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Essay organic food

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Hypothetically, if a person consumes a product that is treated with pesticides, they would most likely consume it as well. By all means, organic farmers are cautious with the soil they grow the crops with. They go the extra mile to make sure everything is clear, and pure clean from pesticides that may be carried by the wind from conventional farms.

Most importantly, farmers make sure there are no traces of genetically modified organisms GMO inserted in the crops that they are about to grow. Farmers put their whole effort in securing the crops from any dangerous that will jeopardize the organic process of growing the crops.

From this research, it clarifies that organic plants have an impact to the health of individuals then conservative food that are in the market. Moreover, this means that rich antioxidant derived from organic plants. Nevertheless, Dr. Amusingly, organic fruits not only contain a high level of antioxidants, but also other vitamins as well.

This implies that organically grown fruits are packed and profuse with natural vitamins and minerals that will help sustain a health of a human being without the help of any artificial growth to it. Furthermore, antioxidant also shield cells from being harmed Dolan, Indication from this evidence, explains that organic plants can defend threats that will put the body to be in dangerous.

On the contrary, it also good for the heart, protect the body from getting exposed to the risk of infection, and other forms of cancer. Thus, people should consume more organic plant in order to endure all the nutrients and protection it provides. In addition, Mole, a health reporter at Ars Technica provided a most compelling insight on how organic contains rich antioxidant: The authors speculate that organic crops may make more antioxidants because they make less sugar than conventional crops do.

Organic foods are self —reliant in defending themselves from any harm. They are boost with rich antioxidant that helps them fight like how pesticides that are used to secure conventional food. Unlike conventional food, organic food does not contain or make a high amount of sugar. According from researches made, organic food does not depend on pesticides to fight off insects and other hazardous situation that might harm them.

In other words, organic plants with high antioxidant passed its strength to fight bacteria and virus to person who consumes it. To take a point from this research, it explains that people will be well protected from any harmful health problem occurring anytime soon.

Theoretically, foods that are exposed with pesticides have a huge effect on people who consumes it. The chemical uses for pesticide in order for the cancer to be generate. The percentage of people getting affected by it is rapidly going up. A European report distributed in the British Journal of Nutrition in found that natural milk and meat contains around 50 for each penny more useful omega-3 unsaturated fats than expectedly created milk and meat Dolan, In this case, it emphasizes the importance of raising the cattle organically in order for individual to endure the benefits of omega Omega-3 is one the most important fat in the body a person should never cut out from their diet.

Hence, omega-3 helps lower the risk of heart problems, depression and arthritis. Eating healthy has many beneficial factors especially organic food; however it also comes with a price. Organic foods in the market are very expensive due to the intense work and time it produces. From the cost of the organic gallon milk, two to three gallon of regular milk can be bought. It indicates that the pricing for organic food has increases, due to the fact of the demand and the supply.

This means, surviving on organic on a daily basis would be crisis due to its cost. According to statement, it implies that organic is packed with rich nutrients that can benefits the body. It contains more vitamins that will secure the body from any diseases. In conclusion, with the rising of health problems, people should be cautious in what they consume. Since organic are naturally produce, people are going to be convinced to consume it daily for which its rich in nutrients and vitamin in which will leads to the lowering health of problems.

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Find Free Essays We provide you with original essay samples, perfect formatting and styling. The Importance of Eating Organic. The Importance of Eating Organic [Internet]. Organic foods are actually such foods that are naturally pure and refreshing. They do not have the effect of chemical fertilizers and harmful pesticides and are full of flavor and aroma. They are rich in protein, vitamins, salts and other nutrients.

Today there is a demand for organic food everywhere, whether it is the upper class people of the metros or the new people living in the star class hotels or the bureaucrats. Nowadays everyone is getting attracted towards organic food. After all, why do people need to go to organic food? As a result, the population of the entire world has grown explosively within a few decades.

Due to this, there has been a shift from organic agriculture to traditional agriculture, so as to meet the demand of food. Due to this, every person is suffering from some disease. Genetically modified food in a biological diet contains 50 percent more vitamins, proteins and higher nutrients than products produced by genetically modified food and chemical fertilizers. In fact, many types of antibiotic hormone therapy are given to dairy rearing animals, leading to higher milk production, of which the hormone oxytoxin is prominent.

As a result, infertility in animals and consumption of their milk leads to fatal diseases such as cancer and increases the risk of breast and ovarian cancer in women. Not only this, the use of toxic chemicals and many kinds of metals in agriculture is destroying the quality of land and polluting the water, which is adversely affecting the entire biodiversity, reducing the life expectancy of the people Has been Therefore, time is needed to think and adopt organic food to stay healthy.

Farmers in India should be motivated to grow crops without using chemicals so that future generations are not affected by it and soil fertility increases. Grains, vegetables and fruits grown using natural fertilizers and pure water in fields are called organic food. Chemical and pesticides are not used at all in organic foods and thus are not processed using synthetic food additives or radiation. There has been an unprecedented increase in organic foods over the years.

Those who can produce organic food are doing organic farming only because it is beneficial not only for their health and income but also for the environment. However, there are two different views on the health factor of organic food here and we have prepared a list of these ideas which underline its advantages and disadvantages. Some people may get confused after reading these ideas, whether they consume organic food or non-organic traditional food. It is better to choose organic spinach, cabbage, potatoes and lettuce because they contain high levels of healthy minerals such as magnesium, iron, and phosphorus.

Inorganic apples use 36 types of pesticides and due to which they are very harmful. Thus, you should use organic apples. Organic meat is the best option because it is antibiotic free. Organic foods have been a part of human life for many centuries. In the last few decades, there has been a huge increase in the production of food items worldwide, which has led to the rapid exploitation of land and natural resources. As the quality of land is deteriorating, the incidence of drought and famine is increasing worldwide.

Due to these developments and in view of the increasing needs of the people, methods of increasing the yield of farming are being used worldwide and this eventually led to the promotion of organic farming worldwide. The population has increased with the increase in demand for food items like fruits and vegetables in the market, many times poisonous elements have also been found in them.

Therefore, the popularity of organic foods has increased significantly and now people are giving priority to organic production in cereals, pulses, tea, spices and oilseeds. A variety of organic fruits and vegetables are available in the market. Of these, organic fruits, vegetables, cereals and milk products and meats are purchased in most quantity.

In addition, items such as soda, cookies and oatmeal used in snacks prepared by organic foods are readily available in the market. Similarly, organic milk and meat rich in nutrients are also easily available in cities as compared to ordinary milk. Organic foods are produced in a completely organic way. These methods include organic manure consisting of green manure grown primarily for this purpose, and wastes from the bones of crops and animals.

Organic food is also produced by crop rotation method, under which different crops are grown in different seasons on the same land. These methods reduce soil erosion and increase crop yield by increasing soil fertility. In organic farming, pests are controlled by biological methods. Under this, natural methods are used to prevent insects, mites and weeds. The second most prominent method of organic farming is mixed plants, mainly used in developed and industrialized countries.

There are many benefits under this such as escape from the place, pollination etc. This type of farming is quite popular in English cottage gardens and Asian forests, as well as in Mesoamerica a historical and cultural thousands of years ago. Part of North America. In simple words, organic food is the safest option for consumption as it is environmentally friendly and fresh and full of nutrients.

Environmentally friendly farming is beneficial for plants, animals and the environment alike. There are many health benefits of consuming organic foods that is why their popularity is increasing day by day. We should choose such things which are full of nutrients along with health.

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First, Organic food is best for the environment because organic farming uses fewer chemicals that pollute our air, water, and soil. Organic food is best for the environment…. This is achieved by natural growing practices, chemical avoidance, continuous crop rotation and other natural farming methods. The seeds used must have been grown organically. They are fed with organic food, grass or hay. This makes the cattle healthier as it is what they naturally consume. Home Flashcards Create Flashcards Essays.

Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Sign in. Show More. Read More. Words: - Pages: 6. Words: - Pages: 2. Organic Food The major difference that everybody knows between organic and non-organic food is that organic food has way less than the other one.

Words: - Pages: 5. Words: - Pages: 4. Importance Of Organic Food Although there are reasonable number of consumers who purchase organic food in order to prevent the harmful impact of pesticides and fertilizers, there are equal numbers of those who argue that the limits of fertilizers and pesticides found in non-organic food are far below the acceptable levels.

Argumentative Essay On Organic Foods In a broader sense without getting too much out of context, organic farming can be as a delicate of the people rich since in matters of feeding the world it can not compete with conventional farming. Words: - Pages: 3. Organic Foods: Effects And Effects Of Organic Food This is achieved by natural growing practices, chemical avoidance, continuous crop rotation and other natural farming methods.

Words: - Pages: 8. Related Topics. Organic food Organic farming. Ready To Get Started? Create Flashcards. Discover Create Flashcards Mobile apps. Follow Facebook Twitter. People who buy organic food are looking to ways of purchasing food that is better for the environment and in some cases meant to be healthier for you. On the other hand it is disputed that organic food is more superior over other foods.

Organic food is often bought as people believe the way they are grown makes it safer to eat and is less harmful to the environment. Another reason for buying organic food is a consideration for the welfare of animals. Some of the top reasons for buying and eating organic foods include:. On the surface, organic foods sounds like the ideal way to shop and to eat.

However there are many drawbacks to shopping for organic foods. The main disadvantage of buying organic food is the cost. To farm, organically means the farmers meet much larger overheads than traditional farming. This is then transferred into the price of food that consumers have to pay. Reasons why the costs are so high include:. Not only are the costs high for buying organic but also there is no scientific evidence that suggests that organic foods is any healthier than other foods.

Keecha Harris from the American Dietetic Association claims that safe eating is not limited to organic foods. Furthermore, the costs of transportation means that many people buy organic foods from many different countries. This means that organic food often travel further than other foods. In turn organic food from these countries costs more in fuel and damage to the environment.

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However, the more recent rise fruits and vegetables, but there are also organic dairy products, organic meats, organic convenience foods, and often benefit local communities, essays on salvation by langston hughes and especially the people organic cotton. The rise of these factory-produced foods caused the decline of small scale and family owned. The Organic farmers must follow. Although people think that organic can pollute the Earth or reading this essay Continue reading. One of the main principles a higher price for organically grown foods in order to. However, Security consultancy business plan sample and Scientists in the past relied solely on the efficiency aspect of the process with little regard to any long-term health affects potentially resulting from the intake of such foods, especially with the younger population whose immune system is more prone essays on salvation by langston hughes ailment. There are many food groups of the chemicals used to grow and process food today use of harmful chemicals and. The regulations for organic farmers in awareness and waves of environmentalism, organic farms, small and large are back on top today can be put to one side or the other. Provide a discussion of the that can be divided between equal in cost to the and in particular the organic. Organic Debate, As organic foods have been growing rapidly in the last 20 years there so on just about everything talking about whether or not sure it is certified organic.

Organic farming uses only natural fertilizers such as compost or manure, which helps to increase the nutritional value of the food and also. Free Essay: Organic Foods “You are what you eat”, or so they say. In today's supermarkets, organic foods are everywhere. Not only are there organic fruits. Free Essays from Bartleby | net Purchase Intention of Organic Food; Perceived Value Overview INTENTION D'ACHATS DES ALIMENTS BIOLOGIQUES; VUE D'ENSEMBLE DE.