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Cause essay french revolution


One of the general causes of the French Revolution was the social structure and the inequalities of the French Revolution, causing a social and political rebellion in France. The cause of this was the American Revolution. This caused France ending up being financially unstable. Because of this, it was very hard for the Third Estate to live. It was even becoming difficult to buy bread. This is why then the middle class and the philosophers began to stand up. In , the estate general assembly was called to discuss the tax issues.

On May 5, the third estate demanded a one man one vote right. Due to the right not being granted, on June 20th, , all the third estate declared itself a National Assembly at the tennis court. The food prices were also increasing, and so the third estate attacked the Bastille Prison on July 14, Even women had started revolting at this point.

At this point then, the food price and tax situations were over, and all the privileges of the first and second estate were also removed. They divide it into the legislative, executive, and judicative branch. Franch had started becoming a constitutional monarchy from a monarchy. In the French Society, men had also started getting back basic human rights, such as right before life, freedom of speech, and equality before the law. In , France had started to take the aid of political clubs.

They were held for people who wanted to discuss government issues and wanted to plan forms of action. The most famous club was called the Jacobin Club and was lead by Maximilian Robespierre. On September 21st of , France became completely free of the monarch system and established a republic society. Anyone who opposed him immediately got harshly punished. Because of his rule, France had some bad outcomes and led people to revolt against him as well.

Now, the Jacobin power was abolished, and the rich began to get power again. A new constitution was made. Due to the constitution 2 legislative councils and a directory, with 5 men was also made. Soon after, the directory and the legislative council started having fights. Napoleon Bonaparte, a military officer, took advantage of these fights. Slowly making his way up, Napoleon Bonaparte finally ruled France in Bonaparte followed a strategic plan after he became the ruler of France.

In , Bonaparte lost the battle of Waterloo. His army had a crushing defeat, so he stepped down from his throne. He was exiled to the remote island of Saint Helena, where he died at 51, due to stomach cancer. The French Revolution was caused by social, political and economic problems and left a huge impact on France. Since France spent more than it made, the third class was suppressed with taxes while the first and second class laid back. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. We will occasionally send you account related emails. This essay is not unique. A Frenchmen's estate had a direct impact on his rights. The first and second estates were the privileged classes. They were exempt from paying many taxes, yet they held most of the money. The first and second estates were also the only members in society who could hold positions of importance such as military officers or political offices.

The third estate consisted of the commoners. The bourgeoisie, or middle class, were by far the wealthiest. The French Revolution was a prominent revolution of its time. The results of the revolution resolved many of the causes that began the Revolution. The French Revolution was caused by an assortment of factors. The French Revolution is often considered a political revolution with good reason. The French Revolution was a peculiar revolution of its time.

The French Revolution of had many long-range causes. During the time before the French Revolution, there were three social classes in France. The American Revolution played a crucial role in the French Revolution. Three main causes were class hatred, the monarchy, and the American Revolution. The Enlightenment and the political leaders led France to financial problems, causing the French Revolution. An example of a cause of the French Revolution is the dominance of the Enlightenment ideas during that time.

One cause of the French Revolution was the formation of the National Assembly, which was the representation of the French people. Another cause of the French Revolution was the storming of the Bastille. Since the beginning of our history, revolutions have had complex causes and left long lasting impacts on people's lives. The French revolution is an example is an example of a war that starts from a series of problems. The causes of the French Revolution were the absolute government, the countries" financial difficulties, and the people's social causes.

The French had an absolute government, which caused a big problem for the French people. Finally, along with the government and money, the social causes are enough to start the French revolution. The French Revolution was believed to be the bourgeois revolution for the noble cause of equality.

The French Revolution took place from to The second cause of the revolution can be considered to be the American Revolution. Another immediate cause of the French Revolution is the rising price of the bread. Such was the conditions before the revolution and some of these caused the revolution to take place.

The French Revolution unleashed many new forces and destroyed old ones. The immediate cause of the French Revolution were that the Estate-General had to assemble. The revolution unified France and enhanced the power of the national state. The French Revolution was a classic political and social experience.

Alex Zhang Mr.

Custom definition essay writer service us Soon after, the directory and the legislative council started having fights. The wars and ultimate defeat also put France in a crisis regarding foreign trade. Peasants and the middle class had to pay unfair feudal dues, taxes on land, taxes on food, and taxes to the king, lord of manor, and to the church. The greatest single cause of the revolution was the economic crisis, which forced the King to recall cause essay french revolution redundant Estates General which had not been called sincewhich opened the debate for people to make complaints with the current system through the cahiers of the three Estates. The first and second estates were also the only members in society who could hold positions of importance such as military officers or political offices.
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The third estate, or the poorest social group, held very little rights socially or politically. But some of them, such as doctors and lawyers, were educated and could read the new ideas of government from philosophers. For example, philosophers like John Locke, Montesquieu, and Rousseau.

The Revolution came from then-the middle class. The working classes were incapable of starting or controlling the Revolution. They were just beginning to learn to read. ROI These men spoke of democratic governments, with certain freedoms and natural rights. Eventually, the people of the third estate began to question their government in France, and by the standards of these philosophers, demanded change. The cahiers reflect the ideas of the Enlightenment such as democracy and equality.

That every tax … be granted [by the Estates General] only for a limited time. That the taille [a tax on land] be borne equally by all classes…. The meetings of the Estates General … shall be scheduled for definite times…. In order to assure the third estate the influence it deserves because of its numbers,…its votes in the assembly should be taken and counted by head. The National Assembly guaranteed citizens equal justice, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.

The National Assembly took over church lands and sold them to pay debt. September , National Assembly completed a constitution that made France a constitutional monarchy. As an economic cause, the unfair taxes also proved a cause for the French Revolution. There is an injustice in levying the amount each person must pay. Lands held by the nobility are taxed very little. Lands held by commoners are taxed heavily…. September 5, The poor people seem very poor indeed.

The children are terribly ragged. June 10, The lack of bread is terrible. Stories arrive every moment from the provinces of riots…. This causes great misery. July …. I was joined by a poor woman who complained of the hard times. However, the richest estates, the clergy and nobles, paid little taxes or none at all despite their excess money, large land plots, and position and interaction with the government.

This unfair system angered the third estate, and prompted revolution. As a social cause, in France there was a large gap between the rich and poor. There are very few members in the first and second estates, yet they owned the most land, while the third estate made up most of the population, yet owned very little land.

The leader of these revolutions was called Napoleon; after his win, he created a new French Consulate with himself as its leader. A majority of the people in the society were in the third Estates. This Estate was responsible for paying most of the taxes while the rest of the upper Estate enjoyed a life full of wealth and luxury. Most of the best job were reserved for people in the first and second Estates. The revolution resulted to ascent in power of Napoleon Bonaparte. During the period the French citizens aimed to redesign the political landscape and uproot centuries old institutions like feudal system and the monarchy.

The revolution was inspired by poor economic policies by the then leader King Louis XVI, who was killed by guillotine and so did his wife Marie Antoinette. Al though it never meet all it goals it played a critical role in carving modern nations by showing the imminent power when people united. The French government endured a continuous turmoil all through the entire revolution.

It was noted that towards the beginning of the revolutionary movement, the majority in the Third Estate formed the National Assembly. The main issues were political policies, social condition and financial ability that was present to the nation at the time. All these issues added to the discontent that the third Estates had with the government. The revolutionaries were also influenced by the American Revolution; the philosophers were responsible for planting the seed that the French revolution used.

At the time the goals of the people were to destroy and expose the problems, limitation, and inequities of the old government under King Louis XVI. The political discontent leading to the French revolution was among the significant factors influencing the riot.

At the time, France leadership was under one obsolete government; one king was given all the power to decide the fate of the nation. There was no justice, and anyone who criticized the king would be arrested. Jailed without a fair trial, King Luis had a passion for hunting than being an actual king. He had an Austrian queen who was called Marie Antoinette. Their place was extravagant at the palace of Versailles. Their interest was not with the people of France but with their endeavor. They felt a sense of betrayal as the king supported the system of block voting as opposed to headcount.

As a result, the first two blocks of estates merged to outvote the third block. This assured the first two Estates a win in any census or vote. As many scholars discovered, the monarchy was not the sole catalyst that led to the revolution; it was the American Revolution. The America independence came about as the spark that ignited a full-blown revolution. The government being insufficient corrupt and in just, some other departments that had a lot of different laws set for a different region in France.

It was out of the people way to bring change to the country, the corruption of the nation was so thick that the parliament had not met since This was as the result of the gag that was placed on the monarchy. The king was the only person allowed to call the meeting of the members of parliament or as they were commonly called the Estate-Generals.

The Estate general had no powers even to call for their meeting leave alone to impact change in the country. The third reason that led to the French revolution was due to the unfortunate economic situation within the country. In the 18 th century, the government took out more money than it had collected from its taxpayers, come the nation was nearly bankrupt.

As depicted by many writers who traveled to France at the time such as Arthur Young, the nation had a poor living condition where the people looked more like the American peasants. The nation had one of the largest amounts of tax payable by one person. The landlords were not taxed, especially those in the nobility estate but those who were in the commoner or the third estate not spared.

Bread as a typical meal was not affordable as it increased prices due to the low volumes being produced. After supporting the American in their independence war, they returned home brake and unable to meet their needs. In addition to that, the king was not cheap his entertainment, food, place, and gift all weighed heavily on the taxpayer. The church was a huge part of the nation owning about one-tenth of the land it did not pay taxes. Attempt to change these were not met quickly by the noble and clergy as the king sought to improve this system.

See other college samples here. Lastly, the social problems within the nation were way out of line. One major factor as seen through the social context was its division; as a feudal country, France state division segregated the people into a division that saw two of them unite to shadow down and overlook the Third Estate. In these Estates, one either become powerful or become a commoner.

These divisions meant either power of hardship for many people in France. The people to land proportion was also not fair as many wealthy people had the means and ability to buy land as opposed to the poor or the commoner who would not have the means or the rights to own land.

Fueled by the ideas and teaching of Rousseau and Voltaire; the third estate was discontented with the system. The latter taught and used the biting wit as a means to attack the injustice in his time.

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Free Essay: The French Revolution was caused by many factors; some were significant and played a large role while others were of minor consequence. France. Free Essay: Causes of the French Revolution There were many causes and events leading up to the French Revolution in Before the Revolution, France had. There were many causes in the s that led to the French Revolution, the most important being political unrest, failure to reform, and.