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Taxation essay questions how to write title of a book

Taxation essay questions

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The earned revenue is also spent on the justice system and regulation by the national government. Re-pricing- Governments use the re-pricing concept of taxation in order to discourage the consumption of faulty and defective goods in the society. Re-pricing is believed to be the authoritative purpose of the taxation. Goods like tobacco and alcohol are such products the consumption of which affects both the society and the consumer.

Excise duty is the examples of such taxation. Redistribution- In every country, there is economic discrimination prevailing in society, and every nation tries fully to minimize it. In order to impose higher tax rates on the higher income group, the countries use progressive taxation and lower tax rates or some time no tax to the lower-income groups. This purpose of taxation is also known as the redistribution of taxation. This means the government earns wealth from the more affluent class of the society and then allocates it to the economically less furnished section of the community.

Representation- The government applies various types of taxes. The tax rates to be inflicted on the society are also changeable on multiple grounds. The primary purpose of the tax distribution is to scatter the load of tax among the diverse classes and people of society. Taxes are imposed on the community in order to support the poor and tax those who are working says the social security system of the modern world.

Must View: Free Summary Essay Sample on Caring For The Elderly Various objectives of taxation The different objectives of taxation are summarized as under: Regulatory objective- In different socio-financial factors, taxation works on an essential dominant part.

The objective of improving revenue- The primary purpose of taxation is growing earnings. Modern government authorities need a tremendous amount of national defence, development of facilities and social upliftment techniques make regular and methodical source mobilization necessary. Regulating imports and exports- Imports of unwanted products can be controlled by magnificent excessively great transfer responsibilities.

Exports can be motivated by cutting liabilities and taxation on exports. Economic development- Concerning the nationwide product the Economic growth is calculated, i. Taxation can be utilized as a catalyst to anyone or all the three areas by careful changes in the tax prices. He leases the store.

He incurred start-up costs and large inventory costs for buying food in bulk. He had to purchase three large tables and a machine that moves the food to higher shelves for storage. He even hired five people: a groomer, two clerks, a stock person, and a bookkeeper. Unfortunately, his bookkeeper has accounting experience but no tax experience. Now, he is lost. How does he handle the start-up costs? What kinds of assets can he depreciate? What kinds of records should he keep?

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QUESTIONS OF TAXATION FRAMED AS. ACCOUNTING HISTORICAL RESEARCH: A SUGGESTED APPROACH. Abstract: This review essay suggests considerations to be addressed. Teacher's Edition for Taxes with Discussion & Essay Questions designed by master teachers and experts who have taught Taxes. two essay questions (Questions 37 and 38). An hour and a half (90 minutes) is recommended for the multiple choice questions, and two hours is recommended.