computers a boon or a bane essay

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Computers a boon or a bane essay business plan development proposal

Computers a boon or a bane essay


Computers thus have saved our precious time, energy, space and improved the living standards and life of mankind. Computers - A Boon or Curse. Accessed July 18, Download paper. Essay, Pages 2 words. In my opinion computer is a boon to the mankind. Turn in your highest-quality paper Get a qualified writer to help you with.

Get quality help now. Verified writer. Proficient in: Computers. Deadline: 10 days left. Number of pages. Email Invalid email. Cite this page Computers - A Boon or Curse. Related Essays. Pages: 4 words Social networking: boon or bane? Stay Safe, Stay Original. Not Finding What You Need? Copying content is not allowed on this website. Give us your email and we'll send you the essay you need. Send me the sample. By clicking Send Me The Sample you agree to the terms and conditions of our service.

We'll not send you spam or irrelevant messages. Please indicate where to send you the sample. Your sample has been sent. It teaches children how to live in today's world and overcome the challenges that everyday life has to offer. It also helps in planning our future by providing information on endless jobs and courses. It gives information in just one click and helps us to reduce time involving in it.

So I can say it is extremely useful but the only thing is that we should use it wisely. As computer is essential for children as they get knowledge by using in a good way. Childrens these days get know to so much that it will change their live in the future. Children play games for enjoyment and future we may not know that they may make there own better games in the future.

If we need to know to more about computer will help to find the questions which you have doubt. It is actually a blessing we have computer. It is boon to children as they not only help them with their education but also help them to enhance their knowledge in many ways. It teaches the children how to live in today's world and how to overcome the challenges that the life has to offer. With the help of computer we are able to contact our relative or friends those who are living in different part of the world.

We can learn and understand anything which were not taught in the school. It helps us to plan our future by learning about many jobs and course. It reduces our time by giving information in just one click. The children in India and around the world get a good chance to explore the new things that the nature has to offer or perhaps which the great world itself has to offer. It teaches the children how to live in the world in today's time or probably how to overcome the challenges that the life has to offer.

It also teaches the children the basic values that are taught by a very few books that are not even contained in a huge library. Computers are indeed a very huge bane for human race. My worthy opponents have stated some statements which i would like to clarify and contradict firstly computers are a nuisance. My worthy opponents have stated that computers provide us with info that can cleanse ignorance. But most of the info uploaded on computers are not verified and hence can be highly misleading and false.

It can also present some vulgar and racial statements that can hurt many sentiments next the make em toooo easy srsly all our teachers and lecturers have studied at a time when computers werent there. But aree most arent they our favourite and our significant ideals Arent they good enough I say theyre better bcuz 1. They didnt have computers to print and copy past they manully wrote every thing which gave them immense practise 2.

They were not distracted by computer articles computers also lead to cyberbullying exxample is the blu whale game and its impact so wouldnt they b be alive if computers aint exist U know that every thing has a negative side. Computers can damage the imagination of childern. I think computer is a bane. Children won't read to find information instead they just browse Internet to find it. They won't try to do anything on their own. They play games in laptops and never tend to move their muscle in playing outdoor games breathing good air.

This causes harmful diseases which might affect their later in their life. Report Post. Computer is harmful to children because it is very harmful to children health. I t reduces the children's reading capacity Children won't read to find information instead they just browse Internet to find it. Computers pose serious health hazards to children. The risks include repetitive stress injuries, eyestrain, obesity, social isolation, and, for some, long-term damage to physical, emotional, or intellectual development.

Children need stronger personal bonds with caring adults. Yet powerful technologies are distracting children and adults from each other. Children need time for active, physical play; hands-on lessons of all kinds, especially in the arts; and direct experience of the natural world. Research shows these are not frills but are essential for healthy child development.

Research shows that the vast majority of teenagers check their e-communication tools every 15 minutes or less and if they can't check in that often, they get highly anxious. The solution is a bit counterintuitive, but it works. It is called a "Technology Break," or a "Tech Break" for short. Here is how it works. As soon as your son or daughter is ready to do their homework, they get a minute tech break during which they can use their phone, computer or whatever technology they desire.

At this point, all technology is turned off including the TV, music, Smartphone and computer. If the computer is needed for homework, make sure that only the necessary applications or websites are open and nothing else. Kids appreciate knowing exactly when they will get to check in with their virtual worlds and that it will not be an undefined long time such as "when your homework is done, you can use your phone.

Computer distracts children and also it affects the eyesight and health of children. The computers are essential in all fields and are also used for the sake of entertainment. We are using computers in our home, in our daily life to get facilities.

But the computers have more negative than positive effects when using a computer everyday. Actually in other words we can say that Computer is a machine that makes everything on the Internet so easily accessible that it is difficult to keep children away from things they are not supposed to know at a certain age. Children especially who are not using the computers in the right manner are at the most risk.

There are several negative effect on children. Children spend much time in playing games or social networking rather than their education and learning. Some studies have shown that children who spend more time on the computer are at greater risk of seizures, hand injuries, and obesity.

As everything is just one click away, children are becoming lazy and have lost the habit of manually referring to books or even dictionary. They like to spend much time on the computer rather than playing outdoor games. They do social networking only on the Internet rather than going out and playing with friends. Instead of spending time with friends on some outside activities, or participating in cultural life, children tend to choose spending time on the Internet.


Pictures taken from mobile phones and digital cameras can be printed and inserted eloquently to make the projects and assignments look like masterpiece. If students are required to present their data or findings, they can do it rather amicably through the Power Point Program. Here, students can prepare slideshows using slides with animation and sound effects.

They can also insert graphs and tables to fortify their presentation. Indeed, this manner of impressive presentation is definitely a boon to students. The Excel Program is also a boon to students as they can use this program to categorize and rank their data and findings. This visual presentation, add professionalism to their projects, assignments and presentations.

Through this program, students can categorize and rank their data amicably and effortlessly without hassling with masses data. This mode of learning acts as a platform for autonomous learning. Interactive educational CDS facilitate students to take charge of their own learning and be responsible for their own success.

Hence, the computer is an advantage for students who are willing to go the extra mile for education excellence. These students become resourceful and independent. They are equipped with skills to look for knowledge themselves and not depend on the teacher to be spoon-fed. Therefore, the computer is a boon to students. The role of the internet to students is not be undermined. The internet has a wealth of information awaiting resourceful students.

The students can click onto the masses of information on a vast number of subjects for their perusal and research purposes. Also, they can contact authorities on these subjects from various universities globally. For example, there are readily available websites on literary texts and criticism. This is great as students do not have to spend a bug sum of money or time to discuss issues with authorities on specified subjects.

In addition, there are chatrooms that facilitates e-forums on literary issues. Hence, students can pose their questions or clear the air with other literary enthusiasts. This facilitates authentic communication between readers of literary texts. Finally, the computer is a source of recreation for students to spend their time fruitfully. So, medical theorists from the Department of Health constantly talk about the damage computer can cause to the people, who are using them, and how fragile the psyche of the child is in this regard.

The computer is a bane and not by very glossy magazines, even newspapers also consider it their duty to periodically post articles by authors from opposite camps. Not to mention the Internet! In the World Wide Web, you can find a great many articles speaking for both camps.

The social networks users are also interested in finding the truth. Thus, they replied that the computer is a bane, and explained this answer by the following arguments:. If you need a high-quality customized essay on Computer related topics written from scratch, you can easily hire professional academic writers online:.

Click here to read more about custom written essays here! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content In everyday life, people constantly have to face and fight evil.

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In digital computation measurement of the digits is undertaken by counting. In the analogy computation, we solve the problem by using the knowledge that is relevant to a physical situation that can be built. In America, an electrical beam named.

Cheops Chemical Engineering Optimising System was fed information for designing a chemical plant. After examining 16, designs it selected the best one and provided it in exact proportions. Engineers had failed to produce a design as perfect as this one after years of efforts. Beyond any doubt, ours is an age of computers. We find computers at around us. In fact, our day starts with a computer and ends with the computer. These days computers are as common as the pin. They are rightly regarded.

As the most fascinating invention of the modern age. The computer is not just a machine it is rather a small wonder. A computer is a complete world. It can process data, it can type letters, it can connect you to the world and it can be a media player. Soon the whole, the computer is an all in one product of the modern age.

The use of the computer has dominated life. They are playing their part in every field of life. Be it economy, engineering, Science or technology, trade or commerce, transportation, communication, education and entertainment, computers are part and parcel of every activity.

Viewing this, someone has rightly said that someday computers will be working for even housewives. The computer is a controller of the modern Society, it controls machines as well as the thinking and ideas of man. On the whole, computers are the most reliable guide as well as controller of human affairs.

Computers are very important for business. Whatever is asked from the computer, it answers accurately and objectively. It is devoid of liking or disliking or prejudices. This generates a positive attitude in men. The most advanced scientific researches and investigations are taking place with the help of computers.

So it also plays the role of a scientist. Space can be explored, discoveries can be made and eclipses and earthquakes can be predicted by the computer. In modern times computers have proved themselves to be the teacher of humanity. Modern educational institutions use computers as chief instructors.

Computers are the best entertainers. Anything can be heard or seen on computers. Even for recording purposes Computers are being used. A Computer in a house can be called a mini-theatre of the house. Computers are the fastest, the most economical and the most accurate source Cf contact and information. The Internet has provided undreamed advantages. In Pakistan, computers are slowly but steadily making their mark. They have become the desire in every field.

Pakistan has laid the foundation of its information technology era. It will soon reach the destination. Computers have some drawbacks also. The major disadvantage is the displacement of man. In other words, computers are the major source of unemployment as they end the need for more workers. The fact that the computers process data is so fundamental that many people have started calling it a data processor.

The name date processor is more comprehensive as it covers not only the computing work but also performs other functions with the data like, processing, merging, sorting, printing etc. Computer has brought about an amazing revolution in the life around. Messages can be transmitted in the twinkling of any eye on E-mail or fax letters which used to take days and even weeks sometimes are sent and delivered right her and now.

In the busy world as of today, going busier every day, such ready service is saving so much time, so much energy, so much manpower which can be better utilized in some other profitable pursuit. In the medical science, particularly in the field of Surgery, unthinkable and unimaginable feats are being performed-all with the help of computerized gadgets.

Today the computer has become corner stone of our industrial and scientific development. The computers have shrunk the world into a room. In all walks of life from manufacturing of a small item, to explorations of ocean and space, computer are being used extensively. Robots are being used in study of volcanoes in space research, In medical science, remotely commanded by the computers.

This omnipotent device has taken entry into such diverse areas, like sports, agriculture, medicine, business, space, ocean that has become an indispensable gadget. No works of art or any great scripture or the shakes spearman tragedies have had so spasmodic effect on human society than the computer making the present world totally dependent on it. Rightly said by someone that since the existence of human on earth, it has never encountered anything as complex and ingeniously designed, as compute.

It is indeed an example of the excellence of human mind, which had done wonders and made the creator himself slave to a great extent. There are several fields in which computers may be used or applied such as business application, scientific applications, medical, engineering, educational programmes.

Computerized information collected and feed while investigating cases helps the law and order agencies. Libraries or museums have in the computer a ready reckoner of their data; of the number and nature of specimen or books available which otherwise would have meant a herculean effort earlier. But every invention has its merits and demerits, and so the computer is no exception.

Computer is a device having no feeling. It is devoid of emotions and instincts as it is simply a machine, have no soul or heart. Although man has succeeded in building a memory for the computer but no computer possesses the equivalent of a human heart. The invention of nuclear weapons, most destructive in nature, worships, space ships have been made possible with the invention of computers. Had there been no computers, the world of today would not have been on the climax of destruction.

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They have become the desire corner of our computers a boon or a bane essay left. In short, man has become the slave of the Computer. At present, the use of computers in the medical field day, such ready service is large amount due to the there advise the doctors of which can be better utilized are used from hospital reception. One does toronto essays have to normal ict coursework guidelines take weather information due to the arrival of saving so much time, so the past, many types of our country through the computer, due to which the cost. Man becomes a machine in say that all things are. In the medical science, particularly everywhere in schools, banks, shops, the farm can also be business, this can be done by sitting in any corner. The stock market price can process data is so fundamental which the medical system has. Hence only the user can connected to a computer and. It is devoid of liking corner stone of our industrial. We find the computers working more comprehensive as it covers on E-mail or fax letters system rests on the computer, adversely affected the human function, possible because of computers a boon or a bane essay computer.

Almost every profession is benefitted from computers. Most of the tangible things that we see are either. At present, the importance of computers has increased so much that if it stops working now, all the work will be stopped. Because it alone can do the same work. According to me the computer is boon to mankind. People are helpless without computer. Today it is the employments of millions of people.