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Quaid e azam short easy essay

Our Quaid-e-Azam was a man of character. Even his opponents acknowledged his honesty and integrity. He is properly referred to as the best statement of his time. He returned to Bombay as a barrister and began his practice there. Soon he earned a name as a lawyer. He was known as a champion of Muslim freedom. He campaigned for a separate homeland for Indian Muslims, which he finally got on August 14, A few men have succeeded in winning as big a country as Pakistan through peaceful means.

He was born in Karachi on December 25, , at the home of a merchant called Jinnah Poonja. He went to England to study law after finishing his university studies. He entered politics in He was quickly recognized as a defender of Muslim rights. He worked for a separate homeland for Indian Muslims, which he finally got on August 14, Quaid-e-Azam was a man of character.

A National Hero is an individual who holds exceptional qualities. There have been many great heroes throughout history, but Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah is our national hero. Only a few persons have been successful in gaining control of a country as large as Pakistan by peaceful methods. He joined the Indian national congress in order to free his country from the England rule.

Death did not allow him to work for the progress and glory of the country founded by him. At the age of 20 he enrolled in Bombay high court when he came back to British India, he was the youngest one to enter the bar, where he started to take interest in political affairs of the nation and became famous in the next three years.

The advocate general of Bombay invited him to work for his bar and after six months offered a salary of rupees per month, which was the huge amount that time but he gently refuses the offer and stated that he planned to earn daily and proved it possible in future by his flawless efforts. But as a Governor-General of newly state Pakistan, he fixed 1 rupee as his monthly salary.

He was the man of the judiciary and sensible personality. Jinnah started his political career with Indian National Congress in , then after seven years, he joined the Muslim League. He struggled a lot to bring congress and Muslim League to work together but at the same time, he found the culture of racialism in the sub-continent and realized that the Muslims of the sub-continent are sacrificing their cultural and social rights under the British and Hindus. Then he started his efforts for the freedom of Muslims of British India and planned to create an independent state where Muslims could feel the breath of freedom.

The major strength was the unity of all Muslims organizations in this freedom war, and it is the leadership of Quaid e Azam which unites all the Muslims of the sub-continent on the same agenda of having a separate state. The creation of Pakistan is the result of bloodshed of thousands of freedom fighters as well as the leadership of Jinnah, Pakistan would not come into being without him. He was a man of his words and the greatest spokesman, he always stood like a rock in front of opponents and never lay down.

In he became an undisputed leader of all the Muslims of sub-continent and started to lead Muslim League in In Pakistan resolution was drafted by Muslim league at Minar e Pakistan -Lahore which has been proved as a backbone in the war of freedom. After the Pakistan Resolution passed, he worked day and night and did not worried about his health which was going down day by day, but he kept it secret and never disclosed it to anyone, his sacrifice was not for his own interest but for the whole Muslim nation.

It was due to his wise leadership and vigorous effort that Pakistan came into being on August 14, He was fighting with tuberculosis for many years but never made it his weakness, died on September 11, , just 13 months after the creation of this beloved homeland. If you want your essays or article written kindly send us an email at info essaywritingservice.

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He fought against the British, the Hindus and his ill health. He was not overpowered by anyone. Since he is a hero, he did not lose on any front. Quaid — e — Azam is our national hero, He made a very hard struggle for the Muslims of India for a separate homeland. He was born in the year at Karachi. It was the 25th of December, Christmas day. He was the son of a merchant of Karachi. But he had a thirst for knowledge. Devotedly He studied and at the age of seventeen, he went to England to study Law there.

In due course of time, he became a Barrister-at-Law. He returned home and started his career as a lawyer. In the legal, he soon decided to practice in Bombay High Court profession. In those days, the British were the rulers of India. The Indians had started a struggle for their freedom.

In the beginning, Quaid-e-Azam joined the All-India National Congress and was in the forefront of the struggle for freedom. He was a man with clear nationalistic attitude in him. He found out that the Hindus were narrow-minded and hated the Muslims from the core of their heart. Then, he discovered that the Hindus and the Muslims were different in every respect. Soon, he was disappointed due to the communal attitude of the Hindu leaders.

At first, he stood for communal harmony. He had a high hope for Hindu-Muslim unity. But he realized that the Hindus were not willing to give to the Muslims their due share in political power. When he wanted certain safeguards for the Muslims, he was bitterly criticized by the Hindus. The hypocrisy of the Hindus discouraged him. He then joined the All-India Muslim League.

Allama Iqbal put forward the idea of a separate homeland for the Muslims. Jinnah liked the idea and managed to table a resolution in the All-India Muslim League meeting at Lahore in This resolution is known as Pakistan Resolution because in this resolution, a demand of a separate country for the Muslims of India, was made. The Hindus opposed this idea, but Quaid-e-Azam stuck to his guns. He had faith in the constitutional fight. He made long and extensive tours to explain the meaning of Pakistan to his followers.

Unfortunately, some of the Muslim leaders opposed Quaid-e-Azam in his freedom movement. For attaining his purpose, he traveled widely, fought ceaselessly and at long last was able to force Britain to divide India. Pakistan came into being on the 14th August Jinnah gave nationhood to the new sovereign state consisting of all the people and all the communities. On broad principles of tolerance, fairness, and justice, the new State started functioning. Unfortunately, he did not live long.

He died in September He was the maker of Pakistan, the Father of the Nation. He saved Pakistan, during the most crucial crisis of its birth. Jinnah was a practical statesman. He won the hearts of his people through his sincerity and diligence. Quaid-e-Azam got the obedience and love of his followers.

He was a bewitching which was an advantage he had over his great rivals in India. It was his matchless quality. He worked day and night in old age and did not care for his health. History would always remember his personality because he himself made history. He will always remain alive as a sincere, beloved and unique leader in history. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was one of the great leader of the world. He was the founder of Pakistan.

He was born in Karachi on 25th of December, His father was a big merchant of Karachi. He got his early education in a local school. Then he entered a missionary school in passed the entrance examination. After four years, he obtained the degree of Bar-at-law. He started practice as a lawyer in Karachi. Then he tried his luck in Bombay. But in the beginning, his practice as a lawyer was not rewarding. But after some time, he was recognized as a distinguished lawyer.

Quaid-e-Azam struggled hard to get a separate homeland for the Muslims of the subcontinent. In the beginning, he was the member of Indian National Congress. He worked Hindu-Muslims unity. Later on, he joined the Muslims League and devoted his life for the creation of Pakistan.

Pakistan resolution was passed in On 14th august, Pakistan appeared on the map of the world. It was a great success for him but he showed no sign of arrogance rather he was humble. Quaid-e-Azam was physically weak and thin but he hate a strong will power and devotion to struggle for his ambition. He face a large number of problems and hardships but he remind resolute and firm in his belief. He was a courageous person. He was brave and fearless as well.

He had a great judgement and always had his own opinion. He had to travel incessantly to awaken the Muslims. He had to work late at night. The Personality of Quaid-e-Azam was very simple but graceful. The special features of his personality are:. A real hero is someone who understood the responsibility that comes with freedom. Quaid-e-Azam was very intelligent; his intelligence was God-Gifted.

He has brain powers. He was a smart and clever politician, and all the best qualities were gathered in his amazing Personality. We have a separate homeland just because of his efforts, struggle. Quaid-Azam has the principle liking Personality. His political life and also personal life in both he showed his principle liking Personality. He was the man having discipline and spirit? Gandhi died by the hand of an assassin, Jinnah died by his devotion to Pakistan. He was loyal and always tried to solve the matters with honesty.

His decision depended on the truth. Gandhi said about Quaid e Azam:. He has a graceful personality. Quaid e Azam continued his struggle for freedom of the Muslims of the subcontinent even in his illness. He did not care about his health for the freedom of the Muslim. The great work shows his strong Personality. I do not believe in taking the right decision; I take the decision and make it right. Quaid-e-Azam has the persistence of nature, and he believed.

He was the person having strong decision power. He never changes his decision again and again. He was a great leader and a human being and. His leadership gave us a place to live freely. His strong leadership and the way of determination are the best expertise for us to follow. The father of the nation Quaid-a-Azam blessed us with he safe place to move freely, and it is all due to his strong leadership and sincere effort. He gave us freedom. He gave the message of equality and brotherhood.

In short, he was the man of great courage and determination. Because he sold firm we are breathing in free air. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a tall, brave, honest, intelligent and elderly man. He was a model of sincerity. He was independent of opinion.


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Tahreem Shaikh. Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. No notes for slide. A short essay on Mohammad Ali Jannah 1. Later he attended the Mission High School, where, at the age of 16, he passed the matriculation examination of the University of Bombay. On the advice of an English friend, his father decided to send him to England to acquire business experience. Jinnah, however, had made up his mind to become a barrister.

In keeping with the custom of the time, his parents arranged for an early marriage for him before he left for England. He never allowed his passions to interfere into his affairs. His arguments against or in favour of a matter were very clear and conveying. Through this great quality he failed the Hindu intrigues and the English mind and succeeded in his mission.

He got a separate homeland for the Muslims of sub continent. Sincerely and devotion are essential virtues for success. He was upright and honest He never worked for his personal gain or fame. He devoted all his time and energy to work for the achievement of Pakistan.

He was always ready to serve others. Although his health was poor yet he worked hard for his nation. He liked his people and worked for them. The Quaid worked selflessly for the Indian Muslims. After Pakistan was made he continued to work hard for them until his death He never stopped his work.

He advised the whole nation to work He said "work, work and work" He put the same thing into practice. During the struggle for Paksitan the Quaid-i-Azam had to make a lot of speeches. He impressed the audience because he was a very good orator. He delivered his speech very effectively. He discussed all the important aspects of the subject in his speech. When he spoke in the constituent assembly.

The discussed its functions clearly and proved himself a very successful public speaker. There was a great awe in his voice. Everybody listened to him attentively. Hard work is key to success. The Quaid-i-Azam knew it. He was a hard working and industrious person. They too like him much.

Moreover he refused to take rest. He made long tours of India to awaken the Muslims. He had to solve all the problems but he never showed a sign of exhaustion. This quality of our great leader infused new spirit in the Muslims. At last he succeeded to create a new homeland for the Muslims of India. Today we are enjoying freedom in an independent country.

It is the result of effort or our great leader the Quaid-i-Azam. Skip to main content. Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

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So, he left his practice newly state Pakistan, he fixed. He had to face a All Indian Muslim League. He quaid e azam short easy essay law at Lincoln' homeland for the Muslims. He was born in Karachi came into being on 14 th August He be came. These demands were rejected by. December 26, at am. Then he started his efforts his words and the greatest spokesman, he always stood like a rock in front of opponents and never lay down. He was a good lawyer. He was a man of for the freedom of Muslims of British India and planned to create an independent state Pakistan. He started his practice in.

Essay on Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah the founder of Pakistan, was born on December 25, , in a house known as Wazir Mansion located in Karachi. His. Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah is our national hero. He is Pakistan's founder and the savior of a hundred million Indian Muslims. He is properly referred to. He was a sincere and devoted leader of the Muslims. He was an intelligent and lively thinker. He awakened the Muslims from their slumber. He.