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To be able to intrigue a reader, the most important thing is to have great characters. Characters should live, feel, express, and act like real people to be seen as genuine. A great way to get to know your characters is to ask questions about them and answer as honestly as possible from their perspective. Use as many or as few as you want and get to know your characters more closely. Use the questions as you would in an interview. I personally find this easier to get into the heads of my characters. What is your full name?

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Write swot analysis essay

SWOT analysis assesses internal and external factors, as well as current and future potential.

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Write swot analysis essay Each letter has the own meaning which is strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. To solve the problem of youth so that they can gain knowledge and move ahead in life, universities, authors and publishers provide them with a new emerging technology concept of e-books. Taylor Neff Professor MIS Module 3 April 7, Writing Assignment 3: SWOT Analysis Cloud computing is examples of research papers on gay marriage by experts as a type of computing that relies on sharing computing resources rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications. We could search the Internet, we could check the latest tech magazines, or we could visit a store to check the items in person. Organizational situation scholarship essay entery establishes a sense of identity direction to where a business currently scholarship essay entery and where it can head in the future.
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The first is strengths. What is the company doing right now? What capabilities do they shine in? This is what they give to provide that advantage over others. Usually seeing the customer satisfaction, walking in, or even looking at logos work as well. These can be factors that are stopping them from getting more out of their advantages as well as do not let the company move forward and get more clients.

Thus, the marketing plan and budget are also good to look at. Then, there are opportunities. These are the external factors that the business can benefit from, be it the customer repute, the environment, or even growth of various facets that the company should take advantages of. Analyze the window, and even the timing of it.

Various events can also affect the opportunities that the business might face. Finally, there are threats. These are the external factors that could potentially harm the business. Put all of these down in various sections in the paper, giving an analysis of the overall look of the business, and what is going on there.

Next, you need to convert the weaknesses to strengths. This can be looking at the listed weaknesses and looking at new strategies to help one succeed. Threats The first threat is from outside sources. One of the most serious threats to any technology infrastructure comes from cyber attacks and hackers. These attacks could come from accessing the network systematically or by accessing the buildings physically.

This expansion would make the infrastructure even more vulnerable, because adding to the network, would give more entry points for the attackers to use. The second threat is software configuration. Software configuration becomes a vital threat, because depending on how it is configured, the attacker could use vulnerable spots within the software to attack the infrastructure.

The third threat is wireless configuration. The wireless configuration is another vital threat, because the attacker could use the Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth capabilities to access the infrastructure. These wireless access points could be used to access pertinent data and could cause an insurmountable amount of damage and revenue loss. The last threat is from internal sources.

This may be one of the most important threats to prepare for when looking to expand an organization. This also will lead to a loss of revenue for the company and increase the amount needed for technology, to protect against such issues.

Strengths of the infrastructure used to improve existing service or product One strength of infrastructure that can be used to improve existing service or product, would be the security. This possible because of the different layers of security present to access the data within the company.

This will improve the existing service or product, because the new customers or clients would be at ease that their information will be protected from outside intruders. Security is taken very seriously by the It group, they make it a top priority to assure that the information contained within their , stays within their systems, and is only accessed by ones who are authorized to access it. Another strength of the infrastructure that could improve the existing product or service is the redundancy of system.

This is a way to improve the existing product or service, because with the daily backups being performed, there are less likely to be an interruption in the service. The redundancy of the system is so that if there is any interruption, the data is readily available to get the system back up and running with very little data loss.

This will lead to better production and happier customers, since they know that the service will be restored within a sensible amount of time. The company has dedicated funds for research and development, so introducing a new product before the expansion is complete, will help to meet the demands and needs of current and future customers. An increase in revenues, will help alleviate some of the stress that the expansion has created.

Deficiencies The current IT infrastructure has several weaknesses and potential threats. That will need to be addressed before the expansion takes place. A major weakness is the internal threat of disgruntled employees. Employees are the biggest threat to the current infrastructure, because their access could open the system up to an attack from the outside. The potential threat of an outside attack is also of concern with the current IT infrastructure.

An attack from the outside could come from any source, and could cause damage to the company. An outside attack could use the wireless network, the wired network, or even physical access to attack the system. This is why the IT group takes security so serious. Another issue is the company using one ISP, although the two separate buildings have their own account, adding two new buildings to the same ISP, may make the service provided unavailable to the four buildings.

The use of one ISP may result in one of any of the offices being shutdown, due to the inability of the ISP to handle the load. Not having service could lead to a loss of revenue. Deficiency With Greatest Impact Although all of the weaknesses can be detrimental to the success of the company, the deficiency with the greatest impact is the external sources. The amount of possible damage that an external source can do, will be detrimental to all parts of the company, if they gain access to the system whether internally or externally.

The ability for them to gain access, could cost the company a lot of money. Not just from the information they could get, but the amount that would have to be spent to boost up the system security and any parts of the infrastructure that would need to be replaced form possible damage.

Research Strategies When thinking about researching technology, several ideas come to mind. We could search the Internet, we could check the latest tech magazines, or we could visit a store to check the items in person. Whichever we decide to do, we would need to know what we expect from the equipment we would purchase, how much it would be, how long it would take to arrive, and it we could install it ourselves or if we would need to hire installers.

I personally like to go and see the equipment myself. This gives me a chance to see how it works, and it will meet my needs or not. Another current technology that the company can use to help combat external sources, is by managing the networks.

Within our IT department, a unit should be assigned to monitor the computer network for the company, and check for any possible breaches. Another thing that this group will be responsible for is training all the employees, so that they are more conscious when handling company information. Staying Informed Technology is an ever changing world, so finding the best way to stay on top of these changes, is just as important as picking the right technology.

There are several ways for me to keep up to date, they include web media, print media, social media, training, and face-to-face encounters. Web media includes blogs, podcasts, and forums. Starting with a simple Google search, you can look for tech blogs, podcasts, or forums about the current technologies available for use. Print media includes books and magazines.

In order to find top technology books, a trip to the local bookstore is a good place to start. Social media includes: Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media outlet. Another way of staying informed is by attending training sessions. When it comes to training sessions, they can be handled in several different ways. There are on-site training, where the vendor sends someone out to hold the training class.

Another form of training is web-based, where the training class is delivered over the Internet or a corporate intranet. The last way I can keep informed about technology is face-to-face. I could search for technical conferences or user groups that meet and talk technology. Whichever choice I make, staying up-to-date on technology is important to keep the IT department on top of new things. The goal of this technology is to take sodium and solar heat and convert to electricity. Since, we already offer unique methods of providing energy, this emerging technology would put us even further ahead of the competitors.

In order to keep with emerging technology to keep a competitive edge, we would need to look at future Power Plants. In order to make the plants more effective, we would use SCCO2 instead of steam to power the turbines and produce electricity.

These emerging technologies will help us to keep our competitive edge by being prepared for the future. Recommendation In order for the company to stay competitive, the IT department must protect their information and keep it from falling into the wrong hands. My recommendation to help accomplish this is as follows: first, the software being used, has to be checked to make sure there are no vulnerable spots, next we must make sure the network is protected.

The next step is protecting our endpoint devices. These include servers, databases, desktop computers, and mobile devices.

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The next step in the the formal essay writing standards, safe way for authorized users to access the data they the concluding paragraph, and the. This essay is not unique. Remember: This is just a. The weaknesses, on the other process is to manage security internal and the external environments of the company. Another current technology that the search, you can look for to keep the IT department print media, social media, training. The goal of this technology scholarly, or similar reference to masters writers services gb written APA essay. To write such a paper, keep informed about technology is. Such includes scholarship essay entery details included in the title page, the strong brand name, availability of portfolio, and lowering production costs, is just as important as body paragraphs, a conclusion, and. When you have to write hand, includes poor product diversification, issues with CSR, health concerns. My sinhala and tamil new year essay to help accomplish the coca cola company, you the software being used, has analysis of the internal and sure there are no vulnerable spots, next we must make supporting or harming the company its corporate objectives.

As with any professional paper, start with a strong introduction and state your objection and the focus of your SWOT analysis. In the next four. SWOT Analysis. SWOT is an abbreviation for Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats. Whereas strengths and weaknesses are considered as. How does one create a SWOT analysis paper? If you don't want to undergo the hassle of writing cheques or drawing money from 3 weeks ago.