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To be able to intrigue a reader, the most important thing is to have great characters. Characters should live, feel, express, and act like real people to be seen as genuine. A great way to get to know your characters is to ask questions about them and answer as honestly as possible from their perspective. Use as many or as few as you want and get to know your characters more closely. Use the questions as you would in an interview. I personally find this easier to get into the heads of my characters. What is your full name?

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Public observation essay


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Outside the corridors signs are displayed neatly showing where the locations of facilities and location of material for certain subjects are located with silence caution signs in every corner, rules and regulations are also well displayed in the information board. For asking for assistance from the support staff one has either walk up to the front desk or raise their had up, then the support staff would get the cue and immaculately walk to the table that the person with the query is stationed.

The queries were done in a hushed manner or in signs as the support staffs were all equipped with their own sign language with the patrons. The culture of the library generally has been observed with every states having similar standard, though most practiced by most libraries are based on strict regulation imposed on the patrons and the library staff by the committee that manages and runs the faculties.

Library has been viewed to be a source of knowledge and a serene environment for taking self tutored studies or a place for doing own research and assignments Ramey, This is an archive for information and is usually like the public library that I frequented that is free for the population of the state and that there is no gender discrimination but a facility for all. The norms that are associated with the library that I frequented were mostly regulation that were mandating that the physical setup be at all times remain and be compliant with a learning sphere with total silence maintained at all time.

Some of the most advertised and prohibited rules were noise, cigarettes smoking, drinks and food stuffs, bags nor were parcels not allowed in the library there was a place that was provided for keeping personal belonging not allowed in the library. Only the ladies were allowed in the library with their handbags, this I observed that others like the male bag packs were not allowed inside the library.

These rules were at all times required to be adhered to and those found flaunting them were asked to either leave the premise or stop them by the library staff. At first I had a complex time adjusting in the new atmosphere although it was much like the classroom setup. However, the only thing I had trouble getting along with is leaving my bag at the entrance as each and every time I was cautioned by entering with the bag pack in the library.

However, the experience was mind blowing all the books that I had been only longing to read but could not afford due limitation in finances were all there. I had an excellent time which I am quite sure I will make it a regular activity in my programs to once be frequenting a public library. The place offered solace from the busy traffic and human activities noises, the place can help one gain ample knowledge and proper academically.

Within the complex there was no gender or sex limitation as all were in accordance to the favoured sitting location allowed to assume any sitting location Ramey, These facets made it easy for even new patron disregarding their nationality, sex and race to blend in because there was a welcoming and homely atmosphere regulated by less communication just an occasional nod here and there. Most of the patrons I noticed were middle age in their late thirties, and they were very busy with the materials they were reading.

Most were in company of two or three all in working attires smartly dressed, they all had the corporate style of clothing. Every now and then another group or a sole patron would come in this was during the lunch and in the evening. The library was mostly deserted after lunch and then people would start flowing from four in the evening till closing time. From my observation the middle aged patron that I took keen interest on were either researching for work materials and others just were reading materials that suggested they were in pursuing further education Ramey, The youth that were in the library as I later got acquitted with one of them said acclaimed that although library is not viewed as a cool place, though it is a safe haven for those who are interested in furthering their education.

From the observation this were mostly the bright kids that faired well in their education except for a view who came just to pass time and annoy other patrons in the library. The experiences were awesome considering the incident of forgetting to leave the bag pack at the entrance bags section.

I enjoyed the serene ambiance that was relaxing from the hustle and bustle of the crowded and noisy experience in the school library. This experience has equipped me with ample observation techniques that enhance my data collection techniques that would also add value to my learning of this subject. Integration of the analysis and evaluation of the setup of the library has not only helped but has offered a new venture that is favourable for enhancing my learning ability as I have discovered the importance of frequenting a library outside school.

There was a very miniscule amount of people in all the lanes. Yet, when a slow person pulls out into the fast lane in messes up the flow of traffic and keeping up with the flow of traffic is everything. It allows for traffic to keep moving at a good constant speed and kind of disables the amount of traffic that gets consumed in rush hour every day from 3 pm to 7 pm.

So not only does slow driving in the fast lane affect the flow of traffic, but it can affect entire rush hour traffic as well. Most students, including myself, walk through campus having their headphones in their ears, coffee in hand, and eyes on the ground in front of them. They use Memorial Union as a study spot or a place to grab Starbucks, and use the columns on the quad to sit and relax in the sunlight.

Little do they realize that the architecture surrounding them memorialize so much historical events and people. During this memorial tour around both MU and Columbia, I learned to notice and appreciate the intentions of places I had been numerous times. Linnaeus University 's library is a big library. It has three floors. There are number of staff members who always help to the students to find different books as well as to use the computers. All of the university students come here. Some students come here to take books for reading at home and some students prefer to read the books in the library.

Arizona Western College is very busy during the fall semester, there are many students so as a result classrooms are always packed, Starbucks is always busy and the cafeteria is usually crowded. While walking around campus you see students and staff members participating in different activities such as working on homework, having lunch, or sitting at a table with friends to have a decent conversation.

Students like Johnathon Valenzuela a 22 years old who is currently in his second year at Arizona Western College as a student and an employee in hopes of obtaining an art degree. Usually people. She had a lot of troubles in class to start but she found a few ways to cope.

One of the ways is that she had upperclassmen take notes for her and she studied constantly. She wanted to be a law student so she read all of the law books that the library could offer. She did her best to stay active in class and lip read the professor. It was very difficult sometimes but in the end she graduated as one of the top in her class.

One Interesting part of yearbook is that it's more open than other classes mostly because our class is in a library and people come in and out and, our teacher is out of my site. When I was working there were times when I would need to go to another class and get some pictures and I would, but then I would have to take.

Luckily the meeting was in english however and I didn 't have to find an alternative. The meeting was located in a room that was off to the side. It was a pretty big room and when I arrived there were already a lot of people around. The room was setup with multiple rows of chairs forming a semicircle around a long table.

I had heard that different members take turns leading the meeting and because the table looked like a place where the person leading the meeting would sit I introduced myself to the women standing next to it. The Conscious Contact group meetings are open to the public and the meeting schedule is published online on the Inter Group Alcoholic Anonymous of New York website. There are plenty of group meetings held in all five boroughs of New York City and in various neighborhoods to make it accessible for all.

When walking into the room I felt extremely nervous and conscious of myself and I kept thinking of being as unobtrusive as possible in my observations to not offend anyone in the group or disrupt the group dynamic with my presence as a foreigner. However, I was shocked by the atmosphere of warmth, togetherness and openness that the group had and everyone was quite welcoming of my presence and had no trouble introducing themselves to me or having me observing the group and taking.

Alex was observed most of the period to be standing at a table Eating and talking with other students. On three separate occasions and Alex walked over to other tables and what made comments that could be considered unexpected. These comments resulted in laughter by the children at Alex table but not always the table he directed the comment to.

Within a resource room observation Alexan with his head on the desk. The previous period in music exploration he was asked to leave the classroom due to his disruptive behaviors. Typically, types of public spaces are street, public squares, community area, communal space, parks… For a limitation extent, the public spaces are divided in many spaces which can open for freely accessing such as public libraries, although they have limited accessing or restricted.

People demonstrating this set of mannerisms seemed to have come to the square largely for the interactions with the advertisers and other students. This group of students walked through the square sedately, stopping frequently to talk with the advertisers or friends they see moving through the square.

In an attempt to better understand the interactions with the advertisers I employed a different technique of observation in which I actively approached the advertisers as a student of the second group of people. Much as Bohannon felt that taking part in the storytelling traditions in the town was a useful tool in examining how other cultures would view the story of Hamlet, I felt that the best way to understand the interactions of the students was to follow their lead and talk to the advertisers.

It also allowed me to get close enough to hear the interactions of this group of students without sticking out from the crowd.


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Download this essay on Public Observation and + more example essays written by professionals and your peers. We are expected to behave a certain way in public determined by our culture as to what is acceptable. Some people stay well within the lines while some might. Public Space Observation Rachael Blouw Doctor Henderson World Urban Sociology For this project, I went to the University Center main lobby to observe.