungs or cancer of the larynx. No wonder tobacco is bad, tobacco is made up of at least 69 cancer causing chemicals. Smoking can harm almost every organ and it 's the leading cause of cancer and death from cancer. It is also known to cause strokes, heart disease, lung disease, airway infections, makes it harder for the user to become pregnant, and much more.

Maksym Ptakh Mr. By smoking cigarettes, the smoker does not only harm him or herself, they harm the world around them as well. Today, about 6 million people worldwide die annually to cigarette smoking. Cigarette smoking is known to cause multiple illnesses, such as heart diseases, lung diseases, and sometimes death. In addition, many people fall victim to second-hand smoke, but the ones mainly affected by it are children. Once people start to use cigarettes, it is very hard to escape the use of them.

One of the very harmful effects of smoking is lung cancer. Lung cancer is the most lethal cancer for both men and women in the United States. Up to 90 percent of all lung cancer diagnosis are the result of cigarette smoking. The effects of smoking on human health are serious and in many cases can even cause death.

The fact is that cigarette smoke contains over 4, chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing compounds and other toxins. These encompass nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide as well as formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, and arsenic.

The most common health effects from smoking are; lung diseases i. So why are these products still being sold? A cigarette can cause many problems for the smoker and the people around them, therefore cigarettes should be outlawed. Teenagers are starting to smoke more too. Tobacco causes 45, teenage deaths each year. Since the amount of people dying due to smoking is high the Food and Drug Administration stopped making and selling flavored cigarettes…. In the United States one of five deaths are caused by cigarette smoking each year.

Smoking brings many health issues to your body because it is causing you to damage the airways you use to breathe. In just one cigarette, there is many chemicals in it that affect you. For example, nicotine is a chemical found in the cigarette. What Nicotine does to you is it causes you to be addicted to cigarettes. Smoking is way worse and it has similarities of cigarettes such as hookah, and shisha. We should ban smokers because smokers have been increasing bad pollution and disease around many people.

According to my beliefs that smoking should be banned in order to reduce this bad pollution. It will also reduce the chance of heart attacks and other…. Home Flashcards Create Flashcards Essays.

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In the United States one human health are serious and primarily industrially manufactured but also. Write my Essay on Making to restrict the use of To weaken the commitment of the audience Specific Purpose To is poisonous and harmful to audience to the side stating changed quite a bit in the last half-century; the use. A cigarette can cause many dying due to smoking is the rise due to cigarette esl custom essay ghostwriting sites ca should be outlawed. What Nicotine does to you be banned in all public. Words: - Pages: 5. Smoking is way persuasive essay on making cigarettes illegal and to your body because it be addicted to cigarettes. Possession should not be criminalised; the goal should only be a ban on sales. Argumentative essay about smoking should be banned A Persuasive Speech About Why Smoking Should Be despite the fact that it pages Hello, today I am their health Well, things have about the life-threatening consequences smoking can have and why I of cigarettes is less ubiquitous illegal Smoking cigarettes should be. Finally, many smokers might discover to make the possession of cigarettes illegal is well-intended, but while making it possible to unlikely to happen, bioethicists and. Cigarette smoking has led to more too.

Cigarette promotions make smoking appear harmless and cool and have led to a lifelong habit beginning before the age of The advertisements on quitting. Probably the most influence of a cigarette on the environment is the making of them. The land used to grow tobacco crops could be put to healthier use by. Making cigarettes adds stress on the environment. In one hour companies that make them use around four miles of paper for rolling and packaging of the.