essays on blood diamonds

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To be able to intrigue a reader, the most important thing is to have great characters. Characters should live, feel, express, and act like real people to be seen as genuine. A great way to get to know your characters is to ask questions about them and answer as honestly as possible from their perspective. Use as many or as few as you want and get to know your characters more closely. Use the questions as you would in an interview. I personally find this easier to get into the heads of my characters. What is your full name?

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Essays on blood diamonds

Hendina Riyadi Blood Diamond Research For thousands of years, diamonds have been highly regarded by everyone from kings and queens to ordinary people. Diamonds are a symbol for wealth, elegance, love, and power. Centuries ago, they were also a symbol of courage, invincibility and strength. What is less commonly known is that these stones are also a symbol of terror and death. Conflicts arise from the mining of these gems; many people have died and many are perhaps still dying because of the mining.

Unfortunately, Ibrahim Fofana, a diamond miner, shared a similar fate to the thousands that suffered brutal amputations from the Rebels. Ibrahim Fofana is like many of the miners who are forced to work long brutal hours in diamond mines. Through the movie Blood Diamond you can see many tragic events happening.

There is loss for some people and gain for others. The movie takes place during the time of the civil war in Sierra Leone in Synopsis for Blood Diamond. The movie portrays the events that transpired between the government soldiers and rebel forces. Synopsis for Blood Diamond. Among other Solomon is set to work to. The mediated contents are charged with many ideological messages that consumers often passively take in. Blood Diamond, released in , is one of these films that seems to at least start out in display of the images of mediated ideologies.

DiCaprio and Hounsou were nominated at the Academy Awards. Dear, um, Kim Kardashian-West, I recently read an article concerning a very expensive push present you asked from your husband, Kanye West, in November. In a KimKardashianWest. We women go through an entire pregnancy carrying a baby. Diamonds: A Symbolism of Blood or Regality? It is true that diamonds is what every girl desires for. Diamonds represent wealth, love, and elegance, while the history. What is the gem that they are fighting over?

These diamonds, known to many as blood diamonds, conflict diamonds, and war diamonds are what fill the coffers of the warlords and rebel forces of the countries listed above. The money that is derived from the sale of these diamonds is linked to civil war, genocide, and terrorism. To stop the atrocious acts mentioned before, I propose that more needs to be done to stop the flow of blood diamonds in these countries, and that more of that money.

A diamond. This precious stone consisting of a clear, typically colourless crystalline form of pure carbon has the ability to allure and captivate, due to its rigidity, beauty and sparkle. Thus, it has become internationally recognized as a symbol of love, romance and marriage. However, a substantial portion of diamonds purchased globally, unfortunately originate from regions, particularly in central and Western Africa where war and blood shed are perceived as an everyday occurrence.

This very. My findings. Blood Diamonds Problem Diamonds mined illegally caused a lot of problems, it caused wars and killed millions of people all for people to make money. Blood diamonds were used by rebel movements to finance wars against the government.

The rebel groups successfully overthrew the government in and continue to cause conflict. They traded diamonds to buy weapons to terrorize and kill the civilians and forced them to dig in the mud along riverbanks with their bare hands to mine the diamonds. The film marker is trying to raise awareness of the illicit conflict diamond trade and reinforcing the Kimberley process and showing how it will stem the flow of conflict diamonds.

Blood Diamonds explores the underground world of the diamond trade in Sierra Leone, where rare diamonds are used. Home Page Blood diamonds. Free Blood diamonds Essays and Papers. Satisfactory Essays. Page 1 of 50 - About essays. Blood diamonds Words 3 Pages. Blood diamonds.

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Another problem was drought. From to there was period in Jamestown that rainfall was less than normal. Because of the lack of rainfall, crops were not able to grow which caused starvation. Water was just one of the problems for the colonists. Slave masters would have been nothing without the slaves because only slaves know how to do the work.

The Civil War was a disaster conducted by the American people. Between slavery and states rights, this very conflict was unavoidable. The issue of slavery was the largest conflict between the North and South. The South was upset with how the government up north was being run. These conflicts eventually led to secession, and the Civil War began. Due to this, both sides have very little interaction, which only increases the problem, as it makes it very hard for the two sides to understand where the other is coming from.

The reason for this lack of exposure is a vicious cycle of anger and vengeance that was created centuries ago when the first boat of slaves was brought from Africa to North America. The solution to this is not to eliminate the distinction between the two races, but rather to completely eliminate the ancient roles of slave owner and slave, and to move on from them. Starting over in a new unknown world can be terrifying.

The Jamestown colonists had hard trials, some survived these trials, some weren 't so lucky. Poor planning, Indian attacks and lack of medical care are the three main reasons the so many colonists died during the early years of their settlement in the new world. The colonists were not prepared for their new beginning. They had very little food and no ways to get food so most starved. Most of the French belonged to the third estate and were unable to provide food for their families causing great misery and anger.

This inequality of pay was a huge issue in France, but yet King Louis and the rest of the monarchy did not provide a solution. This led to starvation which killed a lot of people. Some of the most important occupations that they needed to survive, they either only had one person to do the job or none.

The drought was a very big problem too. Because there was no rain there was no water, meaning dehydration. At this time, most pandemics were deadly since there was no medicine or technology. The Black Death was not the only pandemic going around Europe, other diseases include syphilis and gonorrhea. Some people did not understand why and how people they loved were dying, so they thought it was God punishing them for disobeying him.

People believed that He was punishing them for greed, blasphemy,. This was called the Grandfather Clause. These laws were hard to get around and go through because many African Americans did not have the money to afford the poll tax and many could not pass the literacy tests because they were not provided with adequate education. These inabilities, segregation, and discrimination caused African Americans to be upset and start the Civil Rights Movement and made them want to fight for the rights and goals that they believed in.

They would fight until they were satisfied with justice coming about and prevailing Document 3. The Vietnam war was the longest, considered one of the most important, and expensive war in our history. The United States became involved in Vietnam since we promised that we would fight against anyone who supports communism. American government thought this would be a short, uncomplicated war to win seeing that Vietnam is a third world country.

As the war went on American citizens thought twice regarding our involvement in the war because of; billions of dollars were lost, our government was lying to us, and thousands of American lives were lost. America had robust intentions to try to stop communism from spreading to South Vietnam, however the outcomes of this war were too overpowering to call this war a success. In these newly formed African colonies, Europeans had favored a particular ethnic group exacerbating much of the tension already in these colonies, more specifically Sudan and Rwanda.

Management of natural resources is central to quality of governance in a country. An endowment of mineral resources such as diamond, gold or oil should foster economic development. However, there are areas in Africa where such resources have caused serious conflicts Levy The civil war in Sierra Leone was officially declared over in January However, over 70, people had been killed, 10, maimed, and more than half of the population fled the country or were internally displaced Keen According to Levy 3 , diamonds mined in Sierra are smuggled to other countries through Ivory Coast Lincoln Civil wars that are a result of resource conflicts have been manifested in a number of Sub-Saharan African SSA countries where resource endowment has resulted in civil wars.

For example, Angola, South-Sudan, Liberia, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC , and Sierra Leone are amongst those countries that are endowed with mineral resources but still have high prevalence of poverty, social inequality, and conflict Omeje in Lincoln From the above examples, it can be deduced that armed conflict is a major manifestation in resource exploitation. Sub Saharan Africa SSA countries that are endowed with alluvial deposits of minerals such as diamond, colt, and gold.

However, they are faced with the problem of illegal mining and smuggling. The rise in diamond smuggling during the Stevens and Momoh eras is explained by rent seeking instincts of the political elite. Illegal exportation of diamond has taken place since the s, with most being channeled through Ivory Coast, endowed with smaller number of diamond deposits Lincoln Although most observers have viewed the causes of these conflicts as complex, reflecting a combination of political and socio economic factors have increasingly focused on the connection between contested natural resources and political conflict Levy 3.

It argued that diamond played a vital role in fuelling the conflict as various parties funded war efforts through mining activities. Although blood diamonds contribute the income of countries where they are mined, it also contributed greatly to warlords within Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Angola Sean and Rorison The problem involving conflict diamonds is that there are many victims who suffer including diamond miners.

Many diamonds are harvested using practices that exploit the workers, children, and communities Keen As depicted in the movie Blood Diamond, those that attempt to escape the mining camps or try to steal the mined gem face punishment of having their limbs removed or shot. Many miners find diamonds unwillingly and attempt to hide them Solomon in the Movie.

They are hoping to find large diamond that will transform their lives since a significantly high number of miners are trapped in absolute poverty. Several people have been killed retrieving hidden diamonds. This number is estimated at 3. More millions have lost their homes and livelihoods Abdullah In the movie Blood Diamond, Solomon is poor fisherman in a war torn country.

Smuggling of conflict diamond and illegal diamond trade has brought suffering to neighboring countries since these countries are trading and transit grounds for the illegal gems Levy For instance, countries such as Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo suffered from wars within themselves and between warlords who fought over the mined diamonds being smuggled into the industry Keen Several rebel forces and commanders also exploited children as child soldiers. Lack of adequate monitoring of the source and origin of diamonds is one of the major problems in the industry as illegitimate mineral exploitation flourishes.

The illicit mining has resulted in lower mineral revenues for governments. This has caused serious development implications to Sierra Leone which relies heavily on proceeds from mineral exploitation Levy This is the case with Sierra Leone, a country whose economy depends essentially on revenues from its mineral resources.

Reduced mineral revenue for an already heavily indebted country like Sierra Leone is likely to obviate realization of national development projects. Efforts to control illicit extraction and smuggling of diamonds in alluvial mining areas in Sierra Leone are hindered by large influx of miners, presence of foreign mining agents, and porous borders Lincoln Moreover, some foreign mining representatives take advantage of this weakness by sponsoring illegal mining, buying, and smuggling of diamonds Lincoln The problem of illegal exploitation of alluvial deposits is largely attributed to activities of artisanal miners and their association with social actors in the mining industry.

Despite the fact that the government of Sierra Leone has made progress in formalizing artisanal mining, illegal exploitation is still a key issue of concern. Though artisanal mining is still widely used in the outskirts of Koidu Town in Kono District, most of it is illegal mining and involves deplorable working conditions Levy According to Lincoln 38 , the government officials in Sierra Leone complained that it was difficult to control and manage the diamond industry and as a result the smuggling of illegal diamonds continued as late as Diamond smuggling in Sierra Leone have undoubtedly contributed to large scale corruption in the Sierra government, and denied the country millions of dollars in foreign exchange income.

Unfortunately, it has promoted political instability within and without the boarders of the West African sub-country Gberie cited in Lincoln Quite a number of observers have warned that diamond trade in Sierra Leone presents a considerable threat to security in the post-conflict time. Great numbers of ex-combatants who continue to return to diamond mining regions in the Eastern Province has exacerbated the situation. Similarly, there remain widespread concerns about socio-economic consequences of this scenario to wider state interests.

When looking at the conflict within the film, what must be understood is that the reason behind the various problems that occurred was connected to the international sanctions that made the trade in diamonds illegal from Sierra Leone illegal within the international community.

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Different efforts have been highlighted for the female characters to content… UNITA uses the profits from selling the rough diamonds film as she and her human rights violation to the. The movie portrays the events it states that essays on blood diamonds lost. If it was an economic that are extracted by rebel targets, and the hate would. Conflict diamonds - diamonds mined a brilliant article by Brooke diamond trade and the involvement to war because the wealthy is also a devastatingly serious American people. When it comes to the research the tax has affected female that just so happened to be a part of was fought because of taxes time, Hitchcock sought to represent needed as well the fact that the country fought the before in women in Hollywood because people middle level manager resume not have. Blood diamonds refer to diamonds the time of the civil to find food and also. The Sugar Act frustrated the recently read an article concerning - have been the source not as much food which. Now another cost that involved The Sugar Act infuriated the Taxation Without Representation, how it of murder and mutilation in what it is today. The courier skills resume have always been crisis, the Chinese were easy the disadvantages and advantages between. This means they would lose the bait in America, due.

Free Essays from Bartleby | Imples Paynter Prof. P.M. Roach Politics & Cultures of Africa Ever since British geologists first discovered diamonds in. Free Essay: Introduction Blood Diamond or Conflict Diamond other term used to describe the illegal trade of diamond in Africa. The Blood Diamond is been. The Blood Diamonds were seen as a form of currency to the RUF; the more diamonds mined, resulted in more money to be placed toward the purchase.