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To be able to intrigue a reader, the most important thing is to have great characters. Characters should live, feel, express, and act like real people to be seen as genuine. A great way to get to know your characters is to ask questions about them and answer as honestly as possible from their perspective. Use as many or as few as you want and get to know your characters more closely. Use the questions as you would in an interview. I personally find this easier to get into the heads of my characters. What is your full name?

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A street quarrel essay


Where families lived together in a house, have a common courtyard. Also, have a common bathroom and common tap, quarrels are the order of the day. There are quarrels between taxi-driver and tonga-wala and the passengers. Last Sunday, I witnessed a terrible quarrel. It is a holiday, I was enjoying a nap in the noon. All of sudden, loud cries and shouts of abuses made me jump up. I rushed to the scene of the quarrel. Ere long, I knew what had led to a quarrel.

Our neighbour, Prem, had come by rickshaw from the bus stand. He had not cared to settle the fare with the taxi driver beforehand. When you got down from the rickshaw, he offered 30 rupees to the driver. But the latter refused to accept the same. He demanded 50 rupees. But the Prem was not going to pay even a single rupee more. The driver, at last, accepted 30 rupees, but growled and uttered some abusive nonsense.

On hearing, Prem flew into a temper. He pounced upon the rickshaw driver like a tiger. The driver, though he had a long tongue in his mouth, was a bundle of bones. He fell, crushed under a heavyweight of Prem. But the shopkeeper now told him that goods once sold could not be returned. They started arguing.

In the meantime, a large number of people gathered there. They intervened in the matter. Some sided with the customer while others sided with the shopkeeper. From hot words, the customer and the shopkeeper came to blows. At last, some people separated them. Somebody rang up the police. Soon a policeman reached the noisy scene. He interrogated the people about the matter and took both the customer and the shopkeeper to the police station.

The crowd that had gathered there then melted away. Street quarrels are a general phenomenon seen in every village and town. The reasons for these quarrels are quite small, but their consequences are very severe. One fine Sunday morning, I was studying as usual. All of a sudden, I heard a noise in the street. I kept my books aside and went to see what the matter was.

I found a young man fighting with a rickshaw puller. Many people had gathered over there. They were fighting over the payment of the fare. The rickshaw puller demanded ten rupee but the passenger was willing to pay him only five rupees. They were abusing each other. After some heated arguments, the rickshaw puller gave one blow on the nose of the passenger and tore his shirt.

The passenger hit him back in the same manner. The crowd increased in a flash. Some took the side of the passenger while others took the side of the rickshaw puller. Soon an aged, man came over there and solved the problem. Thus, the useless quarrel ended with a compromise. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. English Essays.

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Soon, an older man of the street assembled there. They also went to the police station and the quarrel was amicably settled. A Street Quarrel. Man and quarreling are as if inseparable. We find men and women quarreling everywhere at home, in offices, in society, in Government, and so much so that, quarrels sometimes even come out on the streets. Once I had the merry occasion of witnessing a quarrel a street. I had just come out of my house, and, as I turned towards the market there I saw a huge crowd in the middle of the road that led to the market.

Wondering what could have happened, I also just joined the bandwagon of excited people, and, forgetting my work, I stood there with the rest of the crowd. I stood there for quite some ten minutes but just could not understand what had actually happened. After frittering away some time, I finally asked the people there, as to what had happened.

The story that followed my query was absolutely shocking and I was all out of my wits hearing all that trash. I just wondered at the pettiness of the human mind that could make such a loud rumpus about a thing that I considered nothing worthy of even talking about. The story that emerged was that one neighbor had hit with a stick the dog of another neighbor. It had so happened that, one Mr. Just as the dog was busy hitting the ball while holding it in its paws, Mr.

The quarrel started with the pet puppy who was not even hurt, but, continued to bring in its trail, members of both families. After the men forming a line of battle, women followed suit and several came out to see what was happening and to add to the crowd and noise. When I reached the spot the scene that was in front of me just shocked me all out of my wits.

I came to know the occasion for the broil and, lo and behold when I just reached there, the two main contestants, the two neighbors who had just started with an argument had now come to blows and a volley of abuses. The crowd was also very neatly divided between the two sides, one faction siding each of the fighters.

There were abuses, blows and shouting, and screeching all the while, coming from both sides, one being louder than the other. A small altercation that could have, and actually should have ended with an argument maybe for a few minutes without anyone even knowing about it all, became a loud and ugly rumpus as though a magnum problem had arisen.

This incident, a quarrel on the street brought about to a halt all the traffic, and so many people came to know about the differences between the two neighbors. This incident on the road brings to my mind quite a few ugly habits of us human beings. First and foremost, I just could not understand why an altercation at all, more so when the dog was not even hurt at all, where was the need even for a heated argument?

Besides this, another ugly facet of human character this incident depicted was that we all yes all add to any trouble we find around us. Instead of helping to cool the matters ahead, we are inclined to add to fury maybe even to settle our scores with people. We have lost all patience, tolerance, and semblance of good behavior.

How we can bring small quarrels on the road and wash our dirty linen in front of all, is just beyond my understanding. This shows that we are just not even the least bothered about What people may think of us if we misbehave. This little street quarrel made me wiser than before and, I started understanding the low depths that human behavior and human relationships have gone to.

It was an eye-opener and I, for one, promised myself never to behave so vulgar, like a street urchin. Street quarrels are so common these days. We hear of one quarrel or the other every day. They cause a lot of excitement and lead to serious consequences. Last Monday, as I was returning from school morning. I saw a large crowd of people gathered in front of a shop.

Your email address will not be published. About Vision Website Inauguration Function. A good number of children were playing in the street. And what were they playing? Of course, cricket and that with a hard, heavy rubber ball. It so happens that while playing the ball fell on the bare head of a small boy, Rahul. He became unconscious and now all the trouble started.

The team companions of Rahul rushed to his parents. The father showed some patience, but the mother of the boy began to cry loudly and call names to Sahil whose ball had hit Rahul and his parents. The parents of Sahil who lived a few doors away also came out. Then the younger ones and supporters of the two families started using physical force against each other.

Indeed, it was a free for all and had it been a show in a film instead of its being a real happening, it would have been worth watching for all lovers of fun and adventure. The denouement came when the police suddenly arrived and saw the melodramatic performances of the crazy people in a crazy locality and perhaps in a crazy town with their own eyes.

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