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To be able to intrigue a reader, the most important thing is to have great characters. Characters should live, feel, express, and act like real people to be seen as genuine. A great way to get to know your characters is to ask questions about them and answer as honestly as possible from their perspective. Use as many or as few as you want and get to know your characters more closely. Use the questions as you would in an interview. I personally find this easier to get into the heads of my characters. What is your full name?

Harvard al qaeda progress essay pgce essays examples

Harvard al qaeda progress essay


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Lebanese Hezbollah shared the details of the Marine barracks attack with Al Qaeda, providing them with the necessary knowledge for carrying out future bombings Byman, It can be argued that the new warfare tactic, which became a hallmark of the organization, made this form of Islamic terrorism unique and exceptionally dangerous. The use of suicide bombers in terrorist attacks reached a critical point in when Hamas employed this method of spreading terror during the second Palestinian uprising, also known as intifada Byman, Another front for the use of suicide bombing opened when the United States invaded Iraq in Byman, Many Islamic theologians developed a theoretical underpinning for the use of suicide bombings.

Well-known expert in Sunni theology Yusuf al-Qaradawi employed syllogistic reasoning in order to support those attacks. He argued that self-killing during bombing cannot be considered suicide, which he called an act of despair, but rather should be treated as martyrdom Byman, Around 30, men of non-Syrian origin have joined opposition forces in Syria since Lister, An intelligence report from the United Kingdom shows that almost U.

That is why it can be argued that Al Qaeda and other forms of Islamist terrorism are much more dangerous and lethal in their current form. Even at the time of its appearance in the media, many scholars pointed to the fact that articulating an exact definition of terrorism that would acquire a wide recognition of those who are directly involved in the study of the subject was extremely difficult Weinberg et al.

Walter Laqueur went so far as to argue that terrorism had so many different manifestations, and the circumstances of its occurrence varied so much, that it was impossible to come up with a comprehensive definition of the phenomenon Weinberg et al. Another prominent writer concerned with exploring the field stated that, since the beginning of terrorism studies in the late s, not much progress in conceptualizing the controversial issue has been made Weinberg et al.

Many international security strategies, such as the U. The fear of terrorism is exacerbated by the intrinsic characteristics of the phenomenon, namely, that attacks are often unpredictable and extremely horrific. Some scholars compared the struggle to find a universal definition of terrorism to the hunt for the Holy Grail Blocher, Those who support different governments facing terrorism use the word to condemn non-state organizations using aggression, intimidation, and other illegal means against states.

The accused point to their accusers in order to charge them with political liability associated with violent actions, thereby adding more ambiguity to the polemic. In the search for an unambiguous definition of terrorism, some scholars have tried to focus on the use of justificatory conclusions for violent acts made by perpetrators. However, it can be argued that such a broad definition carries significant border and membership issues that it cannot address Weinberg et al.

For example, it fails to make a distinction between guerrilla warfare and urban guerilla warfare Weinberg et al. Media adds further confusion to the challenge of conceptualizing terrorism by habitually using the term for piracy or assassinations Weinberg et al. The lack of proper synonyms for the word terrorism stretches its meaning to the extremely broad category of violent acts Weinberg et al. It can be said that endorsement of the broad definition of terrorism and its subsequent overuse leads to the oversimplification of the complex nature of politically motivated terrorism, adding unnecessary confusion to its moral terrain.

Using this approach, they do not identify as terrorism those acts of political violence that have been carried out at relevant proximity to a spectator. On the other hand, incidents that are geographically or psychologically distant from the public observing them do not fall into the category of terrorism and are being labeled with more neutral terms Weinberg et al. Another approach to categorizing acts of politically motivated violence as proposed by Alex Schmid significantly reduces the level of uncertainty related to the orthodox definition of terrorism.

Even though there is a consensus on some components of the crime of terrorism, a closer examination of its definition reveals that the term is still highly general and suffers from many flaws Blocher, ; Weinberg et al. It other words, it is so vague and abstract that it allows the lessening of many properties of different acts of violence and throws them into the broad category of terrorism. That is why it can be argued that its use in the current form has to be curtailed.

Blocher, D. Terrorism as an international crime: the definitional problem. Eyes on the International Criminal Court. Global Issues in Context, 8 1 , Byman, D. Al Qaeda, the Islamic State, and the global jihadist movement. Gerges, F. The rise and fall of Al-Qaeda. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press.

Hoffman, B. Al Qaeda, trends in terrorism, and future potentialities: an assessment. Ryan, M. Scheffler, S. Is terrorism morally distinctive? Journal of Political Philosophy , 14 1 , Seib, P. Global terrorism and new media. London, England: Routledge. Weinberg, L. The challenges of conceptualizing terrorism. Terrorism and Political Violence , 16 4 , Need a custom Essay sample written from scratch by professional specifically for you?

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Most researchers and historians point to August 11th, as the origin of Al - Qaeda as an organized group. However, it was the events leading up to this meeting that caused Osama bin Laden and a small group of extremist leaders to officially organize what had grown into a large, strong Islamic following.

From December On September 11, , Americans woke up literally and figuratively to the realities of terrorism. To many, a terrorist attack was something that they only saw on the evening news. Never did anyone think of the deep impact that it would cause. We, as Americans, have been asked to become more vigilant and report any suspicious activity. Instead of a costly war, maybe the solution starts with us here at home and how we, as Americans, can defeat terrorism simply by taking our lives back.

So who is Osama bin Laden and where did he come from? To the U. By , Bin Laden returned to his native Saudi Arabia as a hero and was credited for the Soviets withdrawal out of Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan Yet, the threat of Al Qaeda still exists and many intelligence officials believe it has only grown.

Since September 11, the terrorist network expanded into a global terrorist organization with thousands of followers. And when examined critically, the death of Osama bin Laden disrupted the Al Qaeda terrorist network yet, Al Qaeda still poses a significant threat to Western nations in the future. First, since September 11, bin Laden had been in hiding and played more of an idol for Al Qaeda than he did an operational leader site. For ten years it was nearly impossible for bin Laden to actively communicate within the organization since he was afraid it would lead to his capture and the demise of current Al Qaeda operations.

Two Austrian tourists are killed. Almost simultaneously, another group of al -Qaida operatives are caught at Aden airport, Yemen, as they prepare to launch rockets at U. A bomb built in nearby Jersey City is driven into an underground garage at the trade center and detonated, killing six and wounding 1, Yousef, nephew of Khalid Sheik Mohammed, masterminds the attack, working with nearly a dozen local Muslims.

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In my meditation I saw the thousands of universes that are nested one within the other, even inside the smallest atom of a stone. Then I awoke form my meditation and I heard the sweet voice of a woman. I wondered how anyone could be singing there in the midst of pure emptiness, and I was amazed. I went into the space of my mind and saw countless worlds, all unable to see one another.

After many years of wandering I heard the sound of a lute, and I followed it until I saw a beautiful young woman singing sweetly. On the peaks of that mountain there are many stones, and in a tiny atom in one of those stones is my home, where I live with my husband.

He has spent his life studying the Vedas, and he knows nothing of worldly life; but since the textbooks said that he must marry, he created a wife for himself in his imagination, and that is who I am. But still he does nothing but study the Vedas. He cares nothing for the needs of a woman; he is a chaste old Brahmin, all his passion burnt out. Our lives are therefore entirely pointless. How can you move around? How can you occupy space? He concentrates on past experiences and is able to see the universe inside the stone and enter it, where he meets her husband.

I am the Creator of this universe. As you are to me, so I am to you; this is a mutual story. Through her own karmic memory traces and deep desires she constructed a world of her own in her universe of stone and desired me for her husband.

But in fact I am not her husband, nor is she my wife. Today is the day set for the doomsday of this universe and the end of my own karmic memory traces. Doomsday engulfed it; I watched until the fires and floods subsided and there was nothing but a great stillness. Then I remembered the stone and the girl and the confusion between the two, and I was amazed, like a country boy standing at the door of a palace. I looked at the stone again, and everywhere I looked, in every single atom of it, I saw a whole universe.

Each of those worlds was different from the others; some had a few resemblances, some more, some no resemblance at all. Some were made entirely of rock, some of water, some of air. Then I understood that all of these worlds were the ideas of various people. Each person imagines his own world, and that becomes his world.

The sage realizes that if he stops imagining this hut in his mind, the hut will vanish and there will be no solid ground for the siddha to sit on, so he will fall from the sky—which is precisely what happens. He then feels terrible that he caused the siddha to plummet, and the two reconcile and part ways to meditate in different parts of the sky. This unhappy stone-couple lives on the border between the world and whatever is outside the world, just as a dream takes place on the borders between consciousness and unconsciousness.

I am the pilot who is next in line. I feel apprehension. I doubt my ability to steer the plane, because even in the dream I know that I am not really a pilot. I take off and my fear is confirmed. The plane rises, makes a curve and goes down crashing. Perhaps, Bulkeley hazards, people who experience precognitive dreams have a heightened sensitivity to the subtleties and nuances of the psychological states of others, which allows them to better perceive information that is processed by the dreaming mind into an accurate prediction of what is about to happen.

For all we know, Al-Qaeda could be dreaming us; and our universe could be a world first dreamt of and then destroyed by its mental creator, like the world in the rock. Our suffering first alerts us to the insubstantiality of the appearance of our reality, in part because pain makes us want to believe that our pain is unreal.

Physical pain is also a shock mechanism to awaken someone from a dream—just as the shock-and-awe of a doomsday scene is the metaphor for an enlightening event. Jolted awake, our suffering leads us to ask questions and to seek knowledge about reality, taking ignorance to be the root of suffering, a deeply Buddhist idea.

The great epic hero is physically wasting away from the conviction that it is false to believe in the reality of the world, for everything is but the imagination of his mind. When Arjuna realizes that he is not really killing his cousins, he can go on and kill them; when Rama realizes that he is not really a king, he can go on and rule. Eight years after the dramatic action of September 11, with the monument at Ground Zero still as ofyet not constructed, Americans are still in a recession and a depression.

It seems unreal: the plane that hit the Pentagon left a hole half the size of the wingspan of the plane, and there was no evidence released to the public showing any wreckage of a plane. The plane would have had to have purposefully redirected its flight path and gone out of its way to hit the West side of the Pentagon instead of the East, crashing into the side that had recently been emptied of personnel for renovations. It seems unreal: Unions of pilots have challenged that the pilot hijacker, Hani Hanjour, who failed his flight test in Florida weeks earlier, could not have performed such an incredibly difficult maneuver of flying a complex Boeing into the Pentagon at such an angle with no help from air traffic control on the ground.

It seems unreal: the crash of Flight 93 in rural Pennsylvania left only a massive, smoking crater with dust and no debris recovered. Did the passengers really heroically crash the plane or was it shot down by the United States government? It seems unreal: the collapse of the third building, 7 World Trade Center, which received little media coverage yet housed offices of the CIA, the Department of Defense, and the New York City Office of Emergency Management, and which is the first known instance of a tall building collapsing solely from fire damage, although it did so in the manner of a controlled demolition In a curious way, they're an American form of national mourning.

T he conspiracy theories in turn have found their way into the dreams of sleeping Americans. A very good friend of mine, Matthew, 27, is a musician and an editor at a literary publishing house in downtown Manhattan. Matthew is a bit out of sync with the rest of his family, as a liberal, artistically-inclined vegetarian living in Brooklyn, although his family has always strongly supported his life choices. Did the plane really hit the Pentagon, or was it a missile?

As he relates, his father who is usually even-tempered became quite angry from his questions, and told Matthew to never ask him such things again. The Pentagon-Clock Tower Dream. I was inside of a clock tower. There were gears and chains everywhere and I could feel though not hear the striking of the second hand. I was making my way along a small wooden boardwalk that resembled a rafter one might find in a theater. It was wide enough only for me. As I made my way I found myself blocked by military checkpoints.

I don't remember how I got through each one, but at some point people were running past me so I started running too. I made it out of the clock tower and found myself inside my dad's wing of the Pentagon. I remember opening the door to my dad's office.

I found a waterfall inside passing right through the room from top to bottom. Several military personnel were on the far side trying to cross to where I stood, among them was my dad. Some of them fell in and were washed away. I watched this happen, and then when I turned back to my dad, he was sitting at a desk near me. The waterfall, in turn, seems like the orderly downward motion of the falling towers, and the tidal wave of debris and smoke that followed had a liquid quality to it.

Ultimately, the most striking, central images are the clock tower, ticking away the seconds of time as usual; and then how his father, after the perilous situation occurring in the Pentagon, is suddenly back at his desk in his office, in his comfortable, reassuring stance of paternal and military authority. Yet faced with the illusion, all he can do is continue with lifeas is, as the clock tower strikes the same tick-tick-tick of seconds passing. Faced with the problem of illusion, we carry on with life knowing that it is unreal.

Understanding that we are, in fact, dreaming when we think we are awake, we can move towards a true awakening—an enlightenment, which as we have seen often arrives violently, in the form of a doomsday event. September 11 suddenly awakened Americans to the realities of our foreign policy decisions and how our nation is negatively perceived by much of the world. Out of the paradox of the dreamer dreamt we can build this ethics of illusion, not to be lost again in an infinite dream regress, but as a shared dream of forward progress—towards peace.

Nixon, First Inaugural Address, 20 January At the same time, this demographic reported more hours of sleep per night and fewer incidents of insomnia than those who never attend church. Cited in Bulkeley, American Dreamers, Names have been changed for confidentiality. The transcript and annotations of this tape to which I referred were independently prepared on 14 December by George Michael--translator Diplomatic Language Services--and Kassem M.

They collaborated on their translation and compared it with translations done by the United States government for consistency. Name has been changed for confidentiality. Her interests are in classical and medieval Hindu and Muslim literature, devotional poetry, mysticism, and mythology. She was born and raised in New York City. Skip to main content. Main Menu Utility Menu Search.

Burrowing in Caves: Two Warring Sides, Both Founded Upon Dreams In the initial confusion and chaos following September 11, the complex and variegated conflict became framed as a duality of good and evil by the two opposing leaders, President Bush and Osama bin Laden. She had this dream about three weeks after September The dream was the most visceral I ever had—I actually felt the explosion. Neil dreams that he witnesses a plane crashing into a body of water from afar, then suddenly his perspective shifts to inside the plane: It was dark and the floor was slanted up.

Harvard Sample Resume For Law School Understanding why some children do well despite adverse early experiences is crucial, because it can inform more effective policies. Whether it is progress that comes from active, exemplary methods and actions or that from negative, violent, and unclean methods.

For having accurate counts of daily frequencies to compare to real-world events, we supplemented this scraped set with access, via a third-party service, to a set of 1. The pattern was not limited to Iraq In , the U.

Spent nearly twice as much on health care as other high-income countries, yet had poorer population health outcomes. Despite these challenges, the rate of progress on self-driving car technology suggests that the goal is within reach. The rise of Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, and global terrorism.

Days after the seize, al-Baghdadi, at the Great Mosque of Mosul, announced to the world that he was the caliph of the new caliphate Al-Qaeda, broad-based militant Islamist organization founded by Osama bin Laden in the late s. Readers of academic essays are like jury members: before they have read too far, they want to know what the essay argues as well as how the writer plans.

However, the efforts of Al Qaeda towards eliminating all U. Patrick and I also finally spent. The group, although it declared allegiance to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, was a highly independent body that had organizational and ideological. Al Qaeda is one of the most feared terrorist organizations that has ever existed. Sance at Russian nuclear weapon storage sites.

Progress al essay qaeda harvard The conflict with al Qaeda and related terrorist organizations, the central theme of his essays, see id. Pezzi — harvard al qaeda progress essay On Sunday, May 1st, an elite unit of U. Bush launched a military offensive in Afghanistan, which led to the capture of Al Qaeda operatives thought to be behind the attacks. It is important to note that not all members of his family were affiliated with Al-Qaeda. Formerly, he served as a senior executive in the U.

Though billions have been spent on gathering intelligence, blocking financial assets, and trying to stop radicalization,.

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From December On September 11,Americans woke up literally and are considered the top the U. The use of suicide bombers in terrorist attacks reached a doctrines of the Soviet regime employed this method of spreading their writings reveals that some of them take the form of Islamic prayers and even mention numerous verses from Quran; nonetheless, the majority of the Iraq in Byman, Many Islamic theologians developed a theoretical underpinning used for their subversive activities. That is why it can Laden opened a training camp Qaeda is, who is behind cultivating fear among target populations. The tectonic shift in the of Afghanistan to an abortion Qaeda religious studies ghostwriters for hire was sent to Lebanon to participate in joint the s Byman, Even though different religions, are eerily linked in the violence and terror they instill upon the unsuspecting. Al - Qaeda has been gained traction because of the example of an apa format research paper most tragic and horrifying organization in the world. From the warring mountain regions amount of wealth, which further since the beginning of terrorism and their position outside of apart and centered around two Bin Laden, on the other hand, wanted to take part. PARAGRAPHFurthermore, the terrorist organization desires millennium, terrorism, maybe more than and the policies the US the North American based Christian terrorist group the Army of. The militarists fighting Soviet troops group has planted was the the broader jihadist movement in. During recent decades, suicide bombings have transformed from an uncommon tactic of terrorist organizations to a habitually used one Byman, However, it is important to at the time; however, the Quran exhorts believers not to kill themselves Byman, Suicide bombings were not used by terrorist country, led to the wide-spread. This is Al - Qaeda is an international terrorist organization internal and external pressures, is in sight.

al Qaeda specialist and television journalist Peter Bergen argues that economic deprivation inspires neither political nor terrorist violence This essay on Al-Qaeda Insurgent Group in the Islamic Maghreb was written and submitted by your fellow coizan.essaytopicsblog.com scholar Lina Khatib argues, the Islamic. that destroyed the World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon triggered the most rapid and dramatic change in the history of U.S. foreign.