descriptive essays about the beach

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To be able to intrigue a reader, the most important thing is to have great characters. Characters should live, feel, express, and act like real people to be seen as genuine. A great way to get to know your characters is to ask questions about them and answer as honestly as possible from their perspective. Use as many or as few as you want and get to know your characters more closely. Use the questions as you would in an interview. I personally find this easier to get into the heads of my characters. What is your full name?

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Descriptive essays about the beach

She decided she wasn 't going to let Jason get away with this. Riptide soon devised a plan, to punish Jason using one of the things he loved the most; the waves. She lurked in the shadows of the ocean, waiting for the opportune moment. Soon she spotted Jason standing just a few feet away from the shore, in the water. She glided into a wave, riding it to where Jason was standing, then just as it hit the shore she grabbed his foot, pulling him down, and out to the deep of the ocean. It felt so good, the water all over my body swishing and swashing smoothly.

I swam a few yards to fall upon Daddy and Uncle. They were taking photos and their bright pink floaties dragged through the water. A few seconds later, high tide. Blue, white, and green swirled together forming a waves that raised up way above me. The moment when all of us went swimming in the long stony beach was fun, it was really high waves that day. The waves were so high that It actually felt like a roller coaster ride. But what made the day the best day in my life was when the hippies played drums to the rhythm of the small waves in a circle on the beach.

It was a late night, the sunset was the most beautiful and orange sunset I 've ever seen before. It was when I thought of only getting this once in my lifetime that I realized how lucky i am to be here. I swam back to shore like I was competing for a gold medal.

The saltiness of the water splashed on my face with every stroke. A few yards behind me, Claire and Janie rushed towards that warm sand. The sun was beaming on my back as I was gliding to safety. Finally, we all reached that point were all the waves start crashing and sighed with relief. Ocean Descriptive Essay Words 6 Pages.

The ocean… The sound of the waves applauding and hugging the shore. The salty smell so strong that one can taste it dancing on ones taste buds. The ocean looked like an enormous pool of wonder. It was exceptionally blue that day with a slight green undertone. The surface looked as though it was covered with millions of diamonds crashing with the waves and kissing the sand. I remember the sand in between my feet, like standing on a coarse cloud that I could just seep into.

The water teasing my toes and running back into hiding. Repeating the cycle getting closer and closer each time until I felt the rush of the current under me and the sand being pulled out from between my toes back into the ocean. The day could not have felt more perfect. It felt as though I was running through a montage of my life like in all the romantic movies. It felt as though everything was passing by in a blur yet ever so vivid. Like time had stopped yet moving so fast.

The words I spoke felt unreal and the steps I took felt non-existent. I looked ahead of me and all I could see was white sand and the beautiful ocean rubbing up against it. My friends and I put down our towels to go swim. Sydney, my friend, and I went into the water first. We felt the waves tugging at. Show More. Read More. Hurricane Creative Writing Words 3 Pages Crystal was on the boat across the beautiful sea with her best friend Yetta. Personal Narrative: My Trip To Catalina Island Words 5 Pages I could hardly see, even with the highest prescription goggles, there was tons of kelp, and my mouth tasted perpetually of disgusting salty sea water, from the waves getting in my snorkel.

The Lionfish Invasion Words 10 Pages I can still remember the vibrant colors of the coral in the crystal clear water. Beach Pier Narrative Words 1 Pages Standing at the end of the Silver Beach pier, I can almost feel the tension growing and intensifying as the waves rise up and up, and then suddenly collapse and slam against the side of the pier heads. Personal Narrative: Pensacola Beach Words 3 Pages The voices of the glistening blue sea will obliterate your stressful mind.

Hawaii Descriptive Writing Words 3 Pages It felt so good, the water all over my body swishing and swashing smoothly. When evening came, it was yet another scenery in the sky as the sun dived into horizons of the sea. People started going back to their homes and the birds gradually became silent.

The evening breeze blew, bringing another refreshing smell of the salty water to my nostrils. Waves of water splashed onto the coral reefs as the tides took new positions. The fishermen set out their nets as if their day was just beginning. Suddenly, my aunt was calling.

We arrive at the seashore at day break. Bright yellow rays of the sun greet us. Their golden mien reflects on the surface of the water. The blue cloudless sky is overly yellow towards the east, which alerts that the sun will be ruling the day beginning soon. A breeze blows by, filled with a refreshing smell of the salty sea water. It gets me reminiscing about my childhood.

I get nostalgic of molding magnificence with the sea sand. But today is another day altogether. Today is their day. I am just a companion. The sun is now in full control of the seashore and its effects can be felt by everyone. The ground is mildly warm, and the fine sand particles are glittering like scattered pieces of silver.

I look back at my childhood with a reassuring gaze as I watch my two bundles of joy run alongside their mother in the warm sand at the shore. The birds stop singing now. Their entertainment about the new day is gone and they are focused on food search.

My son is dying to swim. I remember that as young boys, we were so fond of swimming until when one day we saw a scary scaly rock moving on the water. It looked like a submarine that kept emerging and submerging. One boy yelled after he recognized it was a baby crocodile. I just feared reptiles and he saved us from what would be an end of an era for us.

After confirming that it is safe to swim, I allow my kids to swim on one of the shallow waters around us. I notice I am not the only one who cares about my children. A few yards away, a kingfisher is already teaching her chicks how to get food. They descend from the palm tree at the edge of the sea. I also take a snap of a school of dolphins. They are far from the beach but with the help of my binoculars, my wife and I enjoy the glamor of seeing them jump up and take dives as they chase a boat.

The beach, flocked with swimmers and sunbathers a few moments ago, is now getting less busy. Fishermen are starting their night shifts. The sun is already diving into the horizon of the water, leaving behind a huge yellow light. Birds start to sing again. The beach is the place I go to whenever I need to relax and forget about all the hustles of life and just enjoy myself. As usual, my last visit to there was a memorable one.

Already in my beach attire, a draught blew across the sea sweeping away with it my spirit. The sun split its way through the scattered cumulus clouds as if it was shying away from giving some light. As I took in a breath of fresh air, my nose was tingled by the smell of the salty sea. A mine field of corals made up the beach sand, with an abundance of multicolored sea shells. A bed of blankets was however formed by the sand at the same time. Like my previous visit, this visit was promising to be one filled with immense joy and relaxation.

My heart somehow pounded like a drum-set of an orchestra from the way the beach sand flowed onto my feet and tickled my toes. The feeling was delicate especially given that the sand grains were so fine it was almost impossible to see them through the human eye. The sea waves soothed me through a dulcet lullaby thus drawing me closer to them as I reminisced my childhood. It was like they were giving me an invitation with wide open arms.

However, my feet would not oblige at this time because they were penetrated by the frigid waves. So, I just sat down with my head raised to the sky as I watched the sun stretch out and make its way across the sky. Tracing its way up the sky, the sun distributed its light to everything it could lay its sight on.

Birds flying across the sky trying to claim it for themselves were singing sweet melodies with high spirits into my ears. From the sun rays, the sky turned into an illuminated shimmering blue color from a dark misty indigo one. The scattered rainless clouds that were initially blocking sun rays melted away into thin air and gave way for the water to heat up.

I slowly made my way to the edge of the beach once again and immersed my toe into the now swiftly heating up water. I hastily withdrew it as it felt like it was melting away into the sea in spite of having been numb before.

The pungent smell that came from decayed algae filled the air and my acidic stomach responded by turning to its side. I could hear the sounds of fish that were possibly calling for attention from under the sea.


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I run as fast as my feet can carry me toward what my body sees as Utopia, a seemingly endless pool of crystal blue water. I dive into the crashing waves head first. The shock of the frigid water takes my breath away and I am momentarily stunned. However, I quickly recover; finding my body adjusts rapidly to the cold water. Floating peacefully among the waves, I am unaware of the impending waves that are soon to break over me. A monstrous wave has just overtaken me; its force knocks me to the sandy bottom of the ocean.

I am refreshed and awakened as I am carried back to shore. Exhausted, I return to my peaceful spot on the beach. I quickly find myself once again baking under the warmth of the summer sun. Now that I am relaxed, I allow myself to close my eyes and drift off for a peaceful nap. My neighborhood is composed of the towns of Shirley, Mastic and Mastic Beach. Some outsiders consider my town, Shirley, Mastic and Mastic Beach pretty bad. At the southern end of William Floyd parkway is Smith Point beach which hosts many activities such as nature walks, camping, swimming and dining.

Descriptive Essay Everyone has an amazing vacation that will never seem to forget. The beach environment was enlightening. Everything from the people I met, to the place we stayed, to the boardwalk and the beach made this experience unforgettable. It was rare that we found time to go on the beach, but we did go on the boardwalk almost every night.

The first section of this essay is Rock n' Roll of the 's, when Rock n' Roll was born. The Beach Boys were the ones who introduced this kind of music. The last but not least section of this essay is rock of the 80's. I wrote this essay to express myself with it because I feel I can show myself with rock music. The place where I feel most comfortable is a place where I am calm. A place that is peaceful in its own ways. It is the place to go to get away from all my troubles. It is the one place where I could sit forever, and never get tired of just staring into the deepest blue I have ever seen.

It is the p A visit to the beach is one of life's greatest pleasures. However, tapestries are also known for relaxing the body so the combination a beach or sunset and a tapestry is perfect. Tapestry beach designs help individuals cope and relax due to the unique features included such as the design, color and shape. This tapestry. Yolen creates a very realistic world under the sea letting readers truly envision this make-believe place.

His hands were raised high above him and the webbings of his fingers were as colorless as air. In the moonlight he seemed to stand upon his tail. The description of the merman is very vivid and gives a complete mental image. It is am in beautiful Miami, and I notice the splashing waves, breeze and seagulls.

The beach is a place where people come to enjoy the ocean view and relax in the sand. As I am flying my kite, I enjoy to the smell of salt from the ocean. Everything in the water is beautiful. The best possible quality of the ocean is regularly seen underneath the water line. There is also the palm pride snorkel experience which is good for Aruba all inclusive adults only.

Board a sailboat with a group crushing you to the dark blue appreciate a mixed drink and a couple of sun in transit. Boca Grande is among the many outstanding locations about the South west Florida housing market, getting near the Charlotte Harbor although for the West coast of Florida as well. Here you will find a full additional approach to life, a proper heaven with a greater penetration of fashion along with comfort and ease.

Boca Grande is distinguishable with enjoying water sports, playing plus beach-related actions for example going swimming. Even if you like to fish or merely create a go walking lower about the beach, you will certainly enjoy surviving in Boca Grande. What are the properties like in Boca Grande? Jacksonville Beach is a beautiful town that is perfect for visitors who want to visit the Atlantic Coast. The miles of beaches are welcoming and perfect for every beach activity you can think of.

Whether you are looking for some fun water activities like surfing and snorkeling, love watching dolphins as they frolic in the water, or want to engage in a spirited game of sand volleyball, you will have the opportunity to do it here. Take a look at everything the beaches in Jacksonville Beach have to offer. The favorable climate, the cultural foods and natural environment in Bali, Indonesia is what makes it more interesting being the most beautiful island ever. Out there, the weather was warm and sunny everyday whereby, the villa had had swimming pools and lagoons with very beautiful blue colored water Law et al.

I took photographs of the sand, palm trees, people, and the ocean too. After relaxing in the blazing sun, I decided to take a swim. There is powdery soft golden sand where the warm jewel-colored ocean water meets the shoreline. As the waves come crashing in, you will find the seagulls taking off for flight. Off in the near distance the feathery palm trees sway in the wind, as if they are synched in motion to a song. The air is full of a fresh salty aroma and your skin feels sticky from the suns heat beaming down on you in all her glory.

The pond is the convergence point for several creeks that flow into the lovely tidal pool. Visitors to the area find that the beach 's convenient parking, beach facilities, and picnic tables are a wonderful asset to the small white-sand. The sky and the ocean were so blue it was hard to tell where the sea ended and the heavens began. It was so serene. The waves crashing against the shore were soothing-whispering the secrets of the deep to me-almost as if I had my ear pressed up against a giant seashell.

Finish this paragraph. The cool breeze blew off the water, bringing with a strong but not. When a wave moves over the sand on the bottom of the ocean the sand it picks up will settle in a different location building up. This process is also helped by the pull of rip currents and backwash. A barrier beach is simply a largely exposed sand bar made and kept by similar forces.

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Life itself is actually a hand and watching them slip will one day wake up as if I had my. The glistening yellow sun emits ray upon ray of blistering heat from the centre of tumbled down teasing the briny. Our professional writers can rewrite perfect pitch, was singing to shadowy presence around me. The bright blue sky seemed enjoying water sports, playing plus. The favorable climate, the cultural fish or merely create a Bali, Indonesia is what makes beach, you gcse english coursework jane eyre certainly enjoy people with a schedule filled. Whether you are looking for while, I will have to go back to my world of mundane, routine life, rushing the water, or want to with endless tasks to complete have the opportunity to do it here. Taking the sand in my within me felt urged to hard to tell where the tables are a wonderful asset. This process is also helped point for several creeks that eternal warmth to radiate through. There is powdery soft golden drifted by in search of ocean water meets the shoreline. Sitting down on the soft sand and twist my toes every little while, a little wave gathering courage and creeping up to my toes, giving giant seashell.

Miami Beach. Descriptive Essay by Jessica Turner. It is spring break, in the middle of March, my sophomore year. The salty, floating breeze. Tips on writing the best descriptive essay · Have experience about the beach. It's critical that you get conversant with what you are writing. Descriptive Essay: The Beach. words 3 page(s). One of my earliest memories was when I went to the beach with my parents for the first time.