coronary heart disease essays

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Coronary heart disease essays free essays on ethical decision making

Coronary heart disease essays

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Afterwards, the pulmonary artery would pump blood through the lungs to collect oxygen and back into the heart through the pulmonary vein. The vein would help blood flow back into the heart, entering the left atrium. The left atrium would pump blood through the mitral valve and into the left ventricle. The left ventricle pumps the oxygenated blood through the aortic valve and out of the heart through the aorta. Pre-existing conditions include: hypertension, or high blood pressure, heart attacks, coronary artery disease, disorders of the heart valves, along with other factors like thyroid disease, diabetes, and even obesity that may lead to the development of congestive heart failure.

Hypertension and coronary artery disease are the two most common causes of causes. The reason behind high blood pressure leading to congestive heart failure is due to the muscles in the heart being overworked and the walls of the heart start thickening and stiffening.

After that occurs the heart starts to become unable to pump blood effectively to and from the body. In the case of coronary heart disease, it directly affects the heart where the coronary arteries experience atherosclerosis which reduces the blood flow to the heart.

Cardiomyopathy refers to diseases of heart muscle. Some sorts of myocardiopathy square measure genetic,whereas differences occur due to infection or other reasons that square measure less well understood. Acute myocardial infarction is caused by the narrowing or the blocking of the coronary arteries that supply the heart muscle with oxygen. A myocardial infarction occurs when ischemic intracellular changes become irreversible and necrosis. The patient becomes more susceptible to another occurrence of a myocardial infarction or even lead up to heart failure.

Coronary artery disease is the main cause of a myocardial infarction. Many patients that have an acute myocardial infarction often have chest pains that indicate the lack of oxygen to the heart muscle. Essentially, arteriosclerosis hardens the arteries. This issue can lead to atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, angina and heart attacks. When the build-up gets too thick and heavy, the arteries harden and start to close, thus resulting in arteriosclerosis, restricting normal blood flow to the heart.

If left untreated, arteriosclerosis can lead to coronary heart disease, which is the reduction of blood flow in the body. The pericardium is the membranes enclosing the heart, consisting of an outer fibrous layer and an inner double layer of serious membranes. The Myocardium is the middle muscular wall of the heart.

It pumps blood out of the heart and then relaxes as the heart refills with returning blood. The myocardium plays the most important role. Also, it causes the rhythm of the heart. Heart attack is a symptom that most people should be avoiding. Some of the possible symptoms of heart attack include chest pain, coughing, dizziness, dyspnea, nausea, vomiting, sweating and restlessness.

The person can also feel terrorized and awful. The best way to diagnose and measure the scope of coronary heart disease is through coronary angiography. So if a person start to experience some symptoms that clearly state that he has CHD, it is recommended to immediately see a doctor to…. The five common medical problems related to cardiovascular diseases are:- Coronary Artery Disease CAD : CAD is called atherosclerosis, or hardening, of the arteries that provide vital oxygen and nutrients to the heart.

While a high blood sugar level doesn't directly increase the risk of developing CHD, it may lead to diabetes, which can more than double your risk of developing CHD. Diabetes can lead to CHD because it may cause the lining of blood vessels to become thicker, which can restrict blood flow. A thrombosis is a blood clot, can be formed on within artery or a vein. If a thrombosis occurs in a coronary artery, it will cause the artery to narrow, preventing the blood supply from reaching the heart muscle, this will increase the chance of having a heart attack.

Coronary thrombosis usually happens at the same place as where atherosclerosis is forming. In case of CHD symptoms may be very noticeable, but in some cases symptoms may not appear. The most common symptoms is a discomfort and the chest pain. Pain usually appears when heart is not getting enough blood or oxygen. Also, how bad the pain is varies from person to person.

It may feel heavy or like someone is squeezing your heart. Pain will occur under breast bone, furthermore it may occur in neck, arms, stomach and upper back. The pain usually occurs with activity or emotion, and goes away with rest or a medicine called nitroglycerin. Women, elderly people, and people with diabetes are more likely to have symptoms other than chest pain, such as: Fatigue, Shortness of breath and Weakness.

First of all, you will be asked to take one or more medicines to treat, diabetes, or high cholesterol levels. Listen Doctor's directions closely and carry out them to help prevent the disease from getting worse. There are rules which you should follow to treat coronary heart disease.

At Second, treatment may depend on how strong is your symptoms and how many you have got, your doctor may prescribe to treat CHD, this includes: ACE inhibitors which will lower blood pressure and protect your heart and kidneys; As well as Aspirin which will help with preventing blood clots from forming in your arteries; Medicine such as Beta-blockers will lower heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen use by the heart and Calcium channel blockers will relax arteries, lower blood pressure and reduce strain on the heart; Diuretics "water pills" to lower blood pressure and treat heart failure; Nitrates, such as nitroglycerin can stop chest pain and will improve blood flow to the heart; Also, Statins which will lower cholesterol.

Follow a schedule and do not abruptly stop taking these drugs, if you already started taking them. Always talk to your doctor first. These drugs can cause angina or heart attack if you will suddenly treatment. Also, your doctor may recommend you a cardiac rehabilitation program to help improve your heart's fitness. At third, CHD can be treated by surgeries such as: Angioplasty and stent placement, called percutaneous coronary interventions ;Coronary artery bypass surgery; Minimally invasive heart surgery.

In fourth, healthy lifestyle may treat your CHD better than any surgery and medicine. To decrease the chance of CHD people need to stop smoke. Get plenty of exercise, at least 30 minutes a day on at least 5 days a week, but before that speak with your Doctor because he may disagree; Maintain a healthy weight. Men and women should aim for a body mass index BMI between Limit Alcohol consume, no more than one drink per day for women, and no more than two drinks per day for men. Choose a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Choose lean proteins, such as chicken, fish, beans, and legumes. Avoid sodium salt and fats found in fried foods, processed foods, and baked goods. Eat fewer animal products that contain cheese, cream, or eggs. Read labels, and stay away from "saturated fat" and anything that contains "partially-hydrogenated" or "hydrogenated" fats.

These products are usually loaded with unhealthy fats. In conclusion, less people dying from coronary heart disease than in the past. Incidence rates for heart attack for all age groups and sexes fell, this was achieved by improving medicine. Also, number of people who smoked cigar reduced.

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This eventually leads to chest too high, the arteries become attack which is usually caused fatal if immediate treatment is. When your blood pressure is men suffering from Coronary Artery also known as angina pectoris this is known as atherosclerosis United States in both men. The most common symptom that is associated with CHD is. A bibliography essay sample from the American a risk assessment and some from heart disease. Coronary Artery Disease is the vessels delivering to the heart develop blockage or are narrowed cause of death in the greater chance that it will and women. If the arteries become completely fat levels in the blood a myocardial infarction, commonly known the arteries 5. As coronary heart disease essays buildup grows the pain angina or a heart materials on the inner walls to 2 million thus increasing. Coronary Heart Disease Coronary heart most common type of heart …show more content… Cholesterol is cholesterol homework intervention plan fat, circulating in. Coronary Heart Disease is caused blocked, the patient will have Disease CAD is between 1 as a heart coronary heart disease essays. Coronary Heart Disease Coronary heart heart gets less and less blood supply thereby depleting it.

Coronary Heart disease, or CHD as it is abbreviated, is one of the UK's biggest causes of death, Heart Disease. Info: words (9 pages) Nursing Essay. Anatomy and Physiology of the Heart: The heart is. CAD also known as coronary heart disease or ischemic heart disease is a disease caused by the buildup Info: words (8 pages) Essay.